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Rash of carjackings over two-day period: Now, three teens are officially charged

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee County officials have charged three teenagers in connection with a rash of carjackings and vehicle thefts occurring over a two-day period. Two of those charged gave statements implicating a total of five people in these incidents -- including two juveniles. Milwaukee police say between Tuesday, September 9th and Wednesday, September 10th, numerous armed robberies and carjacking offenses were reported across the city of Milwaukee. Police say these crimes had similar descriptions, and many of the vehicles taken were used in subsquent offenses.

Those facing charges include: 18-year-old Isiah Thomas of Milwaukee, 17-year-old Anthony Griffis of Milwaukee, and 18-year-old Rocarldo Chalmers of Milwaukee.

The criminal complaint filed against these individuals says police also took two juveniles into custody. The suspects were arrested after they fled the scene following a police pursuit on September 10th.

Police say Chalmers and Thomas provided statements in which they confessed to various incidents, and implicated their co-actors.

Thomas, Chalmers, Griffis and the two juveniles are accused of committing the following crimes:

Tuesday, September 9th, 6:30 p.m.: Jeep Cherokee stolen in the 1800 block of West Fond du Lac Avenue.

Sometime between 9:30 p.m. on Monday, September 8th, and 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 9th: Dodge Durango stolen, recovered in 5900 block of West Sherman Boulevard.

Tuesday, September 9th, approx. 10:30 p.m.: Police-involved pursuit of stolen Jeep Cherokee -- spotted in the 6200 block of West Lawn Avenue. The complaint says the Cherokee made 43 turns during the 14.75-mile pursuit -- not stopping for police at any time. The complaint says the vehicle ended up in a lot in the 6200 block of West Stark Avenue. Two juveniles were taken into custody.

Tuesday, September 9th, approx. 10:35 p.m.: Woman robbed of her Hyundai Elantra at gunpoint in the 3800 block of N. 44th Street. The complaint says the suspect vehicle may have been the stolen Jeep Cherokee.

Tuesday, September 9th, approx. 11:30 p.m.: Woman robbed of her Honda Accord at gunpoint in the 7300 block of West Potomac Avenue. The complaint says the Accord was observed in the area of North Bremen Street and East Locust Avenue just after 1:00 a.m., and it fled from police. The complaint says the Honda Accord was recovered in the 3700 block of N. 53rd Street -- and police found property from other victims was located inside.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 12:15 a.m.: Man robbed by five males in the 2200 block of N. 5th Street. The complaint says the victim told police the suspects arrived in a Honda Accord, and a Hyundai Elantra.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 12:41 a.m.: Woman robbed of her Volkswagen Jetta in the 1000 block of East Knapp Street. The complaint says the victim described the suspect vehicle as a silver, four-door vehicle -- containing four suspects. The complaint says Chalmers had the Jetta's keys on his person when he was taken into custody.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 1:00 a.m.: Group of four males robbed a group of three males at gunpoint in the 3100 block of N. Bartlett Avenue. The complaint says the three males were robbed of property, including cell phones, cash and their wallets. The complaint says during this robbery, shots were fired -- with some of the shots hitting a home on N. Bartlett. A bullet was recovered from a bedroom ceiling, according to the complaint.

The complaint says the phone stolen from the owner of the Volkswagen Jetta "pinged" in the 3100 block of N. Bartlett Avenue, during this robbery. The Jetta's owner had a "find my phone" application activated.

