“I told you. I warned you!” Mother goes to extremes to discourage daughter from skipping school

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(CNN) -- A high school student in Wyoming is sorry she ditched class. It's not the punishment from the school that bothers her, but rather, what her mother did.

With a camera rolling, by her daughter's side, Jeannie Crutchfield walked into school and into her child's classroom.

"I told you. I warned you. Make me come to this school," Crutchfield says in the video.

"Why am I here Ricki?" Crutchfield says in the video.

"Because you thought I was ditching. I'm not ditching," Crutchfield's daughter said.

"Really? Really?" Crutchfield said.

"Yes. Yes," Crutchfield's daughter said.

14-year-old Rickie Durant was caught ditching class. Her mom...wasn't happy -- so she took matters into her own hands -- doing what every mother has always dreamed of doing when her kids act up.

"Guess what I'm doing Ricki? We're going to go to class and we're going to hold hands and sit together. Isn't that great? Mommy and daughter? Going to class together," Crutchfield says in the video.

Crutchfield was sending a bold message: There's no room for ditching.

"It was kind of just spur of moment. I debated whether I was going to do it or not and I was like 'I'm just going to do it,'" Crutchfield said.

The video is three minutes long, with non-stop commentary.

"Come on Ri. What's wrong? Don't you want to tell your friends why I'm here?" Crutchfield says in the video.

"That's all she kept saying. 'I'm not ditching. I'm not ditching.' Until she let go of that lie I'm not stopping," Crutchfield said.

Finally, Ricki caves -- giving in to her mother.

"You can let go of the lie. I told you. I warned you. Make me come to this school because you can't act right. I warned you didn't I? Say 'Hi Facebook,'" Crutchfield says in the video.

As if coming to school, embarrassing her kid and recording it wasn't bad enough, Crutchfield took things a step further -- posting the video to Facebook. It has been viewed nearly 30,000 times, and it has more than 800 "likes."

"She's not just going to skip school and think it's okay to go hang out with her friends when she should be in class," Crutchfield said.


  • Jennifer

    I think that sometimes parents don’t do enough to keep their kids on track and with a teenager it gets harder. I think this mom did good since the daughter won’t do it again to get her mom back in school with her. The mom obviously wants the best for her kid and that should be the goal.

  • Sonya

    My mom did this to me in fifth grade only to find out that the school had mixed me up wit someone else with the exact same name. It was embarrassing as hell but I never skipped school. She did apologize when she found out it wasn’t me and my school did apologize to her for the inconvenience and confusion. But in the end it made me a better student. I commend this mother. She wants what’s best for her daughter. And there is nothing wrong with that.

  • lacheina lopez

    Go Mom! if more parents would do things like this and be more involved maybe there wouldn’t be so many kids in school failing. Kids are responsible to certain extent but it is up to the parents to make sure they succeed and don’t fall behind.

  • Maria

    I did this to my son in 7th grade. He was misbehaving in class and I told him that he must need his mommy to stay with him. The principal asked if he could give me the names of 60 other parents that I could call and suggest they do the same thing. Needless to say, his misbehaving stopped immediately.

  • Ducky

    Way to go Mom! Now if more parents would do this. I had a problem with my child not handing in homework, so I would talk to her teachers with her after school. After a few times, she caught on and I have had no more late work – and if she isn’t going to be able to turn it in on time, she warns me and I see her working on it.

  • Sheila Herron

    Finally, a parent who gets involved in their kids lives. I think it is great! She won’t be skipping anymore, I am sure! I think this mom should get an award for mother of the year. She warned her and followed through with her promise! Since cell phones were invented parents don’t talk to other parents and I think we need to go back to knowing who our kids are hanging out with and KNOW their parents.

  • Nanci

    I went to school with my son when he was in Jr High because of his behavior – I sat in the back of the class for each of his classes – all the kids apparently behaved better when I was there ;) I told him if I had to come back again (burning ANOTHER vacation day from work), I was going to wear a midieval outfit and BRIGHT red lipstick so when I kissed him, which would be a lot, he’d have lips on his face or forehead, and I would insist that he held my hand while walking thru the halls… oh… yea… and I’d sit next to him in every class. I never had to go to school with him again. ;)

  • Misaka

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