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Boy gets detention for sharing lunch with hungry classmate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEAVERVILLE, Calif. (CNN) — A boy in eighth grade was given detention allegedly for sharing his lunch with a fellow student.

Kyle Bradford says his friend didn’t like the cafeteria food that day, so he offered him some of his chicken burrito.

“It seemed like, he couldn’t get one, a normal lunch so I just wanted to give mine to him because I really wasn’t that hungry. It was just going to go in the garbage if I didn’t’ eat it,” Bradford said.

The school district has rules against sharing food to avoid any issues with allergies.

Kyle’s mom says he should not be punished for being compassionate.

Kyle said he’s share his lunch again if a friend asked him to.


  • DaTruth

    These schools sure do focus on some silly stuff. You can’t share food with a friend. What kind of nonsense is that? If any kid has allergies, wouldn’t the kid know of his/her allergy, unless it would be something new popping up. A rule against sharing ……is crazy.

    • laura

      The child might know what they are allergic to, but probably does not know the ingredients of the food that was given to him.

  • rl

    I can understand not sharing due to food allergies, but in 8th grade a kid should know what they should/shouldn’t eat. this kid should not get detention…

  • Rebecca

    I can’t believe that earned Kyle a detention. The school can certainly let him know what the rules are and why they are in place. But to punish him with detention for sharing is just beyond the pale and just ridiculous Nanny State-ism.

  • Kathie

    Is this world gone so crazy that you can’t share your lunch with a friend who is hungry? This school district needs to focus on something a little more important than this. An 8th grader certainly knows what he and cannot eat!!!

  • Yankee_Doodle

    My daughter and all her friends would be in detention every single day if we lived in California! They always share and pass around their lunches. Most days it’s like a big pot luck. If someone forgets they never have to worry.

  • Valerie

    My child goes to preschool at a community center and the kids are always sharing their snacks. It is great to not be selfish and share. By the eighth grade a person should know if they have food allergies and know not to take food from others and if the kid was hungry someone should make sure they are fed. This is ridiculous. So we should allow a child to be hungry just in case they have a allergy? Really? I don’t know if I would want my child to attend a school that has no compassion for either child. These rules are taken way too far and it seems as if people aren’t allowed to just be thoughtful, kind and giving to one another without there being a back lash. I guess kids need to become like a trained robot. This type of stuff is starting to make me really dislike people. I have always been a people person but when you take the humanity out of our lives and expect our children to not care about one another I have moral issues with that. How callus do we become as a society? No don’t do this or that because someone might get offended or don’t do this or that because someone might misunderstand good intentions and sue. We are becoming so sterile. I feel compassion for those who have food allergies or better yet any type of allergy but I have watched children who are 4 and 5 years old know that they can’t eat certain foods or they can’t take food from other kids because of a allergy. This is all taken so far. If anything those with allergies should be carrying a epi pen in case some how they accidentally get hold of something that causes a nasty reaction. Even people who are careful can sometimes develop a new allergy to a food, plant or something and need their epi pen. They never really know what will bother them. Even if given food that has never caused a problem before. But please don’t punish all the rest of the people who don’t have these allergies.

  • Jim Marcum

    What was special here. The kid said, ‘I would share my lunch again if someone asked me to”. This kid is special. He’s in grade school and he is more intelligent than the school administrators and the others involved in this decision. Stick to your guns son. You will be somebody.

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