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First lady Michelle Obama campaigns for Mary Burke in Madison

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MADISON (WITI) – For the second time in a week, first lady Michelle Obama was talking politics in Wisconsin. Michelle Obama was in Madison on Tuesday, October 7th campaigning for Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke -- trying to energize the college vote. The focus is on getting a swing state to vote Democratic in four weeks.

With a sea of UW red behind her, Michelle Obama at the Overture Center in Madison repeated the same message she made in Milwaukee last week: how important it is to get out and vote on election day.

"I heard it throughout our campaign, young people aren't engaged. They don't show up on election day. Boy, did you prove them wrong," Michelle Obama said.

Michelle Obama emphasized that students getting out to the polls on November 4th could lead to a Democratic victory in the gubernatorial race.

"You know 10 people sleeping in your dorm, in your fraternity. You know 10 people you met at that party last Saturday night after you spent all day in the library. You know 10 people you can energize," Michelle Obama said.

Mary Burke told the crowd of a program she started at Trek Bicycle -- aimed at getting underprivileged kids to college.

"I saw too many students who weren't graduating from high school ready for college and I decided to do something about it," Burke said.

Michelle Obama pointed out a UW student she met who overcame challenges.

"Because kids like Savion, they never give up. They never give up and never can we," Michelle Obama said.

"It's very inspirational and I look up to her husband and family overall," Savion Castro said.

With November 4th fast approaching, Michelle Obama and Mary Burke say the next step is voter turnout.

Michelle Obama was in Milwaukee last Monday, September 29th -- campaigning at the Wisconsin Center for Burke.

There’s hope some of Michelle Obama’s popularity transfers to Mary Burke in the governor’s race. But the first lady said it will take more than enthusiasm at a rally. It will take people at the polls.

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Meanwhile, Governor Scott Walker was campaigning around the state on Tuesday -- making stops at family farms. He started in Wausau Tuesday morning, where he talked about his continued agenda to help farmers in the state.

"We set out a clear agenda to try and help build agriculture in this state. We've seen tremendous growth in the past four years. This year alone, in the first six months of 2014, agriculture exports are up 17 percent -- so real growth opportunities. Not only about jobs, which, that's a big part, but it's also about a way of life for many farm families across the state of Wisconsin. We want to continue to make it easier for our farmers to do what they do best," Governor Walker said.

While in Wausau, Governor Walker also weighed in on Monday's Supreme Court decision that made same-sex marriage legal in Wisconsin and four other states.

"The voters of this state made that decision. We felt that we needed to support the position of the majority of voters in the state of Wisconsin, but ultimately the Supreme Court said (Monday) that they're not going to take up the decision, and they deferred that to the decision of the federal court, which said the U.S. Constitution trumps not only our state, but other states out there," Governor Walker said.

Governor Walker also had campaign stops planned in Elk Mound and West Salem Tuesday.


  • JC

    Burke must be in serious trouble if they are sending her again. Another taxpayer paid campaign trip awesome!

  • R

    Burke wouldn’t be seen with Obama at labor fest. I’ll give that one a pass because Obama is the big left wing union guy and Trek doesn’t allow their workers to unionize. Then he sends his wife to Milwaukee, what with all her clout over the school lunch programs that districts can’t get rid of fast enough. Then he sends his wife again. Yep. Makes sense.

    • dancing in the ruins

      no tax payer money was spent – it’s funded entirely by donations from all the hard working citizens in the inner city.

  • dancing in the ruins

    can’t wait to see what happens when all the hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens finally move out of milwaukee county…


    This is a complete collapse of Burkes campaign along with the current admin in the white house. Liberals have done nothing, nothing but advance their liberal lefty worthless agenda. They don’t bring anything to the table except for more policy failures. A vote for Burke is a vote for Walker. Libs, Repent now and let us conservatives help you to save you from yourselves.

  • diane

    Is this another taxpayer sponsored trip..not liking this…shame on burke…she isn’t for the little people….

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