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It happened in just minutes: A mother’s car was stolen, her children inside; Now, two men are charged

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Could you imagine the terror? In just minutes, your car is gone -- stolen, with your children inside! It happened to a Milwaukee mom -- and she says she's happy to learn two men have been charged in the case. She's also relieved her children are safe.

The 29-year-old mother went into a gas station near 49th and Lisbon just after 6:30 p.m. this past Saturday, September 27th. When she came out, her car was gone -- her nine-year-old, seven-year-old, and two-year-old children inside. Also inside, her 17-year-old cousin.

"It was unreal. I felt like I was in a movie. I pulled up directly in front of the door, I hopped out, ran inside," Jovan Lewis said.

"(She) left her keys in her vehicle with her children in the car," Milwaukee Police Officer Natassha Delgado said.

In the moments Lewis was inside the gas station, police say 19-year-old Ravonte Love took advantage -- stealing the car with the four young people inside.

Police say 20-year-old Jiawuan Smith-White exited another vehicle and jumped into Lewis' car -- yelling to get the kids out. A few minutes later near 50th and Lisbon, the four individuals were let out of the car and the suspects fled in the vehicle.

"Knowing that this man touched my child and unbuckled her from her car seat and sat her on the side of the road...My cousin came running in with the kids and was like 'we just got carjacked!" Lewis said.

Lewis' vehicle was missing -- her iPhone inside. That iPhone turned out to be invaluable for police. They used the phone's "Find My Phone" app to locate Lewis' car.

"They started broadcasting right away their locations of the iPhone," Officer Delgado said.

Police spotted the car near 34th and Clarke and a short chase ensued. Less than one minute later, the car crashed and Love and Smith-White were arrested.

"Without that, it would have been much worse. I was so chocked and my children were so scared," Lewis said.

Ravonte Love and Jiawuan Smith-White

Ravonte Love and Jiawuan Smith-White

Love and Smith-White have been charged with operating a vehicle without the owner's consent. Love faces additional charges of false imprisonment and eluding an officer.

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  • BigPoppa

    How are these guys supposed to sell crack without a car? Of course they’d steal one if they came across it. I hope they die in a fire.

  • dianne

    glaf the children not hurt where is the out cry from the community about these thugs endangering lives and stealing cars .. isn’t that kidnapping????

    • cityres

      what type of stupid question is that. of course there is outraged by the community nobody wants violence in the community. are you that incompetent that you cannot decipher the difference between random acts of violence by people who are not connected to each other and an act from someone who was supposed to protect you. would you be more upset if a stranger came and stole your wallet or if your mom and dad who are supposed to look after you stole your wallet do you see the differences. some of you have expressed on other posts that the perpetrator was kids and that they should be given a chance and even suggested that maybe they didn’t have enough guidance but that was just for the white perpetrators.

  • Mick

    I never lock my truck where we live and I leave the windows open over night… BUT, the only black thing we have to worry about where we live is a Black Bear. The only hood rats we have are Raccoons…


    The inner city thugs are out of control! They only get education via Xbox. Put the parents in jail too.


    oen thing I MUST commend these guys on, which is wierd..but that they didnt hurt those babies, because most times these cases are not happy endings! thank God for watching over them babies!….at least they have some heart, but yea stupidity at its finest!

    • Jovan

      Do you even have kids? Clearly you don’t and if you do this has got to be the dumbest response I have read by far. Do you think it would have been any different if my 17 yr old cousin were driving and she ran inside and I stayed in the car? Same result most likely and No its not against the law to leave a 17yr old in the car with 3 younger children.

  • 2014

    you are STUPID …17 yr old is LEGAL age to babysit regardless where they are, if she left just the kids then you may have a point…..
    MH you are part of the PROBLEM>…get a life or maybe a job, too much time on your hands… probably molested ypur little sister lol….the guys are WRONG period but you are STUPID period

  • Mary

    Never leave your kids in the car alone in the hood..even if they are with a 17 yr old. Glad her babies are ok and i hope these criminals get some real, hard time over this.

  • gg

    Umm I do have kids…she was at a gas station ..I could see a grocery store…2nd she is NOT at fault…but of course you all are God and can judge everyone…please

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