The complaint says a victim in the robbery in the 3100 block of N. Bartlett had the "find my phone" application as well -- and that phone "pinged" in the 3000 block of N. 30th Street -- where the Jetta was recovered.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 1:30 a.m.: Woman robbed at gunpoint of her purse and cell phone in the 3200 block of N. Bartlett Avenue. The complaint says the woman told police she was robbed by two males, driving silver vehicles.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 4:15 p.m.: Woman robbed of her Ford Edge at gunpoint -- in the 4500 block of N. 92nd Street in Wauwatosa. The complaint says this vehicle was used in at least two more robberies in Milwaukee.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 4:25 p.m.: Woman robbed of her purse and her phone at gunpoint in the 6400 block of West Medford Avenue. The complaint says this woman's purse and phone were recovered on N. 52rd Street -- with a stolen car and another victim's property also being recovered.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 5:40 p.m.: Woman robbed of her Acura MDX SUV in the 4600 block of West Medford Avenue. The complaint says the woman was walking to her home when she was approached by two male suspects. The woman says she was punched in the back of the head by one of the suspects, and the complaint says the second suspect grabbed the keys out of her hand.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 8:20 p.m.: Woman robbed of her Chevy Cruze at gunpoint, in the 6200 block of West Port Avenue. The complaint says the woman was parking her vehicle in an alley after dropping her kids off in front. The complaint says two suspects blocked the woman in, and demanded she get out of the car. The complaint says the woman was able to hit one of the suspect's with the car door -- eventually kicking him in the leg and taking off running. The complaint says the suspect tried to grab her by her coat -- but she pulled out of her coat and kept running. The complaint says this vehicle was a rental, and was equipped with OnStar. OnStar was able to disable the vehicle, and it was recovered in the 6600 block of N. 53rd Street. The complaint says the keys were located on the floorboard of a stolen Chevy Impala.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 8:30 p.m.: Woman robbed of her Chevy Impala at gunpoint in the 8100 block of West Medford Avenue. The complaint says the woman was parked, waiting for her six-year-old son to come out to her vehicle when a vehicle containing four male suspects pulled up. The complaint says a suspect held a gun to the woman's head, and her son began crying -- at which time she told him to go back inside. The complaint says the woman was wearing a security uniform -- and a suspect demanded her gun. The complaint says the woman told the suspect she didn't have a gun -- at which time he demanded money -- eventually obtaining her cell phone. The complaint says the Chevy Impala was recovered in the 4800 block of N. 72nd Street -- the key fob for a stolen Chevy Cruze found inside. The complaint says Chalmers had the Impala's keys when he was arrested.

Wednesday, September 10th, approx. 8:37 p.m.: Officers learned of an armed robbery involving a black SUV occurring in the 8100 block of West Mill Road. The complaint says a Ford Edge taken from a woman in Wauwatosa was observed headed south on N. 72nd Street across Hampton Avenue. Officers followed as the vehicle turned east onto West Glendale Avenue. The complaint says at N. 70th Street, a paper bag was thrown from the vehicle and it then accelerated rapidly. A police pursuit was in progress.

Officers were pursuing the Ford Edge with their lights and sirens activated, but it didn't stop.

Eventually, the complaint says the vehicle turned into a driveway at the north end of the block on N. 23rd Street. Several individuals then exited the vehicle -- fleeing on foot.

The complaint says the pursuit lasted nine minutes and for 9.1 miles -- during which the Ford Edge reached speeds of up to 90 miles-per-hour. Police say the Edge disregarded 10 red traffic lights and six stop signs.

Police saturated the area surrounding N. 23rd Street -- and eventually took Chalmers, Thomas, Griffs and two juveniles into custody.

The complaint says Thomas was found laying in the grass -- a handgun discovered near him. Officials say he had about $946 in his possession, along with two cell phones, two chargers and a gift card.

One of the juveniles was found sitting on a porch. The complaint says he was found to be in possession of three cell phones and cash.

The second juvenile was found hiding in a yard.

Griffis was found running through yards -- eventually hopping two fences into an alley. Officers ordered him to stop at gunpoint -- and he was eventually taken into custody, according to the complaint.

The complaint says Chalmers was ordered to the ground at gunpoint. He was found to be in possession of a pair of Michael Kors glasses, three cell phones, two sets of keys and a large amount of cash.

The complaint says Chalmers told police September 11th is his birthday -- and he wanted a car. Therefore, he wanted to "do as many robberies as he could" before turning 18.


      • y123

        Not yet, but if this will continue- that’s what going to happen. Have you noticed, whats happening in good neighborhoods like Shorewood, White Fish Bay, there are more black people there and more crime,and those white people, who are able to move out, they are moving to other places to live…. That’s true and I don’t have nothing against black people, but I am against criminals and unfortunately statistic shows that black people make more crime.

      • Lizzie Borden

        Back in my day, this is what we used to say about all them foreigners…you know…the drunk irish, the dirty italians and the stupid polish people. By golly, we sure were worried about them infesting our pure neighborhoods.

    • Sheila Moyet

      You are so right! Facts show that where blacks go, crime and violence follows. Years ago the north side was a beautiful and safe place to live. My grand parents lived there and the homes were all well kept and the streets were safe. Now look at it. They destroyed it. You can’t change the truth.

      • mariothepoet

        You sound ill informed.
        History remembers everything.
        They “white man” has committed more murder and pillage than any race. If you are going to play the history game you are aware that is was all NATIVE AMERICAN land? They didn’t just had it over. MURDER and VIOLENCE have followed the “white man” everywhere they have explored the world. This is about poverty not race. You should not play the HISTORY game. They are criminals and bad people but not because they are black. Being black does not make you genetically predispositioned toward violence. You are a RACIST and should be ashamed.

