A busy weekend for Milwaukee police, working to investigate at least a dozen shooting incidents

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A busy weekend for the Milwaukee Police Department — working to investigate twelve shootings in the city occurring since Friday, September 19th at 9:00 p.m. Two of those were double shootings. It is believed police do not have anyone in custody in connection with these shooting incidents.

It began on Friday night, around 9:00 p.m. — with a double shooting in the 2600 block of N. 50th Street. Police say one of the victims, a 26-year-old woman, sustained serious injuries. That woman later died.

Police have identified the 26-year-old woman as Amina Muhammad.

The other victim, a 31-year-old man, was injured, but it is believed he will survive.

Police say the circumstances that led to the shooting are under investigation.

It was around 2:30 a.m. that the second shooting incident occurred — in the 4700 block of N. 35th Street. Police say a 22-year-old man was shot and injured. He was taken to the hospital, and it is believed he will survive.

Police say the victim indicated he was walking in the area, when shots were fired from a vehicle, and he was struck.

The motive for the shooting is under investigation.

Shortly after 3:00 a.m., police were called to the 1900 block of N. 17th Street for a 23-year-old man, shot and injured.

Police say that man sustained a serious injury and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police say the victim indicated he was in the area when shots were fired from a vehicle.

The motive for the shooting is under investigation.

Just after 3:30 a.m., a 21-year-old man was shot in the 3400 block of N. 37th Street. Police say the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment — and he is expected to survive.

Police say the victim indicated he was in the area when he heard shots and realized he was struck.

At the same time police were responding to the shooting on N. 37th Street — police were called out to the 4700 block of N. Hopkins. There, a 22-year-old man was found shot. He was taken to the hospital, and was in stable condition.

Police say the circumstances leading to this shooting are under investigation.

The second double shooting of the weekend occurred shortly before 5:00 a.m. Saturday — in the 800 block of S. 10th Street.

Police say a 21-year-old man and a 20-year-old man suffered serious injuries. They were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police believe this shooting to be robbery-related.

Shortly before 6:30 a.m. Saturday, police were called out to the 3100 block of W. Lloyd Street.

Police say a 33-year-old man was shot, and was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. It is believed that he will survive.

Police believe this shooting occurred as a result of a dispute with a known individual.

Police say their investigation is ongoing.

On Saturday night, just before 8:30 p.m., police were called out to the 2600 block of S. 7th Street.

There, police say a 30-year-old man was shot and injured. That man was taken to the hospital for treatment — and is expected to survive.

Police say the victim was robbed and shot as he attempted to complete a drug transaction.

Shortly after 10:30 p.m., police were dispatched to the 2200 block of S. 20th Street.

Police say an 18-year-old man was shot and seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The circumstances that led to this shooting are under investigation.

Just before 2:00 a.m. Sunday, September 21st, police were on the scene in the 1400 block of W. Madison — where a 32-year-old man was shot.

Police say the man was injured — but is expected to survive. He was taken to the hospital.

Police believe this shooting to be robbery-related.

Shortly before 5:00 a.m. Sunday, police were on the scene in the 2200 block of S. 15th Place.

Police tell FOX6 News a male victim was shot and injured.

The extent of the victim’s injuries is unclear. It is also unknown whether police have anyone in custody in connection with this shooting.

Another shooting occurred later Sunday morning in the 3600 block of N. 15th Street.

Police tell FOX6 News the victim is an adult man. The extent of his injuries is unknown — but he was transported to the hospital for treatment.

The call for this shooting came in around 9:45 a.m.


  • Gregory Erdmann3

    Why not report about the 2 drive by shootings that took place 2 days apart from each other on Spokane St in MIlwaukee ???

  • What!

