Streets shut down during rush hour: Another demonstration by those who support Dontre Hamilton

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Friends and family members of Dontre Hamilton gathered for another rally for justice on Wednesday, September 24th -- and it led to streets being shut down during rush hour.

Around 30 people gathered at Red Arrow Park. That's where 31-year-old Hamilton was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer in April.

Police have said Hamilton took the officer's baton, and a struggle ensued.

Hamilton's family members are awaiting a charging decision by the District Attorney's Office. They and others have called for the officer's name to be made public, and for details on the injuries the officer is said to have suffered prior to the shooting.

The District Attorney's Office has asked for a second independent investigation in the case. The state DOJ's Department of Criminal Investigation has already completed its independent investigation, as required by law, and has handed its report over to the District Attorney's Office.

On Wednesday, the group marched to City Hall in the hopes of getting a meeting with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. When they didn't hear from him, the demonstrators took to the streets.

Chants for justice echoes throughout downtown Milwaukee as demonstrators marched down Water Street -- eventually making their way to I-794 near Jackson and Van Buren -- blocking a ramp on I-794 -- where about 100 cars were trying to exit. They walked up the ramp, and were quickly stopped by approaching Sheriff's deputies in both vans and on motorcycles -- and police officers on motorcycles.

The demonstrators then turned around walked back down the ramp -- continuing to march on busy downtown Milwaukee streets. Demonstrators chanted as frustrated drivers honked and yelled.

"Freedom of speech of course, but there has to be some order," a driver told FOX6 News.

On the steps of the Milwaukee County Courthouse, Dontre Hamilton's brother Nathaniel encouraged the group to keep marching.

"It doesn't take 14 shots to kill a man. You don't have to unload your gun to kill a man. Excuse us for your loss of time people. My brother doesn't have any more (expletive) time," Nathaniel Hamilton said.

The group eventually made its way back to Red Arrow Park. They're vowing to continue to rally until there is a final decision in Hamilton's case.

September 30th marks five months since Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed. Another demonstration is scheduled for that day.

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