CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police sergeant or popcorn thief?

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OREGON (WITI) -- A police sergeant in Oregon finds himself on the wrong side of the law. He was found guilty of stealing popcorn from a convenience store.

He is seen on a surveillance camera buying one bag of popcorn at a store. But then on another camera you see he walks out with 2 bags.

The store says this isn't the first time, and that he has done this before.

The sergeant entered a not guilty plea in court to the charges -- but again, he was found guilty in court.

"This is somebody with a lot of experience, and a lot of time on, and I'm sure that over the course of his career, he's done hundreds, if not thousands, of good things for people, but he won't be remembered for those, he'll be remembered for these silly incidents" said Toledo Police Sergeant, Joe Heffernan.

He has been put on suspension from the department pending an internal investigation.


  • dancing in the ruins

    get a clue sgt. joe hefferman. he shouldn’t be remembered for ‘all those good things’ he did – he’s a cop who STOLE.

  • Beast

    I’m sure he has stolen 100’s if not thousand’s of times throughout his illustrious career … you just don’t do it once or twice and it happened to be caught on camera…

  • marie

    You can’t minimize. Why was he sought by the owner for charges? The same reason anyone else who might be stealing would be. No one knows his background in this, so it’s also not fair to punish his entire career as a LEO either. As an officer you’re not entitled to break the same laws you “oathed” to enforce.

  • mee

    Wow, good thing this popcorn thief is off the street . We can all sleep better at night now. Meanwhile, murderers and rapists are running free.

    • Scott

      This might not be his only type of crime. He has proven that he is not trustworthy. How many times has he taken items from people in custody? Once a thief always a thief.

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