Don’t be afraid, make your own Halloween costume with ease

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Halloween is scary enough. Don't let putting together a costume make it worse. Lifestyle expert Jennifer Ott joined the Studio A team on Wednesday, October 8th to offer some helpful tips.

Costume ideas...

  1. Jellyfish: A few household items and clear tape can turn you into a beautiful sea creature – and keep you dry while trick or treating!  All you need is a clear umbrella, some tape and bubble wrap, some cellophane, ribbon and a few glow sticks.  Cutting the bubble wrap into uneven strips and hanging them from the border of the umbrella with some clear tape creates your large tentacles.  Ribbon and cellophane next, and add the glow sticks last for some of the eerie glow of a jellyfish.  Dress all in white and float through Halloween in style!
  1. DSC01748Nerd:  Find an old pair of sunglasses and pop out the lenses.  Wrap some tape around the bridge of the glasses.  Wear a white shirt and pants, cuffing the pants a bit too high over the ankle, and wear suspenders or a bow tie if you have them.  Add a calculator or funky gadget to your shirt pocket with a wad of cash – remember the nerds of yesterday are the millionaires of today!
  1. DSC01752Audrey Hepburn:  Glamorous star, surprisingly simple costume. Again, wear your favorite little black dress.  Add multi-strand pearls and add a brooch – costume jewelry at Good Will or a consignment store will work just fine. Pull your hair in a bun, add a tiara and giant sunglasses and it’s “Breakfast at Studio A!”