    I remember when we used to fight it out in kilwaukee nowdays they’re scared to get beat up a little bit so they have to kill you, PU**YS

    • jerry person

      This I the FAULT. You cage people like animals even dogs fight back. his is Walkers personal problem he created as a ALEC kinkpin
      Three of Thompson’s signature legislative changes as Wisconsin governor bear ALEC’s fingerprints. In 1998, Thompson signed so-called Truth-in-Sentencing legislation into law. The measure—which 25 other states had passed in 1995 with ALEC’s help—increased maximum sentences for felons and eliminated parole. Wisconsin’s own version of the bill mirrored legislation written by ALEC. Then-Assemblyman Scott Walker (now governor) said that ALEC’s statistics on the benefits of the bill “were very helpful” to passing the bill.
      In 1997 Walker and Prosser as state assemblymen championed for ALEC with truth in sentencing telling the legislatures it would not cost a dime it was to give judges not parole boards the control over sentencing. Then Walker filibustered to stop sentencing changes after the fact misleading ALL the legislatures. With out the sentencing changes Wisconsin`s prisons quadrupled over night. Most people sentenced to 2 years now had to serve as much as 6o years.
      Truth-in-sentencing legislation originated out of ALEC’s Criminal Justice Task Force, members of which included private prison companies such as the massive Corrections Corporation of America. It came as no surprise that Wisconsin’s law soon drove up corrections spending: Over the course of Thompson’s tenure, corrections spending ballooned from $179 million in 1990 to nearly 2.3 billion in 2001—to 3.2 billion in 2013 a windfall for companies like CCA. A 2010 report by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance noted that, between 1993 and 1999, Wisconsin imprisoned six times as many people as neighboring Minnesota, despite the two states having strikingly similar populations and demographics.
      Wisconsin has wasted 100 billion if you add the numbers to the state budget since 1997. Not including the building new or remodeling of 71 courthouses & 71 county jails & 441 police stations and dozens of prisons 28 billion plus interest. The total is over 28 BILLION plus the 60 Billion spent by social services to support prisoners families because the bread winner was a political prisoner as US Att gen Eric Holder explained. Then farming out prisoners in several states until the courts realized it was not allowed in the Wisconsin constitution. Wisconsin then hired 32000 union public sector workers to fill the jobs housing the prisoners from deputies , judges, district attorneys all owe Walker for creating there jobs. 32000 UNION PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS. This cost taxpayers over 3.8 billion or a half million per day to house these EXTRA prisoners per day in Milwaukee county alone. Wisconsin claims it has 24,000 prisoners compared to Minnesota`s 5500. Wisconsin`s corrections population is 104,000 with many in half way house and county jails and county prisons that are not counted.

      • Felicia

        Look, I agree that our prison system has issues, and that it is clearly an industry with too many well paid overtime earning guards with questionable skill levels. And I agree that Truth In Sentencing is flawed and has questionable origins. But NONE OF THAT excuses one person shooting another person. The real issue gere is character, moral fortitude. Do you really think these guys are shooting because they limited their optiins with previous criminal behavior? Do you really believe that they are doing this because its hard to get a job or legit money to accumulate material things? All the opportunities and jobs in the world cant buy someone character.

      • grunt

        So it’s Scott Walker’s fault? Walker Derangement Syndrome is alive and well.
        Yes, lock them up. If they don’t want to get locked up they should behave like civilized human beings.
        If they want to behave like animals, lock them up and keep them from victimizing others.
        Even my dogs understand that there are consequences for being bad. They rarely misbehave.

  • Sheila Moyet

    This is not the Milwaukee that I know. It has turned into a war zone. We need less excuses and more stricter laws. Most of these thugs that are running the streets have already been in jail. We need a new legal system that will keep these animals away from innocent law abiding citizens. Build some new prisons in need be, but get these low lives off the streets. This entire situation is way out of control and all I ever hear is excuses. It is past time to take action!

    • Bill

      Yeah but Sheila most if not all of the suspects doing these shootings are black males. People have complained for years that the prisons are not diverse enough, which cracks me up. You guys really want to solve the problem? Until these 17 year olds stop having kids so they can live off the government, this is the way things are. Let’s see if solobigdaddy calls me a racist for my comment.

  • Lone ranger

    How come at the beginning of summer all the city leaders were out in the streets with the media and now nothing! They must figure it’s just the new normal ahh a dozen shootings in a weekend we haven’t caught up to Chicago yet just everybody shhh hush hush.l

    • Felicia

      I think the churches, which in my opinion had the most ability to actually affect the situation, are at a crossroads. I think they want to stand against violence, but they also want to be a friend to the sinner (criminals).

