Police say he shot a woman & died following an attempted robbery; His family wants end to the violence

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Their loved one was killed after police say he shot a woman during an attempted robbery. Now, his family is coming forward -- hoping to help reduce gun violence in Milwaukee.

A gas station near 95th and Brown Deer Road is where police say 22-year-old Itavian Belcher died after he was shot on Thursday night, October 9th. His family wants to know who shot him and more importantly -- they want to see an end to the violence in the city.

Alice Belcher is with Christian Woman Perspective Ministries. She spearheaded a small community prayer at the gas station near 95th and Brown Deer Road after her great nephew died there on October 9th.

Police say Itavian Belcher shot a woman during an attempted robbery, and he was shot himself a short time later as he attempted to rob someone else.

He made his way to the gas station, where he died.

"Even if it is true, we don`t stand for violence as a family and we don`t support that happening, but we still also need to know who killed Itavian Belcher," Alice Belcher said.

The family has a stronger mission now -- curbing gun violence in Milwaukee.

Alice Belcher is a researcher, and some of her initiatives are influenced by other states' success.

"You know when you have a patient on the table and they`re bleeding out, you try everything. Just throw the kitchen sink at it and see what sails. What you got to lose? We`re dying out here. Our children are dying out here," Alice Belcher said.

The initiatives encompass employment, recreation, intervention, visible & committed leadership, a review of the acquisition of legal guns and education.

Alice Belcher says Itavian was a standout basketball player who went to college.

"On a scholarship, but a school system failed him because it didn`t prepare him educationally to keep it," Alice Belcher said.

Alice Belcher says she'll take her message to whomever will listen. She says her organization will continue to seek grants to implement her ideas.

Meanwhile, the sister of the woman police say Itavian Belcher shot says her sister has had three surgeries, and has a long road to recovery.


  • diane

    Dont understand.he shot and robbed….he was shot in the commission..of felony. …so..were is the outrage. ..he was a criminal…he wasnt being a good boy…he seriously hurt someone. Am I missing something…

    • tired of excuses

      Probably bc he was blk and the victim was white…and oh ya, the school failed im too, so it really osnt his fault.

  • richard cranium

    “She says her organization will continue to seek grants to implement her ideas.”
    well of course!

  • Michelle

    The school system prepared him enough to obtain a scholarship, but not good enough to follow through with it? It is called initiative. And I am sure the school system did not tell him to go rob innocent people for an easy buck.

  • Lakesha

    Ummm… I think violence was curbed when Itavian was shot. Thank goodness he didn’t get a chance to hurt anyone else.

  • Mike

    If a community organizers’ family member is out robbing and they don’t or won’t offer up an “answer” as to how and why one of their own could do this, what chance is there that they have the answer for the rest of the community?

  • Felicia

    Where was all this passion to reduce gun violence when he was snapping pics of himself holding a gun in front of the memorial for Joshua Drake, who also died after being shot during an attempted robbery? A simple phone call to authorities might have put him in prison, but it would have kept at least one woman safe, and him alive. Its easy to blame school systems and guns, but where was the family in all this? People knew he was in the streets, knew he was doing wrong. Those of you who knew but didn’t turn him in, didn’t do him or the woman he shot any favors.

  • Kevin Little

    Quit robbing other people. It’s that simple. If it doesn’t belong to you, leave it alone. Just because you see something you like, it doesn’t mean you can just grab it and walk away.

  • bill


  • Alicia

    I am completely disgustedby the fact that so many people who knew this kid keep ignoring the reality that he was a violent criminal who caused serious harm to others. Was he also a good athlete? Yes. Was he probably a good friend to some? Yes. But, shoot, even Hitler had kittens. You cannot overlook the fact that, in his final moments, this man chose to harm another person, with the possible intent ofkilling them. All the “but he was such a good boy”s in the world don’t erase that. You want us to mourn with you, but the truth is, that when he passed on, most of us didn’t lose a son, a friend, a boyfriend. ..we lost a possible violent threat to our loved ones.

  • Tonya

    I would like to call for tge immediate removal of Dr. Alice Belcher from Milwaukee’s Commissiin on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Anyone who is so willing to give excuses for a violent man who nearly killed an innocent woman does not deserve to represent survivors like me.

  • Fancy

    I cannot believe Alice Belcher had the nerve to interview for this sick individual Itavian who was shot and killed. My brother was robbed shot and killed by some useless nobody’s and this is an insult to innocent people earning a honest living. Itavian got exactly what he deserved. Alice why don’t you pay the medical expenses this woman will incur that your nephew shot. He didn’t want to go to college he wanted to be a THUG and paid the ultimate price for that HIS LIFE. Your family is the poor excuse Itavian needed to be a THUG and your family failed him. Going around blaming others for his short comings makes me sick to my stomach. My prayers to the innocent woman itavain shot . He got what he deserved useless worthless piece of $hit.

  • mh

    So he shot a female during an attempted robbery? Then tried robbing someone else and got shot? Sorry but he got what he deserved!

  • Jeff Rieger

    She’s absolutely correct…The system failed him! The system of FAMILY and PEERS…who teach and set examples of basic principles such as “Thou shalt not steal.” Stop playing the race card and start looking at home! The school system didn’t fail him…his education was free, it was up to family to teach him the values of education. Society didn’t make him assault and rob people, his family never instilled the premise of right and wrong. A proper Christian doesn’t go to services, praise God then walk outside and blame everyone else for their transgressions. A proper Christian is responsible for their own actions and teaches their family likewise. My family paid for my education. I have owned firearms for over 40 years. I finished school, I’ve never robbed or shot anyone. Why? Because my family instilled the proper Christian values in me.

