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“Senseless violence for a person that didn’t deserve it:” Vigil held for 26-year-old mother

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Police are investigating what led up to the shooting death of 26-year-old Amina Muhammad on Saturday evening, September 20th -- family and friends grieved together.

Another senseless killing, another young life -- family and friends mourn together trying to find strength at a moment when it seems impossible.

Loved ones stand in the spot where 26-year-old Amina Muhammad was shot and killed less than 24-hours earlier.

"She was just coming out of the house, coming down the stairs, a car did a drive by for whatever reason," said Tracey Dent, community organizer.

Muhammad leaves behind two young boys, who now have to grow up without a mother.

"It's heartbreaking, it really is," said Dent.

She is remembered as someone full of life, who always shared a laugh.

"She was just a fun-loving person. Senseless violence for a person that didn't deserve it," said Gail Morgan, a friend of Amina's.

An unnecessary end, hurting an entire community -- begging for the violence to stop.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting -- the investigation is on-going.


    • Nene

      👍👍👍👍 That’s right justice for our angel 💫Amina 💫may u rest in peace and continue to watch over your kids and family…. love y’all



  • sherill daniels

    My prayers go out to this beautiful young lady children in family so sad my heart is heavy lord please wrap your hands around this family give them strength in the name of Jesus I pray……. so sorry for this lost I lost friends and family members when is this going to come to a end….

  • Crystal

    I’ve been speechless since this happened & feel the need to speak upon this. I live on the same block & have lived in this neighborhood more than 20 years. It hurts to see what it has become. Gunfire is now a common sound & almost has become our way of life. BUT, i’ve tried to unattach my self from this situation, unfortunately, as the days go on, it haunts me. I will NEVER forget the sound of that night. I will NEVER forget the amount of bullets fired. It was SOOOO MANY that I had no choice but to get up & look. I could feel the DOOM even tho I hear Gunfire consistently. I hate to think about how she felt after hearing that……. It sounded so horrible, I can’t imagine anybody ever deserving that, no matter if they did wrong or just got in the way. This has really hit home. As my daughter, who is very sociable & her & the other children play on the block….. It has been very upsetting to all of them. At first, I wouldn’t let her walk down to her Memorial, trying to protect her from an emotional attachment, but changed my mind. She has the right to be sad, it’s NOT okay! And I want my children to understand how sad this is, so they don’t repeat it. But, I would like the family to know, although we are strangers, we are sharing ur sadness. I still think about how I wish I would’ve got up sooner & seen the car, but I didn’t. I think about all the ppl outside, who I guess saw nothing out of fear. But, I truly believe if u do what is right, God will protect u & handle the rest. I hope who did this realizes that whoever they call thyself punishing, they didn’t succeed. If it was her, you killed her, she’s not suffering. Sounds like u punished urself, since u have to live with it & u punished our community as the children have been staying the house. I hope it was worth it……

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