    • Really dude

      Its a sad reality we live everyday. Blacks kill me protesting against white on black violence. What only black people can kill blacks and it be ok? Grow tf up and keep it 💯 with yourselves,stop making excuses for ignorance. Get Jesus back in schools in the homes in the country and watch the miraculous power of God.

      • soulobigdaddy

        really dude??? this is not about white on black crime, it’s about cop on black crime…get an effin clue

  • Q

    They’ll breed faster than we could lock them up. Give em more guns and more drugs, pull out the police. Televise it and use the money to get everyone else big screen tvs to watch it on.

  • Jayy

    When the white kids sell heroin and cause a death where were all you ppl who throw around the “thug” word? Exactly, no matter who commits these acts, violence is violence. I blame this milwaukee legal system. They give non-violent drug dealers more time than murderers!!! Ive came across a story on here where a 19 year old black guy was sentenced to 7 years in prison for 6 grams of crack. But the white teenager in Fox Pointe gets 1year probation for murder bu dui, and a white woman get 3years probation for death by dui.

  • diane

    Jerry. .cut and dry and soul dad..evil comes in all colors…the inner city has an especially.disturbing problem…and yes itnis in the news day after day…a drunk driver has no one to blame but himself. .and should be punished to the full extent. .the drunk driver doesn’t blame scott walker or the white people…or the lack of jobs…or the lack of more government assistance..the inner city needs to take a stand..make sure kids go to school…”police” their own surroundings..since the cops are rammed if they do or damned if they dont…the poloce dept cant do their job..when there is this mentality in this community…drug dealers..teenage pregnancy..babies dying…kidd running the streets terrorizing neighborhoods..and at 18 they already have a list of crimes… when these young people have a criminal background what kind of job opportunities are available. .nothing that requires a background check..a business cant hire a convicted felon your business insurance wont cover you…people have to quit having children they themselves cant support…society is not responsible ….to raise your kids…dont have them…go to school. ..make the most of it..hey two.free meals…no excuses…communities..watch out whats up in your neighborhood..report crime…it is senseless..where is the outrage…the church leaders..the alderman…there are many good people in the inner city…they need to make their own case..their own stand against what is going on where they live….the south side of milwaukee also has its issues…my community…is watchful..knows our neighbors…reports. suspicious activity..watches out for each other…..we are aware….if kids are seen during the school day..it is called and reported…we see shoplifters we report it…we see suspicious activity in a parking lot we call it in to the police..we in our neighborhood are vigilant and pro active….we work with law enforcement not against them

    • soulobigdaddy

      how , in the entire hEll do you know who the drunk driver blames??? And if the cop would do his job without playing judge, jury, and executioner he wouldn’t have a problem. Diane, you are so ignorant and biased, I could prove to you the world was round and you would still say it was flat

    • Jerry Person

      Since the jobs issue is clearly as history shows Ronald Reagans fault and only his fault. He ended the anti trust laws that allowed America to prosper over all the others. It made it number one. I am a white guy and it is the white guys fault completely. The other issue when walker joined ALEC in 1992 he Championed truth in sentencing. he said sentencing guide line would change and it would allow the judge not the parole boards on release times or lengths of sentences. It would not cost taxpayers a dime he bolstered. he then filibustered the changes and then many people sentenced to 2 years had to serve 20 years. Then walker as corrections commit chairman sent thousands of prisoners to Koch owned prisons in many states. The Wisconsin prison numbers grew 6 fold as the records show. walker as he always has ignored the constitution knowing it was illegal to farm out prisoners. This made Koch billions and cost Wisconsin taxpayers BILLIONS. It has added ovr 40 billion to the corrections budget since day one and forced Wisconsin to nd over 50 BILLION for jails courthouses and prisons. Since the prisoners returned to Wisconsin the state was forced to hire 32,000 union public sector workers as guards police judges DA`s and even janitors , cooks and many many others. Please that is what Fred Koch did in Russia with stalin in 1920. This is happening now in Wisconsin. the Russian state of Wisconsin as we stand. Anything else you are not a AMERICAN or ever been in Wisconsin

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