AP review: Wisconsin is one of four states to cut food stamps

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MADISON (AP) — Wisconsin is one of only four states nationwide that is enacting cuts to the food stamp program.

An Associated Press review finds that as of now, the cuts will only affect Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey and New Hampshire.

The decision in Wisconsin to enact the cuts comes as Republican Gov. Scott Walker is seeking re-election and considering a 2016 run for president.

It’s unclear how many people will be affected. Officials in Wisconsin, New Jersey and New Hampshire say they don’t track that number.

The food stamp cuts were passed as part of a massive farm bill. The intent of the legislation was to save money by clamping down on states that were using certain provisions of a federal heating assistance program to increase food stamp benefits.


  • mh

    Milwaukee is DONE! They already out here robbing and stealing. Taking away some of these people only way to eat will surely make things on the streets WORSE! Milwaukee is the future Detroit!
    Time to move to Denver, that state has JOBS & MONEY!

  • JEFF

    this is good. people on food stamps spend more at the grocery store than my house does. Hell we can’t afford lobster like they can. they also get sold for cash to buy drugs and alcohol.

  • Wischneider

    Get jobs and buy your own groceries like the rest of us, losers. Earn a living, take some pride in what you do and who you are.

    • utanah84

      People need their heads out of their behinds and realize that not everyone wants to be on any type of assistance. You have no idea of how or why some people need help. You assume all people want to live off the government. Many of US have lost their jobs. So before you throw stones, who are you helping to feed? Does your job have any openings? Stop be judgemental. Unless you have a solution that will work. I’ve worked steadily since I was 15 years old and recently lost my job. You shouldn’t talk about you don’t fully understand.

  • I hate moochers

    Complaining about food stamps getting cut, oh please!! Unless you are elderly, a vet or disabled i don’t feel bad not one bit!! Try getting a job or 2 or 3 whatever it takes to feed the family YOU made and created! We have elders out here getting 20 bucks a month in food stamps while these loose women breeding like rabbits getting 7,8 even 9 hundred bucks a month, having children they obviously can’t feed on their own, but continue to multiply..i’m supposed to feel bad for that? NO i don’t! Also need to cut out a large part of these “freebies” they get as well. Why would they even attempt to work when they are givin everything!

    • Latrisha Grant

      Look here I’m a single mother WITH a college degree and have been ACTIVELY looking for 4 years I am either over qualified for fast food restaurants waitressing etc or not enough experience or no openings in what I am qualifies for if it hadn’t been for those stamps that you don’t feel bad about them cutting off I don’t know how I would’ve been able to feed my kids. So what do you suggest I do when I can’t even find 1 job. I’M NOT A STATISTIC AND I’D BE GLAD IF YOU DINT ASSUME WE ALL Are

  • Joanne Rohner

    When you have enough money for war to kill but not enough for food & medical to help people live it makes me really ashamed of this society. WI is getting worse everyday in every way … Scott Walker needs to go.

  • You who hates so easily.

    If you have the audacity to call someone a moocher, looser, deadbeat ect. then you better be the perfect person. You who sit on your high horse judging someone you do not even know had better contributed something worthwhile in your life. You who think you are better than someone else because life granted you blessings that others don’t have, had better grabbed someone hand and helped them up. If you claim that those who need extra help are worthless then you better had not accepted the helping hand of anyone else. We hope/pray for world peace but very few of us actually do anything to help it. You sit behind anonymity and spread your hateful words to others but want to get defensive when it is thrown back at you. YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE! In one swift change you could easily be on the receiving end of the hate spectrum wondering what it is that you have done to deserve such animosity. All that you want to do is live and be left alone. We are all cowards. We hate so easily and love so slowly. We should be ashamed. I am ashamed.

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