Missing for SIX YEARS, tiny Yorkie from Austin, Texas shows up in Indianapolis

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(CNN) — A 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier has turned up in Indianapolis — six years after he disappeared from his home in Austin, Texas!

If little Bailey has learned anything over the past six years, it’s how to put his best paw forward. He’s won over everyone at the Indianapolis veterinary clinic that has been caring for him.

Someone found Bailey this week with his bone in tow. He needed medical attention, so they took him to the veterinary clinic.

“Looking at him when he came in, we were like, ‘he is not going to be (micro)chipped’ because he was covered in fleas, looked terrible, teeth were terrible — but as soon as you run it over him, it pulls up the microchip number!” vet tech Diana Redmond said.

When they scanned the microchip, they were surprised to learn the dog was registered.

But that wasn’t the biggest surprise!

Officials at the veterinary clinic learned Bailey disappeared from Austin, Texas six years ago! Luckily, the information registered to Bailey’s microchip were still current.

“(Bailey’s owner) could barely talk. ‘I’m overwhelmed. I’m so excited. I’m not making any sense. Oh my gosh — he is my family! I’m so excited!'” Redmond said.

It turns out, Bailey was living a dog’s life before he disappeared. He was the ring-bearer in his owner’s wedding, and made himself at home in Austin with his owners’ baby. His future was so bright, he had to wear shades. But that was six years ago.

Now, people have raised $800 to get Bailey home.

“We actually have someone who is traveling to Austin, so she will take him with her,” Danielle Beck from Indy Lost Pet Alert said.

Veterinary officials say Bailey’s story is a reminder of the importance of micro-chipping your pets.

“It is rare for a dog to be missing for six years and be secured with a micro-chip,” Beck said.

Bailey has been enjoying all the attention and certainly all the treats — but the biggest treat will come when he’s home, and back in his owners’ arms.

“So glad to get you back home,” Beck said.

A lot has changed back home! Bailey’s owners had one child when he disappeared, and they now have three.

Bailey’s owners have set up a GoFundMe page in his honor to help pay for his dental work. He had to have several teeth removed.

CLICK HERE to take a look at photos of Bailey posted to Facebook by his owners.