Bed bugs discovered in casino, Potawatomi take action to treat areas

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Officials with Potawatomi Hotel & Casino said on Wednesday, September 24th that bed bugs were discovered in “a few isolated areas of the casino.”

In a statement released by the Potawatomi, officials said the following:

“We immediately treated those areas and are working diligently to ensure no other areas are affected. We have not found any evidence of this issue in the hotel.

“Outside experts will be working on site over the next several days to ensure the issue is eradicated and to establish a system to prevent any future recurrence. We are also working closely with the city of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the presence of bed bugs should not be considered as a medical or public health hazard. Bed bugs are also not known to spread disease. The CDC says bed bugs are not considered to be dangerous; however, an allergic reaction to several bites may need medical attention.

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  • Tonya

    The difference between a gambling addict and someone just having a bit of fun….the latter will move o a different activity…the addict will just move to a different table.

  • annalisa

    what do you expect???? did anyone ever say anything about the homeless dirty trash the casino lets just sit on chairs and loiter and drink free coffee and soda. Kick those people out if they are not playing.

  • Sinnechi

    Shame on the casino for waiting so long to inform it’s customers. Reading how the casino plans to treat their bed bug problem is ridiculous. Do a basic search about bed bugs to confirm what I am saying. Treatment of the isolated areas only is like treating a house fire in the bedroom only because that’s where they think the fire started will not save your house. Bed bugs are expert travelers and can go with players from the reported isolated areas to slot machines, waiting areas, and yes the new hotel. Unless you treat the entire building for upto six weeks with regular inspections and treatments well your just gambling that you have eliminated the problem. But hey don’t take my word for it either do your own 5 seconds of research or place the bet that the casino is doing everything they can. Good luck and remember the odds always favor the house.

    • Dahai Dong

      Heat steam can’t kill bed bugs behind wall and inside electronics. A survived bug lays up to 300 eggs. How to kill bugs faster than they lay eggs? Bed sized bed bug trap immediately solve the problem.

  • Liondas

    If a fire is set at one area, the occupants move to another area, thats what the bedbugs will do also. If they stay open to try and treat this, its not going to work and you’ll probably end up taking some home with You. Good Luck if you g down there. I know I wont be there for a long time to come and hope Kenosha opens soon!!

  • Dahai Dong

    Poor methods kill bed bugs with great efforts, feed blood at night, and let each survived one lay up to 300 eggs, resulting in endless cycles of killing, feeding, and laying eggs. These poor methods include mattress encasement, chemical, vacuum, steam, DE, and dumping furniture. Right method only needs one-time easy job without any of these poor methods. If you build sticky barrier around your bed, sleeper becomes inaccessible CO2 bait. Bed bugs, no matter where they hide, can’t lay eggs or live long because they detect CO2 and crawl every night for food in futile. Bed bugs can’t fall from ceiling if you build slippery barrier on ceiling. It is not important how many bed bugs are trapped today due to no more bite and negligible daily effort.
    Google “bed sized bed bug trap” to solve bed bug problem immediately with confidence of no bite at night as sure as sleeping in bathtub and no bite at day time as sure as exterminators don’t carry bed bugs home. Catch bed bugs into a jar to confirm quick starve. It is extremely easy or extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs if you trust common sense or trust what most people believe, respectively. As an example, mattress encasement is ranked as best DIY to kill bed bugs inside mattress. Use of high cost encasement instead of low cost bed sized trap is as nonsense as a camper sleeps outside tent which covers/seals mosquitoes inside bush.

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