Warrant issued for her arrest: Woman wanted on suspicions she embezzled from animal hospital

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SHOREWOOD/FRANKLIN (WITI) -- A Franklin woman and former employee is wanted on suspicions she embezzled more than $20,000 from a Shorewood animal hospital. Investigators say she used different methods, but the result was the same: customers' money ending up in her pocket.

Every day, customers at the Shorewood Animal Hospital pay for their pet's treatment, prescriptions, food or treats. Authorities believe a former receptionist took thousands of dollars before she was fired. Now, a warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Last November, FOX6 News spoke with Dr. David Rosene about concerns over Chinese jerky treats making dogs sick.

Court records show two weeks before that, the veterinarian went to Shorewood police with concerns that former receptionist Gail Penegor was stealing from the animal hospital.

There were suspicions over cancelled transactions and specifically, where the money was being refunded.

The hospital's manager showed police business records "between September 2012 and April 2013 listing $17,330 in transactions to two financial card numbers." The investigation determined "they are accounts held in the name of the defendant, Gail Penegor."

No one answered the door Monday, September 29th at the 58-year-old woman's listed address in Franklin.

Dr. Rosene declined to comment for this story -- saying he wants to wait for the case to play out in court. However, he says Penegor was a trusted employee, and if she really did steal from the business, then he's disheartened.

Shorewood police did not return messages left by FOX6 News.

In all, investigators suspect Penegor embezzled money from the hospital three different ways: on both credit and cash transactions, as well as by refunding money to her employee credit account.

It all adds up to more than $21,000.

Court records show Penegor was taken to small claims court and lost at least four times dating back to 2009.

Now, she's facing felony charges.


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