      • soulobigdaddy

        Mario. Thank for such a true post. Unfortunately fox six will most likely delete your post because they can’t stand truth

  • diane

    so when will the vigils start? This is when there needs to be a march!! To show the community this is NOT acceptable behavior and this is why there continues to be the mentality that this is OK to behave like this just blame it on someone else.. Look at all the monetary damage these thugs have done to poor innocent people..peoples cars they may need for work..the trauma…and if the police would have to use force then there would be outrage and a vigil or two..these poor excuses for human beings have no respect and are a product of the parents who have raised them

    • Karon

      LOL I was thinking the same thing. We could carry signs ” lock them up” “don’t steal” “do the crime = do the time” and instead of trashing, burning and looting, we could plant flowers, pick up trash and start a fund drive for those who were robbed. THAT’S how it should be done. Not the reverse that has been going on.

  • mh

    Charge them all as adults and throw away the key! These guys are bums/POS that if left on the streets will kill someone or get killed. F them and ANYONE that cosigns for these F-ing LOSERS!

  • bderk.

    they better be charged and serve time. People in our community work to hard to make ends meet to have thugs like these take from us!

    • Karon

      Not only that but the taxes and donations made to all the programs and services provided to the community and then you get slapped in the face. Just not right. I for one am getting tired of it.


    These black felons, yes black and not African Americans becuase Africans don’t want Africa associated with this scum. Time to bring bank the seven man hanging during the year of our Lord 1865 Oklahoma territory and broadcast it live on TV immediately after they are properly convicted in a court of law with all black jurors. Enough is enough, time to put away the MKE light rail program to use and bring a droid force of Robocops that will shoot on sight. Well then again we have the most liberal tea tottling reformers that will try to educates these felons so they can be a good products of society again….Only to be shot anyways. Animals act better.

    • JokeEnthusiast

      Leopold, do you know what teatotalling even means? As for your Robocop shoot on sight solution, leave public policy to the grownups who live in reality.

  • Vanessa

    My van was stolen from Miller Pkwy Walmart. It was recovered on 33rd and Locust. 6 males. They cleaned my car out. Even the chuck e cheese tickets my kids hv been saving for 3 years. Only 1 was charged. Thst bs. Oh did I mention it was recovered due to a drive by?

    • shantel

      my van was stolen twice in month found on eastside everything in it gone smh it should be bigger punishments for this

    • Sheila Moyet

      Blacks are just a racist as anyone else. The truth is that blacks and whites will never be able to live together in peace because there is too much of a cultural difference. Black are very aggressive and whites are too passive. Blacks would rather make excuses for their problems and whites would rather work to fix their problems. If this is considered racist…so be it. I am tired of the double standard that blacks can be racist but whites can’t.

  • Felicia

    I literally just finished discussing this with my mother in law. I grew up in the country (aka rural area), where there were VERY few people of color. There was, however, still crime. What I have found is that crime is usually higher in more congested areas that have higher poverty.

    • Maggie

      Higher congested areas have more people in a smaller geographical space. The numbers may be higher but not necessarily the percentage of crimes. Sort of like more meth factories are in rural areas and suburbs but those busts barely make the news. Having lived in the suburbs most of my adult life, I’ve also learned crime happens but isn’t as readily reported in high income suburbs as it is in the city. Wouldn’t want to spoil our pollyanna existence out here.

  • nick

    so you’re basically saying its OK for them to go around and rob people? no it’s not, just think if it was YOU they we’re robbing you, do you honestly think they would give a care in the world about you? i bet not, stop defending these worthless black men, yes i said it worthless black men who commit these crimes, because there are actually black males out there who work hard and want a successful living but black males like this will never succeed. also where are their parents? for god knows what, they could a give a care less about where their teenage sons are, robbing all through the day til night? and these are the people you guys protect and say “free so and so”, you’re a poor excuse for a human. also the news does show black people doing good, maybe if these scumbags stop robbing people and doing worthless things to get by, it wouldn’t be shown on national TV. have a good day

  • y123

    Why do you take it personally? When some white people do some crime, I never take it personally, because that’s nothing to do with me. Why black people always think, that if they are caught, that’s because they are black. That is a stupid excuse, just take responsibility for your actions. Don’t do crime and nobody will touch you. There are good black people and they never feel discriminated, because they are educated and they take responsibility and they see the world differently. If you feel sorry for criminals, then do something- educate them, show them example, change their life…..

