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Muskego company handed citations, fines by OSHA after crane overturns along Prospect Ave. in May

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Crane overturns, damaging four cars

MUSKEGO/MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A Muskego company has been handed citations and fines by OSHA after a crane overturned along Prospect Avenue just south of North Avenue on May 9th. The proposed fines total $15,200.

Two people were hurt when the car they were in was struck. The couple (and their dog) did not seek any medical attention.

Their car was totaled.

The other three cars the crane hit were empty at the time of the incident.

OSHA accuses Tollefson Steel & Fabrication, Inc. of the following:

  • Failing to ensure that frequent and regular inspections were conducted — exposing employees to “struck-by” hazards (with a proposed penalty of $2,800).
  • Failing to perform visual inspections prior to each shift for apparent deficiencies of equipment being used — exposing employees to “struck-by” hazards.
  • Failing to inspect the equipment in service each month — exposing employees to “struck-by” hazards.
  • Failing to ensure that monthly crane inspections records were maintained.
  • Failing to ensure synthetic webbing was marked — exposing employees to “struck-by” hazards (with a proposed penalty of $2,000).
  • Failing to ensure a qualified rigger was established prior to each shift — exposing employees to “struck-by” hazards (with a proposed penalty of $2,000).
  • Failing to comply with all manufacturer procedures applicable to the operational functions of the equipment — in that all outriggers/stabilizers were not properly deployed and lowered, effecting the lifting capacity of the crane (with a proposed penalty of $2,800).
  • Failing to ensure that the operator’s manual was present at the work site (with a proposed penalty of $2,800).
  • Failing to ensure the weight of the load was calculated and determined before proceeding with a lift — exposing employees to “struck-by” hazards (with a proposed penalty of $2,800).
  • Failing to ensure persons who conduct crane signaling received qualified training — exposing employees to “struck-by” hazards

OSHA calculates the total proposed penalties levied against Tollefson Steel & Fabrication, Inc. to be $15,200.

Tollefson Steel & Fabrication has 15 business days from receipt of the citations and notice of the proposed penalties to contest the citations and proposed penalties before the OSHA review commission.

If Tollefson Steel & Fabrication chooses not to file or contest within that 15-day period, it must abate the citations within the period ordered in the citations, and pay the proposed penalties. Abatement is the correction of the safety or health hazard/violation that led to an OSHA citation.

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