Burlington woman facing several charges, accused of beating 12-year-old with a belt

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RACINE COUNTY (WITI) — A Burlington woman is facing several charges in connection with the alleged abuse of a 12-year-old child.

Victoria Smoger

Victoria Smoger

34-year-old Victoria Smoger of Burlington faces the following charges: physical abuse of a child (two counts), false imprisonment as party to a crime, misdemeanor intimidation of a victim, and false imprisonment.

A criminal complaint filed against Smoger says police were dispatched to Karcher Middle School on Friday, October 10th for a report of a child reporting physical abuse.

The complaint says the child told police on October 6th, she was involved in a fight at school and was grounded. The complaint says the child was upset about this, so instead of returning home from school on October 7th, she instead went to a friend’s house.

The complaint says when the child returned home, a man held her down while Smoger “whooped her” with a belt.

The complaint says the child told police she was ordered “not to tell anyone at school about the beating.”

On a second occasion, the complaint says the child told police she was scared to go home, so she instead went to a friend’s house, saying she’d be at a dance practice.

When she returned home, the child told police she was ordered to remove a belt she had been wearing and was beaten with the belt again, according to the complaint.

The complaint says police observed the child’s injuries and believed them to be consistent with beatings from a belt.

Smoger will be in court on these charges on October 22nd.


  • Disagreeing citizen

    Facing charges for disciplining with a belt?! You have to be kidding me right?! That’s why this society is so out of control now , to hell with a punishment beat their bottoms!! And if someone has anything to say beat their bottoms!! If kids got their bottoms beat more often, it’ll be less crime! Start early! “Spoil the rod, beat the child”. It’s not abuse it’s called good parenting! Stupid idiots!

    • Deshon10

      Agreed! Kids have too many rights. The child lied to her parents! Anything could have happened to her! But now the parents are wrong. That’s messed up.

      • Different Perspective

        The cycle of abuse can be broken. This girl has a lot of courage to come forward to the proper adults at her school. There is hope for her that she will grow into a respectful, responsible, and compassionate adult, unlike her parents. In this family, the end of the abuse cycle (probably handed down from generations) will hopefully begin with this child if she is a parent some day. It will take effort on her part because she never learned how to be a proper parent. She will need to learn how to raise children who trust her – this girl’s parents raised her in a manner that caused her to fear them, rather than properly trust them (hence, her reaction to lie to them). Raising children to fear authority can ultimately cause that child to become an adult with low self esteem and possibly an adult bully (like these parents for example). The key for her will be to learn how to raise her children with love (abuse is hate), instill positive reinforcement from the moment her children are born (abuse is negative reinforcement). Hopefully she will have a role model out there – a friend’s parents possibly that she can learn proper parenting and the positive effects of positive parenting versus the abuse that her parents inflicted. This child may likely suffer depression because of the emotional struggle she has in dealing with her awareness that she has unloving parents, who likely abused her since she was a baby. It would be interesting to find out the percentage of the children that have “to many rights” or are “pos” in our society that “is so out of control now”, are actually raised by unloving, abusive parents. In comparison, what percentage of children that are respectful, responsible and reliable are raised by respectful, responsible, and reliable adults who teach their children how to love by being loving parents, not abusive. Parents who believe that love is beating and to spoil is to not beat, possibly have a misinterpretation for their thinking? Is there possibly an inner pain repressed from their own abusive childhood? Does it lessen an adults inner repressed pain by inflicting the same pain on a helpless child? The attitudes of children and teens changes with each new generation (unfortunately, it seems to worsen), but at the same time the attitudes of adults and parents changes over generations as well. Raising children is not the biggest challenge to our society today, but perhaps it is being respectful, responsible adults towards children – so that can learn from the actions of mature adults.

  • 2econd

    and when this child turns out to be a pos in society they’ll blame the parents for not disciplining her when she was growing up. thank god for government getting into everyone’s lives.

  • ED.

    Your child can run out get into all kinds of trouble. If you keep them from going out you can be charged for holding them against their will. You cannot punish them in anyway, If you do you as parent can be charged for a crime.

  • Raised great kids with disipline the right way!

    There’s abuse and there’s Discipline, there is a difference and if you can’t tell the difference then don’t have kids our you need help!

  • Amanda Blackmon Zarovsky

    Was it abuse or discipline? Personally I don’t use belts or switches on my kids but they were used on me when I was a kid and I turned out ok. Sounds to me like some bratty unruly child that didn’t want to mind her parents. And this story is so vague it’s hard to draw any real conclusions. How many times was she hit? Did she have any bruises or cuts?

  • Debra Smith

    I know her. I would much rather discipline my child than have them end up in prison. Years ago I had a problem with my child sneaking out after curfew…Officer Vinnie Mutchler gave me a ticket for allowing him out after curfew. He told me that I should take a 2×4 and hit him in the head when he was sleeping. I said why? So he could arrest me for child abuse? He said no…he wouldn’t do anything. He was in my yard when I got home after looking for him. He knew I was out looking for him. So we are supposed to let them run wild???

  • Felicia

    I don’t spank my 13yr old because I’m trying to avoid jail. He’s running wild while society tells me I can do nothing about it I absolutely wish I had the guts to take a belt to him like my mom did me. It was not abuse, it was discipline. I applaud her.

  • crystal

    So a child just doesn’t come home after school over and over and no discipline? Sorry but a belt to the butt is not abuse it’s called tell g that child she needs to come home not do what she pleases

  • Kierra Washington

    I was freaking out at first, thinking the same thing “children need discipline, plus it’s a ‘religious’ right”, but then they said that a man held her down. That’s what makes this child abuse. No parent should ever let anyone else touch their child like that, not even for disciplinary reasons.

  • Quiana

    Thats the problem now. These kids need to have their tails whooped sometimes. Its not called abuse, its called being a good mom. The system is set up to fail these kids and punish their parents for caring.

  • lisa

    A MAN HELD HER DOWN WHILE THE MOTHER BE AT HER!! if you think that is proper discipline, then there is something seriously wrong with you. Leaving marks and everything across her butt is not ok. She sounds like she needs discipline yes, but that was abuse…… not discipline.

  • Deborah L

    She’s 12 years old and deciding to not go home. I think the system has just fallen in line with her mindset, get ready for the repercussions when she is 16 and getting into trouble, or raped and left with a baby.

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