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CHARGED: 23-year-old Milwaukee man, in connection with fatal shooting

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A 23-year-old Milwaukee man faces charges in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred near 17th and Greenfield on Thursday, August 28th.

Zachary Bryant

Zachary Bryant

Zachary Bryant has been charged with first degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon as party to a crime, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Police say Bryant shot and killed Nikola Maric.

Police were called out to 17th and Greenfield shortly before 9:00 p.m. on August 28th. There, they discovered Maric lying in the street with a gunshot wound to his chest.

The criminal complaint filed against Bryant says Maric had a very faint heartbeat. When rescue officials arrived at the scene, Maric had no heartbeat and no pulse. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office.

An autopsy determined Maric died as a result of one gunshot wound to his chest.

The complaint against Bryant says police spoke with an adult witness at the scene, who said she was in the area when she observed two African-American men walking eastbound on the north side of Greenfield Avenue. The witness positively identified Bryant as one of those two men. The complaint says the witness told police she saw Bryant and the other man cross to the south side of Greenfield Avenue and have an encounter with Maric, who was walking northbound in an alley nearby.

The complaint says the witness saw Maric, Bryant and the third man having a brief conversation — before the witness says she heard a gunshot — and saw Maric fall to the ground.

The witness says it was then that she saw Bryant and the other man flee the scene, according to the complaint.

Another witness told police he was on a porch near 18th and Greenfield — saying he heard the gunshot — before observing two men running through the alley from where he heard the shot. This witness was also able to identify one of the men as Zachary Bryant — according to the complaint. The complaint says this witness told police he saw Bryant carrying a revolver.

The complaint says Bryant was convicted of operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent (a felony) in a case from 2008.

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  • What!

    Well, he made it past 20. I guess that’s enough life for another 50 60 years then try it again if he even gets that much time.

  • Jonny

    You knew him he wasn’t like that?? GTFOH. …. Dahmers friends all said he was a sweet and nice guy also. Truth is you don’t know how somebody is until something happens and you learn. No conspiracy with multiple sets of witnesses

  • erika

    Learn your facts first before judging someone he is a very nice person and good father and boyfriend he will be free soon

  • alex

    He won’t be freed him and that other s.o.b. they were careless no matter whether he was a good friend or dad he made a dumb mistake and had to pay for what he did. Myself and others witness the 2 kill that young man and for what??? Nobody deserves to die like that on the street like they left him. They both need to man up for what they did. He wasn’t the only man in this situation who had a kid Nikola the man they killed did as well. I hear no remorse for him while ur saying let him free.. how about bring Nikola back so he can raise his child and maybe they will free Zachary. . Dumb mistake put you in dumb places. Hope these kids are ready to live a life with out there dads it’s sad and I feel bad for those kids but not for the ones that are locked up I hope they root in hell.. especially since my own small children had to witness them kill that young man.

      • Alex

        Wow I have visited this page till today and realized someone wanted to talk about this we’ll feel free to ask anything if u still have questions Jen.

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