School shows clips from ‘Pretty Woman’ to explain ban on yoga pants, skinny jeans

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NORTH DAKOTA (CNN) — A new policy restricting what girls can wear at a North Dakota high school has some parents and students in an uproar.

A parent called after an assembly was called for all girls at the Devils Lake High School. During the assembly, the girls were told they can’t wear leggings, jeggings or tight jeans anymore.

The assistant principal says they had the girls watch two clips from the movie “Pretty Woman” and compare their attire to the main character, who was a prostitute.

“A lot of the parents went on Facebook and we were discussing it. And, they were talking about how they think the boys should be able to control themselves and the girls should be able to wear the leggings and the jeggings. ¬†And, when I was in high school I think we wore a little bit more provocative clothing,” Candace Olsen said.

Even from a different era, Candace Olsen can relate to her son’s female classmates.

A new policy against tight leg-wear is all the talk at the Junior Varsity football game.

“Not too hot about it, but, because that’s what everyone wears, that’s their whole wardrobe. So, basically sweat pants everyday is what they’re asking for,” Senior Mariah Fixen said.

Some say the school should be focusing their efforts on more important issues, like bullying.

“Like online stuff and people tweeting about each other and whatever. They should be focusing more on that and not dumb stuff like yoga pants. We should be able to wear whatever we want,” Senior Taylor Gilbertson.

But, the assistant principle says this new dress code is a way to prevent other students from being distracted. Some even say it’s an interaction they’ve seen between teachers and female students.

“In some cases, where there will be young male teachers and they can’t tell you, of course, that what you’re wearing is distracting or anything. So, they have to get a female teacher to tell you,” Fixen said.

The problem: Some leggings are transparent. But, Olsen says as long as girls are covered she doesn’t see the issue.

“Especially when they’re so young and vulnerable and you’re still learning who you are. I think that they should be able to wear what they’re comfortable in as long as it’s reasonable,” Olsen said.

We are told an English teacher also made reference to the girls looking like prostitutes walking the streets.

The assistant principle admitted that teacher probably shouldn’t have said what she did, adding that this new policy is not meant to objectify girls, but stop boys from focusing on something other than class work.


  • MYA


  • Mark

    One word: uniforms. There shouldn’t be any issue implementing them either. Most students have the same argument as Mya, that clothes aren’t that big of a deal and that there are more impirtant things to be concerned with. If thats the case, then let’s completely eliminate any distraction they may cause by implementing uniforms. After all, if clothes arent that big of a feal, then khakis and a logo polo are just as good as leggings and a crop top.

  • Mark

    On another note, free education is a privilege. our nation falls behind internationally every year. Make uniforms common and stop wasring time on clothing issues. If a student comes oyt of uniform, give three chances. If they do it again, kick them out. If they dont want to comply with a simple rule to obtain a free education, then don’t force it on them. That leaves more funding and resources for the kids who are actually willing to sacrifice a little to get a better education.

    • Martine

      Free education is not a privilege. Us tax payers pay for it. Anything I play for, I figure I should have a say on. Uniforms are fine, if they can afford them. But they can NOT expect girls to purchase awkward clothing that they will feel uncomfortable wearing, just so boys and male teachers feel more able to concentrate. What next? Are men going to ask women to wear khakis and polo shirts when they need to concentrate? Or maybe they will ask us to wear a burka? Thats the reason they wear them in the Middle East. I say NO. Boys need to learn that their concentration is their own problem. And I don’t believe for one second a single grade will be better because the kids are wearing uniforms, or sweat pants or anything else. No one objects to them expecting girls to wear relatively normal clothing, but skinny jeans ARE COMPLETELY normal. HUMAN CLOTHING TENDS TO FOLLOW THE HUMAN FORM. Its not made to fir quadrupeds. The school Board isn’t supposed to be the Taliban.

  • JC

    Keep students from being distracted. A 15 year old boy doesn’t care what she’s wearing, she is going to be distraction no matter what. Waste of resources and time, there are bigger fish to fry with the public school system

  • Maria

    It is always obvious to me in these conversations who has worked with real life kids and who probably hasn’t. My years of experience working with at risk youth urge me to agree with uniforms. Anyone who thinks attire isnt linked to many of the larger issues the school is dealing with doesn’t get it. Uniforms or strong dresss codes neutralize the entire attire issue so we can adress the bigger problems.

    • Martine

      They are not asking the boys to do anything. They are asking girls to wear completely odd out of date clothing. Not all parents have the money to waste on buying a wardrobe that no normal female would be comfortable wearing just so the girls don’t distract boys. Sure, I can understand how it may be an expedient solution, but it is NOT fair one. So what are we teaching the kids? Just do whatever works wether its right or not? Not possible. This is a big issue. These kids will grow up thinking that women should capitulate.

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