“Will they do it again? They did it before:” Man harassed by UW-Parkside cross country team

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An afternoon run turns into a wild confrontation. A driver of a vehicle was on his way home from radiation treatments at the hospital, when an unlikely group blocked the road September 5th.

Professional truck driver, Randy Dieter knows a thing or two about the rules of the road. What happened on September 5th, still has him shaken.

Dieter and his wife were driving along County Road A in Somers in their family car -- it's a single lane road in both directions.

"We come around the corner and there were 15-20 joggers in the middle of the road," said Dieter.

The runners were part of the UW-Parkside men's cross country team.

"I couldn't move over and they wouldn't move over. I almost stopped. As I went by, they started pounding and beating on my car like you wouldn't believe. The whole car was shaking back and forth," Dieter said.

Dieter pulled over and got out, he says the harassment intensified.

"One guy put his arms in the air and stepped toward me like he was going to start swinging at me," Dieter said.

Afraid and bewildered, he left.

"I guess the biggest thing is - this kid standing in the middle of the road, urinating in front of my wife.  C'mon." said Dieter.

Dieter says he filed a police report with UW-Parkside PD and the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department. His wife also called the university to complain.

They received a letter in the mail a few days later from the department of athletics, signed by all the members of the team apologizing for their actions. The department also acknowledged the students were "reckless" and running "where they are not usually supposed to be."

"To me, it's a generic letter of apology, it's meaningless," Dieter said.

Even though there was no damage to his car, he says he's considering legal action.

"Will they do it again?  They did it before," said Dieter.

A spokesperson for UW-Parkside acknowledged the letter that was sent to the victims. He says the cross country team met with Parkside Police after the incident to discuss the rules of the road.


  • Felicia

    A spokesperson for UW-Parkside … says the cross country team met with Parkside Police after the incident to discuss the rules of the road.” Really!? The rules of the road…not, say…appropriate behavior? Wow.

    • R

      You have a 2,000 pound cannonball and you’re in the right. The minute they touch you or your property, run it through them.

      • Ranger Fan

        MrDewitt – you ran a class act program. The leadership on this x country team is clearly weak. How sad that this happened. The Athletic Department leadership needs to step up and do something to ensure this doesn’t happen again! Leadership has failed all over the place on this one!

      • Joe

        Ranger fan and mr Dewitt you two are horrible Parkside fans and that you believe this article is factual to a T is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. Mr Dewitt was a horrible guys coach, I don’t know where you’re getting your facts from ranger fan.

    • Joe

      Mr Dewitt, you believe this article written by someone you don’t know over the team that you say you loved? Just for that comment I hope for this team that your involvement with them ceases to exists and they owe nothing to you. They will be far better off without you and your following

    • mrdewitt

      Joe, chill out. It may be fabricated or only partly true, but people will be talking about it for some time. They will have this bad situation that they may not overcome for a long time.

      I never expected them to owe me anything, so I won’t be asking anything from them.

      Finally, our thoughts are opinions, No need to call us horrible people. Also, no reason to call my dad a horrible coach, he’s always some his best to do a great job, not a horrible one.

  • Chris Mo

    This is sickening. The men should be suspended from the sport for the entire season! And they should all have been arrested for disorderly conduct and possible sexual harassment. I have no respect for the Parkside coach who let the grown men on the team get away with terrorizing an innocent couple.

  • Rob

    Um they signed a letter admitting to the inappropriate behavior, I would go ahead with legal action because the administration obviously doesn’t care, they terrorized these people- indecent exposure, threats, not to mentioned HOW do they not know not to run in the middle of the road?!?!?! And all they are is “talked to” about “rules of the road” It’s common sense and act mature.

  • Braun

    There’s another side of the story here. There’s probable cuae that the man driving the car provoked a response from the athletes. Especially if there’s no sidewalk, walkers and runners can have equal access to the road.

    • AJK

      Not exactly equal Braun but there’s some shared responsibility. Pedestrians are supposed to move to far left.
      346.28: Pedestrians to walk on left side of highway; pedestrians, bicyclists, and riders
      of electric personal assistive mobility devices on sidewalks.
      (1) Any pedestrian traveling along and upon a highway other than upon a sidewalk shall travel on and along the left
      side of the highway and upon meeting a vehicle shall, if practicable, move to the extreme outer limit of the traveled
      portion of the highway.
      (2) Operators of vehicles shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, bicyclists, and riders of electric personal assistive
      mobility devices on sidewalks as required by s. 346.47.

