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Mother of 12-year-old victim in Slenderman case speaks out

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WAUKESHA (AP) — A 12-year-old girl who was stabbed 19 times by classmates trying to please a fictional horror character had spoken to her mother about the specter called Slenderman before the attack.

The girl was attacked in a wooded park in late May following a sleepover to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. Police say that girl and another 12-year-old classmate later told investigators they spent months planning the attack intended to win favor with Slenderman.

The victim’s mother told ABC’s “20/20” that her daughter had asked about Slenderman before the attack because she was scared by stories sent by her friend. The victim told her mother her best friend knew Slenderman was real.

The victim’s mother says she thought it was just a child’s fantasy that the girl’s friend would outgrow.


  • me

    this story is getting more scary than just the slender man itself now. If the child had concerns, why weren’t they confronted with the other mothers/fathers/school?

    • Tonya

      I think most adults involved didn’t realize the severity of the attackers delusions until the attack actually occurred. I mean,seriously, if ypur 12 year old told ypu she was scared because her friend said Michael Myers is real, I doubt your first instinct would be to adsume the friend was homicidal and contact authorities.

  • Alcyone

    No one in all the comments over the Net, has dared to put themselves in these two 12-year-olds’ minds, all having forgotten how gullible they themselves were at that age. For those who do want to understand: watch what these girls watched:
    “How to become one of slender man proxies” –

    posted on 31 dec. 2013, when it all began to grow and concoct in Morgan Geyser’s immature and peer-pressure-guided mind: becoming a Slendy’s proxy.
    The ‘good Morgan’ had Payton Leutner as best friend, the ‘bad Morgan’ had Anissa Weier, and it is her whom Morgan started to pick as a complice for this forbidden “ritual”, where Slender Man lets you do what he wants: lure and kill unsuspecting, because trusting, children.

    As Morgan told Police: trusting people are easy to fool. In her case: a best friend.
    Listen and see how Morgan found her own setting for her ritual, nearby in the woods.
    Becoming ‘his [Slender Man’s] murdering hand’.
    Do not watch as an adult, imagine you are a 12-year-old.
    Listen to the Youtube, and dare to understand Morgan Geyser.

    If you don’t, then live with the horror and let the lawyers swipe this growing danger for our kids-with-iPads under the carpet.
    If you do, you might start contributing to the welfare of our children, and condemn the real guilty ones, those whom these two preteens copied from. In their dark “game” of adolescent coming-of-age, indulging – as 12-y-olds do – in powerful emotions and death-scare, fed with a thousand
    sadistic recipies on the Net. Like Slender Man.

    Don’t look at the copycats, look at the original – and ban it from their view.

    12-year-olds are not allowed to drink, drive, vote – why do we let them suck in sick fantasies of sadists and criminal horror-writers ? Which we ourselves prefer to ignore ?

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