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467 empty pairs of shoes represent powerful message

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — An anti-violence group made a stop in Milwaukee using shoes to spread their message on Saturday, September 27th.

The “Hearts and Soles” tour says each shoe represents a life lost to gun violence. They say there are more that 467 gun related deaths each year, just in Wisconsin.

Those at the event are calling for an end to the senseless act of violence, and for tougher gun laws.

State Representative Latonya Johnson says too often, we forget about the people affected.

“In our day to day lives,  sometimes we hear about the gun violence and the victims — and then we go on our separate ways. And we forget about the casualties.. we forget about the names…but the families don’t have that luxury. They don’t have that privilege,” said Johnson.

The group has made similar stops this year across the state, that includes Eau Claire, Wausau, and Madison


  • JC

    Again there are not 437 gun related deaths in Wisconsin in a year. If you are going to make up a number make it a realistic number and one that can’t be dis proven in 30 seconds. Stupid gun haters

  • Beverly Currie

    In the state of Wisconsin there were 467 lives lost in one year. You would not have been able to count if you only watch the Milwaukee city news.

  • diane

    It is the people using the guns not the guns and the people using the gun for violence don’t obey laws much less gun laws

  • Tonya

    I do mourn the loss of all whose lives were cut short by violence. However, I am also angry their deaths are constantly used to feul a political cause that would only put others, still alive, more at risk. In addition, what about all the other deaths from violence. If you were killed by stabbing, do you not matter because you can’t be used to promote a political cause? Shameful.

  • Todd Selenka

    There was a lady at the thrift store the other day and she baught 2 big bags of shoes when i asked her if she had a lot of kids, (as a joke) she said no its for a event. I bet this was the event.

  • MKEgal

    According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports database, in 2012 there were 173 murders & “nonnegligent manslaughters” in Wisconsin.
    According to the CDC’s WISQARS database, in 2011 there were 86 firearm homicides in Wisconsin.
    W”AV”E isn’t even trying to make their lies believable.

    • MKEgal

      BTW, since it doesn’t seem to be clear from my previous comment, the FBI database doesn’t distinguish how those murders happened, just that there were 173 of them. (Far less than the 467 W”AV”E claims.)
      The CDC data is more applicable to what W”AV”E is whining about, but the number they’re claiming is about 5.5 times higher than what the publicly-available government-collected statistics say.
      These facts are easy to check.
      Why didn’t the reporter (or editor, or fact-checker) bother to check on what W”AV”E is claiming?
      Why didn’t you report on the lies they tell, instead of presenting it as fact?

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