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Adorable! Firefighters save hamster family – “Oreo,” “Madonna,” two babies after mobile home fire

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WASHINGTON (WITI) — Washington firefighters were able to rescue a family from a fire at a mobile home — a very small, furry family. Firefighters put their animal rescue training into action — using a makeshift oxygen mask and bag to save a family of hamsters!

Firefighters were called out to the mobile home on Friday afternoon, September 26th.

FOX6’s sister station, KTLA reports a preliminary investigating showed an electrical fire started when a woman turned on her clothes dryer and then left for a friend’s house.

KTLA reports the woman returned home shortly after firefighters began fighting the fire, and informed them her children were at school — but their pet hamsters were inside.

Firefighters found two adult hamsters and their three babies next to a marriage certificate filled out using crayons, according to KTLA.

“Apparently they were married. The family had made a marriage certificate for Oreo and Madonna. It was pretty cute,” Lacey Fire District 3 Battalion Chief Tim Hulse said.

The adult hamsters appeared to be okay — but two baby hamsters were sluggish, and one wasn’t moving.

Standard oxygen tubing was placed over one hamsters face and two others were put into a plastic bag that was pumped with oxygen.

These firefighters are trained and specially equipped to care for animals that have been rescued from a house fire.

We’re told four of the hamsters were saved. One of the babies, unfortunately, didn’t make it.

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