  • Rachel

    Sorry don’t feel sorry for him. He shouldn’t have robbed and shot someone and then did it again, Karma is a real thing.


    “We`re dying out here. Our children are dying out here,” Well then. Where are the parents. Where is the leadership in the black community to stop these thugs. Maybe no parent. or just a baby momma with no family structure. thugs raising thugs.

  • Felicia

    I think this post is getting more comments for the following reasons: (1) Its the second or third stoey about this individual/incident, so the media andfamily are keeping it active. (2) There is no disagreement about the morality and consequences due to the pedophile. Everyone -black, white, green, turquoise- agrees he’s a POS and should be (at minimum) locked up. In this incident, however, people keep defending this guy’s character even after he seriously wounded a woman. (3) The issue Milwaukee faces with violence is widespread. More specifically, the violence perpatrated by juveniles associated with neighborhood gangs, has gotten so bad that it can happen anywhere to anyone. People are more likely to comment on something they see as a very possible imminent threat to themselves or loved ones.

  • Fred

    BTW, the educational system did not fail this kid. His parents did, whether or not he was a skilled athlete is irrelevant. They should have been his advocate and pressed forward to get him the help he needed. Too much emphasis on sports and not enough on academics is a major problem in this country. In regard to the shooting, well karma is rough. You can’t go around preying on people in an armed society, that is why it is so important to have an armed society. It became a game of Russian roulette and this time there was one in the chamber.

    • breeze

      Your right. My son is a student athlete and regardless of how well he plays the game academics come first and if his grades don’t matc

    • breeze

      I meant to say your right. My son is a student athlete and my focus with him is the academics over athletics. They both go hand in hand. If his grades are not where they need to be I don’t allow him to participate. There are no excuses for this young mans actions someone in his family knew he was slipping and they didn’t bother to help him.

  • Chris

    Lets blame the schools, blame the courts, blame everyone but the person who commits the crime. Hey..you want to point a gun at someone and strike fear into them, dont go crying to the NAACP, Al Sharpton and everyone except Santa Claus when the victim or someone else fights back and guns you down. If your willing to pull a gun and use it don’t be shocked when someone your robbing decides to do the same thing to protect themselves. One less burden on the tax payers and society as far as many are concerned.

  • diane

    Anyone who breaks the law. Regardless of the pigment of their skin…is a criminal….child molestation. ..robbery..murders…drug dealers. ..and on and on what makes this particular..article so outrageous…is the family defends his criminal behavior….and blames every one..but themselves.. typical

  • jimtx70

    Just to be clear, had he not been shot, he would not have come forward to admit to shooting his victim. Why does anyone think someone is going to step up and admit to shooting him?

  • Mel

    Do you guys not know how to read? She said the school system failed him educationally and didn’t prepare him on how to keep his scholarship. She did say that she doesn’t stand for what he did to the other woman. You reap what you sow. Her family member did a horrible thing, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t feel pain. They still loved him. She also said our children our out here dying. Which is true no matter what race you are. Our children are open to so much more violence than we were as children. We should all be worried about the children of this world instead of saying hateful remarks.

    • Fancy

      “Even if it is true, we don`t stand for violence as a family and we don`t support that happening, but we still also need to know who killed Itavian Belcher,” Alice Belcher said. Well the person that shot and killed lil Thug has a CCW permit and won’t be charged. His family should be hurt scholarships are hard to come by and obviously his family didn’t care enough for him to keep it. His family should’ve educated lil thug on the importance of the scholarship instead of running the streets.

  • Rondeaut

    It’s funny, people keep commenting using the word “race”.
    That’s exactly the reason why people cannot come together for a common goal. Get it right! We are all of the same freaking “Race”. The color of one’s skin does not make a race!

    As far as calling for gun control…that’s idiocy. It obvious that a gun saved the life of the second individual this punk tried to rob.

  • alex

    He got what he deserved.. nobody has any right to kill anyone for a quick dollar.. no matter what race, or gender. This is just crazy so many shootings, so any killings for young and old I am even scared to take my children to the park cause god only knows what will happen next. This just needs to stop

  • Dewey (@Slaytanic420)

    Wondering why it happened…it happened because you as a people never step up to the plate and raise your village….School didn’t fail..YOU FAILED HIM!! YOUR WHOLE FAMILY, Never cared enough to discipline him and this is what you get…maybe if Alice Belcher took some time to get off her high horse and teach someone instead preach to someone………The good lord ain’t gonna teach you how to be good person..you gotta want to be a good person. Another thug off the streets…how awesome is that!

  • Brandon Williams

    Its common sense he robbed somebody weeks before and end up shooting the lady he robbed they was looking for him and found him and pop him revenge y’all his street name is ttg tay (train to go TAY)

  • jas

    This is the circle of life. this is nature cleaning up its mistakes.

    good thing he’s dead, and good thing the lady is dead.
    keep it up, black people

    • soulobigdaddy

      You moderate my comments to no end, and you allow this??????????????????? SCREENSHOT…..keep up the good work

  • tell the truth

    He was a robber in the actof a crime..what ddont you understand?..he was shot because he was a criminal. .he robbed and injured people armed with a gun..family should have been more involved prior to him commit ing a felony crime (s)

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