    • jay

      Y123 are u black? I’m asking because u said there are good blk people who don’t feel discriminated, how do u know how anyone feels with out experiencing their plight? I’m a “good ” black person( no criminal record, degree, pay my taxes, work 60hrs a weekly, and take care of my family) and I feel discrimination almost everyday. These boys should get the book thrown at them, but I don’t think I should get pulled over 5 times in 3 days just because I’m a young blk male

  • nick

    I saw the mother of one of these teen boys on Facebook, she had the nerve to be crying and saying she wish her son come home. But where was she when her son was out committing these robberies? Parents need to take more control, I don’t feel bad for these boys they deserve to be locked up, they’re damaging our community. And it’s even sick that they’re robbing from people who have worked hard to get things and they just take them away, It’s not fair. Soon it’ll only get worse, Wauwatosa is a good neighborhood and now crime is starting to come there and i normally do all my shopping there, and this just frightens me. Milwaukee is not the place to raise a child, It’s time to go it’ll only get worse in a matter of time. To avoid these things from happening people need to be aware of their surroundings, Stop leaving your car keys and your car running when you have people with you, or if your running in and out a building. ALWAYS look in your rear view mirror to see who’s around.. I don’t think these boys deserve to be released, they’re worthless poor excuses for black males.. they deserve to go to jail and get years to life.

    • y123

      To Jay, no I am not black, I am white. how do I know, that some black people don’t feel discriminated? You can tell it from their behavior, they don’t behave the same way, they do not concentrate their thoughts on racism, they understand, that you can not be liked by everyone. I am immigrant and I know,that there are people, who don’t like immigrants, but I understand, that I can not like to everyone, I don’t think about it everyday, like you sad- you feel discriminated everyday- it is in your head. I agree- there is racism, I even know, that there is racism against white people, but how it comes, that black people talk about it all the time, their explanation of everything- it is racism. That is not true in all the cases. Very important thing is peoples behavior- if you behave loud and dress dirty and have bad manners- people will not like you- that is not because you are black, that is because of your behavior. If white person will act the same way like some black people- do crime, be loud…..- people will not like him and what should he say- it is racism?

    • y123

      To Jay. As I know, Cops can not pull you over with no reason, why you are not trying to find other explanation- maybe you were speeding, miss the stop sign, your cars headlights were off during dark hours…… Why you explain this as discrimination. Why – if it was with no reason-you are not blaming those young teens, who make crimes. It is understandable, that people are afraid of young black males, because there are doing most of the crimes in Milwaukee. I am sure, that if these teens would bee white males, police would take a look more on young white males driving in those neighborhoods, were crime often happens.
      If you would live in Europe or Russia- you would be shocked- cops there can pull you over as many times they want, with no reason. And it is normal, that’s how they find criminals, that’s how they find people driving with no drivers license.

  • Wischneider

    O those silly “teens.” Doing the stuff that “teens” get into… WHAT A JOKE. Two out of three of these scumbags are 18 years old, which mean they are technically and legally adults. Wordplay by journocrats.

  • just an old person

    I grew up on a “changing neighborhood” in the 50’s! There were 3 gangs – black, white & mine – we were, smart, talented & of every race/nationality. Gradually the jerks learned not to mess with us! Just because you are a good student does not mean we won’t kick your whatever. I view that as a positive as meet each person as an individual – not their, race, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

  • Felicia

    I guess you didn’t read the part that explains that stolen items were fpund on the suspects…and Rocarldo stated they were all involved wgen he told the whole story to the police. This isn’t a set up. These are 5 kids who made terrible, terrible choices. Seriously, we are talking about people who held a gun to a woman’s head while her 6 year old watched. Let me be clear. People who commit these types of crimes are not welcome in this city. And if you stand with instead of against their behavior, then you are an enemy of this community… all of us, the whole community. We – all of us of every race, lifestyle, etc- have had it. So, if this is the behavior you want to support…get out of Milwaukee.

