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“Sugar just gives me a reason…just to be:” Man says his rescued dog motivates him to stay sober

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CALIFORNIA (WITI) — Well-known Huntington Beach surfer and artist Ryan Rustan has battled mental health and drug issues since he was 14 years old.

Two years ago, Rustan came across a six-month-old puppy who had been so neglected she was near death. Together, Rustan and “Sugar” are healing each other using water therapy.

Now, two months after being rescued Sugar has become a local surf sensation.

Rustan credits Sugar with giving him a reason to live, and to stay sober.

“Love in any form – a huge key to live is love, and however people can get it. Mine is definitely through the spirit of Sugar. Sugar just gives me a reason…just to be,” Rustan said.


Follow Sugar’s journey on Instagram @ryanrustan



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