Detroit homeowner selling his “fixer upper,” and all he wants for it is an iPhone 6!

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(CNN) — A Detroit homeowner is trying to sell his home for $3,000 — or an iPhone6.

The house in the 19000 block of Laing Street on Detroit’s east side has seen better days! The doors are missing. The windows have been busted out. A fire pretty much gutted the place.

Andre Nelson says he’s willing to look past the flaws for a good deal.

“I definitely do see potential in the house,” Nelson said.

That’s what the seller is hoping for.

The three bedroom, one-and-a-half bath, 2,400 square foot home was recently listed with a local real estate agent.

It’s being called “an investor special.” The $3,000 asking price is being lowered. The going rate now is an iPhone 6, or a new 32 gigabyte iPad.

Some people think even that’s too much!

“I’d give him a dollar,” one person said.

The cost of repairs to the home could easily run into the thousands of dollars — and the condition of the neighborhood makes the home even less attractive. Abandoned homes surround the house.

“I wouldn’t even waste my time putting work into it, cause what they gonna do is come tear it up,” one person said.

Andre Nelson grew up in Detroit. He says he believes in the city’s future — and if he can turn blight into beauty for a great price, he says he’s in.

“I mean, New York, you name it, the housing market is scary, so to come to Detroit and be able to get a house for a dollar or a iPhone 6, that’s beautiful,” Nelson said.

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  • Crystal

    I’ll buy this house for a ipad or iPhone 6 and I can also fix it up. To bad I’m too far away to even do that. It’s a pretty house

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