  • Rhem


    Umm..there are two sides to every story, right now all you have is his side. I agree with Braun that he was probably driving in such a way to elicit a response from the runners. Furthermore, if you were in college and being threatened (knowing) that you had no proof, you would have signed the paper as well. No need to get nasty because everyone doesn’t believe what they read.

  • Jim

    There are two sides to every story. When you are in a vehicle you are not going to be injured from runners on the road, you have 2,000 plus pounds shielding you from them. However, if you are an athlete that is simply jogging down the street, you are subject to great injury from a motorist who will not give you the necessary space on the road. As a runner you have no shield, it can be a matter of life and death. If they were in the middle of the road then yes they are in the wrong. However, speeding by them to provoke a reaction is not the way it should be handled. I’m not saying that is what happened but it seems as though we are getting a very one sided story. The man talks about the car shaking from side to side, however, there is no damage as a result? There are a lot of things about this story that there are two sides to. I say we hold off on the judgment for the time being.

  • sue

    Okay there is always two side of the story. But the students should have just left and tell campus police if they that the guy in the car going to hurt them. I don’t think legal action are call for. The couple felt shaken and reported it. Hopefully the students will now know if they where the wrong they know better.

    • jeff

      I wish you had all the facts. The fact that they were on the right side of the road. The fact that this driver actually ran into one of the runners arm with the mirror of of his suburban prior to any shaking of the vehicle. The fact that he followed them for a mile then got out of his car and threatened them. The fact that his wife was screaming at him not to hit them. The fact that no one urinated in front of their vehicle. This guy is in the wrong and should be punished for his actions. These runners run over 80 miles per week and pass hundreds of vehicles without a problem I am not buying his story. Great Job Fox news for your one sided opinion.

  • Mini

    A biased story of an aggressive driver with a poor ability to recollect the situation. The only things runners are equipped with are shoes, not guns. He clearly did not drive away, and that would leave anyone with any sort of intelligence to conclude that he clearly was attempting to elicit a response of frustration from the group. Unless you have heard both sides to the issue, your comments are unwarranted and unwanted. An unacceptance of an undeserved apology. Shame on you, fox6, as well, for airing a biased news report and slandering an innocent team.

  • Kita

    I wonder if these were the same group that I saw this morning running on the lakefront path – there were about 12 of them and they were running in one long row.. not moving for anyone or anything crossing their path… this was about 830am this morning by the old harbor in Kenosha – they were running east towards the lighthouse.

    • Joe

      Clearly you have never been on the bike path when the UW-Parkside team has been on it. They use the whole path but when someone is coming they all go to one side of the hash mark or run in the grass around them. The fact that you even think this article is 100% truthful is very naive.

  • donny

    some of the athletes said this is by far not the true story. this guy is lying his way to court to obviously to get money this guy who is so called truthful do you even know him get the story from the actual people don’t go making assumptions of a good school with a good backround this guy has no good backround I will believe the school and the students before I ever believe this joke of a man. cant even drive.

  • donny

    the guy must have riled up some behavior he did something he wasn’t supposed point blank. I don’t believe it was the athletes but I believe not you so it doesn’t matter just know that the driver did something to start this and the behavior was not called for but still I don’t believe they did that not one bit.

  • jeff

    I saw these runners Sunday on their run while I was riding my bike. I was riding towards them and they moved out of the way and moved out of the way of other people as well and shared the bike path with the other people using it. Seems like Randy’s story is a bit far fetched with “running in the middle of the road”

  • Bob

    Way to go Fox “news”. Judge and jury on some hearsay from one goof without reporting the whole story of what really happened. We awaite your report on the complete story.

  • Dude

    I wanna know how this guy felt threatened over a couple cross country runners? Probably in shorts and shoes.. 110 pounds soaking wet.. Why did he stop? If hes so high and mighty why didnt he just keep going? Why did he even get out of his car? Possibly to threaten them? Too many unanswered questions

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