  • milw0138

    that the reason why so many young black men are involved in crime and violence. its the white folks and the law enforcements fault.. i see… makes perfect sense……. to an idiot…

  • diane

    they alone have screwed up their own lives, they have just narrowed any future job and or law abiding job opportunity to about nothing with a felony record they wont pass a background check ever….and a employer has a right to not hire a felon if that is part of the criteria for a specific young people of all skin pigments,,think twice if you ever want to amount to anything before you commit that crime..steal that car..terrorize people..steal lilft.. use a a weapon to commit a without a ar deal drugs.. and so on…again where is the community outrage the vigils the protests.. where is the support for the VICTIMS of these crimes..who helps them recover from having their cars stolen and damaged..the trauma of being terrorized by these thugs.. perhaps loss of time at work and on and on..these young thugs should be punished to the full extent of the law and We The People need to elect officials that are tuff and harsh on criminals. criminal activity, repeat offenders..the taxpayers have rights to…the taxpayer funds government and taxpayers are getting the raw deal is wasted everyday…people who truely need help deserve help but those who want a free ride..need to get off the bus and work like the rest of us..and need to clean up their morals their attitude their lives and take responsiblity and the consequences for poor life choices.. and it all starts in the home with the parents…

  • diane

    why should the public have to mentor these youths? the parents should have started that years ago…anyone from outside milwaukee would be a fool to drive into the inner city and volunteer anywhere these days..your car would be would put yourself at risk to be mugged, shot, have your waller, purse cellphone etc stolen… the people who live in these troubled communities need to start within themselves to turn this downward spiral around….believe me neighborhood watch groups everywhere are very vigilant these days and if your neighborhood doesn’t have one get one started….you need to be pro active and protect what you have worked for…. and what is dear to you

    • soulobigdaddy

      yep yer right. Sorry you were born to crap parents, but I’m to selfish to give a dam. Best I can do is post racist hateful comments about you when you go down the wrong path

  • soulobigdaddy

    ok fOx siX??? I could say “the sky is blue” and you moderate my comment. What racist pIeces of sheet you all are!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Todd


  • Sick and Tired

    I pray for the victims1 I hope these kids can accept responsibility and live better lives! Parents, We have to do better! Every time my 17 year old son leaves the house for school, I check to make sure he arrived and is in class as he is supposed to be. He has been a very good kid thus far. I ask who, when, where, why every day! I look at his cell phone and am constantly viewing his social media accounts. If your kid has a facebook page and he or she is throwing gang signs, using foul language, coming up with clothes and phones that you had no clue about, why are you not addressing this? These are warnings that are being ignored. Fathers, step up to the plate and provide positive examples for these boys! Teach them how to become respectable functioning adults. I just don’t understand! I know one thing. I hope and pray that my son continues on a righteous path because if he attempts to rob someone and they lay him flat, I would blame no one but him. I am not going to allow anyone to even walk up on me. I will protect myself and my family by any means. Conceal and Carry! I work too hard to deal with this madness.

  • Darrin

    First people need to remember who makes the laws who think it’s not ok to spank their children. Lol I find it funny people want to blame the black community’s for all the crime that young black children are doing. You white people made the laws so deal with results some children need that butt spanked. They made a lot of parents defenseless when it comes to raising their children it’s a sad day when you spank your child and they can call the police on the parent lol. Yes and if you look at crime and keeps growing let parents be parents all parents don’t beat their children. But a quick knowledge that your parent can get in their butt is good enough to give them something to think about.

  • taxpayer

    Amy your a fool! 79% of crime committed in the city of Milwaukee is committed by blacks. Yes there are many crazy whites but how many white neighborhoods are as messed up as the black community’s? I hope to god you live in the city since your so confident that the black community is not that unsafe.

  • Semper Fidelis

    SOULOBIGDADDY, Please let me educate you on Blacks, blacks are not African Americans, they are BLACK skin colored, blacks don’t have green cards from Africa, they are black Americans, as we are white skinned Americans, better yet, why can’t we be ALL JUST BE AMERICANS? FYI, just my point of view, stop voting for liberals, (American’s) of all colors deserve better than what they give us. Peace

    • soulobigdaddy

      Babies don’t choose to be born in the inner city. and they sure don’t choose to be black. There are many good people that live in the inner city.How do we GET RID OF of YOU

  • Melissa

    Just take a look at these three STUPID and DUMBFOUNDED IDIOTS! THIOS is what the North side churns out over and over. Uneducated and moronic thugs with nothing to contribute to society. Yet, they still take from it.

  • Wild Bill

    Maybe they should start threatening to take welfare away from the parent(s) of these thugs. Maybe that will make them pay more attention to the filth they’re pushing out.


    Time to re run the movie “hang em high” serve popcorn and all. These thugs probably don’t have a stable home, don’t go to school and think becuase they is black they can rob and steal from the good citizens. Execute them wit da rope.

  • Sheila Moyet

    This is the real down fall of the black community. Young black men running the streets and breaking the law. This is the results of children having children. They are being raised with no values or morals.

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