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One picture says it all: Packers dominate Bears, twin brothers share the moment

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TWIN LAKES (WITI) — When the Green Bay Packers handed the Chicago Bears a loss in the Windy City on Sunday, September 28th, Packers fans everywhere relished the moment — and Bears fans, well… they weren’t the least bit happy.

A picture FOX6 News received from viewer Bonnie in Twin Lakes sums it up best. What you see below is a snap taken of her twin grandsons during the game. The one wearing the Packers jersey seems “relaxed” — and the one wearing the Bears jersey is rather upset.

Courtesy Bonnie from Twin Lakes

Courtesy Bonnie from Twin Lakes


  • Amber

    Really? A “terrible environment”? There are children being abused, neglected and left for dead in this world and you think two (very clearly taken care of) children are growing up in a terrible environment for wearing a football jersey? And you try to use the argument that they are too young to be “football fans” but you think that they are capable of knowing that they are in “fugly clothes”? People can’t even enjoy and adorable photo of cute kids these days because of mean hearted people like you. Or maybe you’re just a bitter Bears fan having a bad day, who knows.

    Anyway- what adorable babies! Great picture grandma, thanks for sharing the smiles! You should be proud:)

  • JokeEnthusiast

    Cheri, what’s “exploitive” about this? What’s your definition of a “terrible environment”? I have a feeling the vast majority of people have much stricter definitions of each than you do. I hope you don’t have any children and if you do, God help them when they become adults and are away from your overprotective fantasy land.

  • Douglas Pertzsch

    Cheri take a chill pill!! Get off of your sanctimonious high horse. Go kiss a picture of your hero Hillary and leave the rest of us aolone.

  • Jackie

    Cheri needs to take a large chill pill…Just because you never had a jersey does not mean that it is a bad environment..and that’s fugly clothes…what about all of us adults that are proud the wear our colors!

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