It will replace paper tickets: You can now buy “stored value” MCTS M•CARDs

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Two weeks ago, Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) began selling one-day, seven-day and 31-day passes on MCTS M•CARDs.  On Monday, October 13th, the next step in the smart card rollout began. Riders can now purchase stored value on MCTS M•CARDs at 55 retail outlet locations across the county.

Stored value means that passengers can load an amount between $2 and $100 onto an MCTS M•CARD and use that value to “Pay-Per-Use” onboard MCTS buses.  This option will replace paper tickets by offering passengers a discounted fare per-ride over paying with cash.  Instead of a paper transfer, when a passenger pays with stored value an electronic 90-minute transfer will automatically be loaded on the card.

MCTS will expand the retail outlet network for MCTS M•CARDs weekly until about 100 locations are established.  To view a list of sales outlets or to learn more about the MCTS M•CARD visit

How the MCTS M•CARD works:

  • Visit an authorized MCTS M•CARD sales outlet to purchase a pass or stored value.
  • When boarding an MCTS bus touch the MCTS M•CARD to the orange target on the farebox.
  • Wait and watch for the farebox to validate the pass or stored value deduction.
  • Keep the MCTS M•CARD to reload over and over again with more passes or stored value.

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