YouTube street racing video on I-43 in Waukesha County leads to two tickets

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WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) -- A video posted to YouTube shows street racing on I-43, and now, two men have received citations in the case.

28-year-old Konrad Peters of Milwaukee  is cited for speeding and racing on the highway, and 51-year-old Mark Scaffidi of Hartland  is cited for racing on the highway.  The fine for racing is $389.50.

Scaffidi knows cars well as one of the owners of the Heiser Automotive Group.  The company owns several automotive dealership in the area.

The Youtube video features two souped up luxury cars racing down I-43. The video was taken down shortly after it was posted, but it was online long enough for investigators. Court records indicate the race happened on Sunday August 31, 2014 at 10:00 PM with the cars traveling 591 feet illegally.

"It was uploaded to YouTube -- which wasn't a good idea,"  says Paul Bucher, an attorney for Scaffidi.

Bucher says his client isn't admitting guilt to anything seen in the video, but says he is remorseful.

"Of course he feels bad. My client has been very cooperative, from the very beginning, and will continue cooperating. It was big boys, with big expensive toys," Bucher said.

"We've been talking all along. It's not crime of the century. It's not even a crime. It's a speeding ticket,"  adds Bucher.

Bucher says a citation for those involved is the right move by prosecutors.

"No one was out there. I mean, I know all the details that I can`t relate to you, but there was no one out there. There was no one to endanger," Bucher said.

"He feels bad. He really does, and he just wants this over with, and he just wants to move on," Bucher said.

Both men have a scheduled court date on November 5,2014.  They are not required to appear.

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  • diane

    No excuse for either of these men, shame on the owner of heiser…he should be more contrite ..don’t really care if he “feels bad” very poor idiotic judgement on both these mens part!!!! Hope their care insurance carriers are aware of the idotic nature of this act!

    • Dan

      Keep driving your Prius in the left lane 10 mph under the speed limit. And obviously owning a dealership shows that he has some passion for cars and the auto industry. Poor idiotic judgment? Try driving a Supercar without putting the pedal down… Get a life.

  • diane

    really how irresonsible what would happen if some innocent person was injured or killed? there is no excuse go to great lakes drag away if you need to do something like this not a public roadway…just plan stupid

  • Cheri

    I agree with you Diane. It’s sad to see “grown adults” act like idiot teenagers and what if they did kill someone with their stupidity? Thankfully they got lucky THIS time. I doubt the “Slap on the wrist” they got will have any effect on them doing this in the future tho.

  • Israel

    Charges won’t stick, no way of proving it was them. Yeah they might have the same cars, but how do they know that those two cars aren’t from out of state visiting.
    This happened on a straight highway with no on ramps from where they started to where they ended. No one could have been harmed except themselves.
    These cars are specifically built to do the speeds they were doing, I’d really like to see when the news decides to post a story of the countless reckless drivers in minivans that you see driving way over the speed limit in areas with innocent people all around. 9/10 car accidents are caused by inexperienced drivers in their parents car or a little beater car that they don’t care about.
    This isn’t news at all.

  • Dan

    Like the lawyer says it’s a speeding ticket. This racing goes on all the time in Milwaukee. One so happens to make the news. Nothing new this has been going on since the 60’s and 70’s.

  • diane

    Breaking the law is breaking the the video you could see the license plate..also the headlights of the traffic going west bound there is only a grass median.could have.crossed over and head on bam…then what innocent horse play..doesnt make it right. .irresponsible…childish..goto a drag way…and I am sure it is legal to stand in the middle of the road and start the race too..maybe we should just close some roads down on ocassion and sell tickets..
    ..since a bunch of grown men with pea sized brains seem to think this is alright…this is where kids see adults behaving badly..and say see it is ok to race and be reckless and not care if anyone could get hurt there isnt anything wrong with drag racing on a freeway..

  • kristen hal

    I think this was the best thing that could of happened! We need more areas to drag race and show off the nice vehicles that each person works hard for. Nobody else was bothered by the incident there were no calls made to the police from the people in traffic! This is not the first time a race like this has occurred on the highway this is just the fist time you heard about it!

  • Jayrome

    Yea publishing this over the news will only attract more people to the street racing scene. The news channels need better things to do than trying to degrade a reputable figure over a citation.

  • diane

    So most everyone here thinks that this is a safe..totally acceptable…nothing wrong no one hurt ..this time…good example for young people that if no one gets big deal break the law…so let’s say drive drunk it is ok.long as no one gets hurt…trespass…as long as nothing gets hurt thats ok….play hooky from school as long as no one gets hurt thats ok…egg a car..or a as no one gets hurt that’s ok…break the law…drive stupid. Blow stop signs as no one gets hurt that’s ok…good example from adults. …you are all idiots..this was not ok in any way….I hope these drivers insurance agents see this drop their coverage…or hike it way up….lost respect for the heiser…auto group….

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