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Accused of keeping a drug house, UWM TKE president appears in court

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A UW-Milwaukee student is facing a series of charges in the midst of what police say is an ongoing investigation into allegations regarding a UW-Milwaukee fraternity -- Tau Kappa Epsilon. That fraternity is suspended as officials investigate allegations fraternity members drugged young women with date rape drugs during a party at the frat house on Oakland Avenue. The fraternity's president, 28-year-old Thomas Kreinbring faces two felony charges and a misdemeanor in a separate case filed on September 22nd -- and on Tuesday, September 23rd, he made his initial appearance in court.

Thomas Kreinbring

Thomas Kreinbring

Police are looking into reports from several young women who say they were incoherent and felt like they had been drugged at a frat party at the TKE house on Saturday, September 13th.

A search warrant affidavit says at the TKE party that night, female guests could purchase an $8 card that got them drinks and a special drink. To get into the party, you needed to know a special knock. When officers got to the party, there were 42 people in the basement — all under age 21.

During the investigation, one student told police he heard TKE members were known to drug people at parties in the past. Police obtained a report from Shorewood police in which three sexual assaults were reported connected to TKE members in April.

Kreinbring has been charged in a separate case, accused of having and selling marijuana from the TKE house. Kreinbring faces the following charges: possession with intent to deliver controlled substance, possession of prescription drug without valid prescription and keeping a drug house.

The criminal complaint against Kreinbring says police executed a search warrant on Tuesday, September 16th -- days after the frat party, and found “two bags of suspected marijuana, a digital scale with suspected marijuana residue, a pipe and two boxes of sandwich bags.” The officers also found pills that were later identified as Adderall. All of this was found in Kreinbring's room.

According to the complaint, Kreinbring told police “he smokes marijuana every day and drinks every night.” He told officers “he had four different bags of marijuana in his room and that he purchases four different kinds of marijuana for different purposes (one for studying, one for sleeping, and one for ‘going on a different plane’)."

Kreinbring denied selling marijuana, but the complaint says “if a roommate asked him for some, he would sell it to them for whatever he paid for the marijuana.”

Kreinbring entered a Milwaukee County courtroom on Tuesday, September 23rd expressionless -- wearing a black suit. His lawyer says he served in the military, did humanitarian service, is a 3.7 GPA student, and an Eagle Scout.

"It's clear the allegations were that there was marijuana and unprescribed Aderall in the home, but the home itself was not rented or leased for the purpose of keeping such paraphernalia and contraband. He indicates that if one of his roommates wanted to purchase marijuana he would sell it to them. Does that meet the definition of the statute?" Kreinbring's attorney, Dan Adams said.

Adams was trying to get the "keeping a drug house" charge dropped -- but the court commissioner refused to do so.

Kreinbring's attorney issued the following statement to FOX6 News:

"My client has been charged with three mundane drug-related offenses that he will be contesting. The media's irresponsible coverage of this case is disheartening. Rather than rush to judgment, the media should allow the criminal justice system to run its course and stop repeating unfounded rumors."

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  • Michelle

    What’s with the lawyer saying his client has been charged with 3 “mundane” drug offenses? 2 felonies and a misdemeanor is boring and humdrum? Granted he’ll never get jail time for the charges, especially in Milw. County, but all the same not the greatest things on a persons record if found guilty.

  • Deshon10

    He was living it up. Maybe he smoked weed because of PTSD. Now he knows how African Americans feel…guilty until proven innocent.

  • John

    As a teke. I can tell you this is a disgrace to our fraternity. This guy does not represent what our fraternity is about and I am sick to my stomach someone who accepted our bond would ever act like this.

    • Pat

      As a Greek, your rush to judgment on a fraternity brother is a disgrace. You aren’t worthy of any bonds of brotherhood.

      These are charges stemming from baseless allegations of drugging unsuspecting party-goers. NONE of which have been found to have any merit. He is being railroaded for personal possession, which is hardly a crime. Go ahead, tel me your fraternity house never had drugs in it. Either you were never in a fraternity or you never had a house.

  • Jose Cuervo

    As far as I’m concerned this guy is being charged with weed a plant legal 4 states away….and a prescription drug known as adderall which is given out like candy to children daily by educated professionals. His connection with date rapes and other grapes are mere speculation through the vines of the web and rumors are spreading worse than schoolchildren..but hey I’m just a chump to the system like the rest of you. I’m on the fence until more conclusive evidence points him to the rufies that should have been tested in the victims. This is rocket science people…

  • GreekgodsmyAss

    Go figure, I heard of this going on up in Connecticut with the tke frat boys. God sees ya’ll chumps and I aint talking about apollo, god of art, music and blah blah blah.

  • Amanda Eicher

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty? My daughter has been friends with these guys for 2 years and says she has never had any experiences that these girls claim to have had, and she’s been to their house every weekend for 2 years. The people who passed out had been party hopping and had been at other parties prior to coming to the TKE house. They were not on the guest list, and really don’t even know anything about the TKEs, so the fact that they say their drinks looked cloudy or that they may have been roofied, is pure speculation. If the girls were roofied, it’s entirely possible that it happened before they ever reached the TKE house, as they had been to other houses beforehand. To my knowledge, none of those roofie charges have been substantiated. It seems like there are a lot of people jumping to conclusions over something they actually know nothing about, except the way to media has spun it. I’m glad that the university is not taking it lightly, and it’s good that they are pursuing the truth, but I actually don’t think anyone has given these guys the least bit of benefit of the doubt. I have met a number of these guys myself and they have been nothing but decent guys. Let’s let due process unfold before we wreck these kid’s lives with media spin and lynch mob mentality.

    • Jim

      Emily, based on what evidence? It’s too bad that these guys can’t sue you and the rest for slander since that’s all your doing. No evidence and a feeling is not sufficent to convict these young men of anything.

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