Give, or walk the other way? Those who helped this “homeless” man were in for quite the surprise

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Giving back to those that give. Known as a YouTube prankster, Dawson Gurley recently pretended to be a homeless panhandler in Tempe, Arizona.

Some people flat out told him to ‘get a job,’ while others took time to pray with him to find work.

In the video above, Gurley shows the most generous people in the community gave money to a man they thought was in need.

Little did those people know, they were in for a big surprise!


  • ltdarkstar

    Or the video where my friend (who is Christian) gave a few dollars to a homeless guy outside of a strip mall and I told her not to because the strip mall contained a cigarette store. Guess where the guy went after she gave him the money? No really, guess!

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