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19-year-old from Oklahoma confesses to killing his mother, father and sister

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Alan Hruby

(CNN) — An Oklahoma teenager has confessed to killing his family last Thursday, October 9th.

The incident occurred in Duncan, south of Oklahoma City.

Duncan police say 19-year-old Alan Hruby admitted to shooting and killing his mother, father and 17-year-old sister.

The father, 50-year-old John Hruby, was a well-known Oklahoma newspaper publisher.

A housekeeper found the bodies and called police.

The motive for the murders isn’t known.

CLICK HERE for more on this story via FOX6’s sister station KFOR.


    • John

      To bad we don’t have gun control. Gun control would have prevented this! He wouldn’t have killed them if there weren’t any guns! Why can’t we just get rid of all guns and live in a place where no one has one, not even the police, military, Governement employees or security! The world was a much safer and sane place without guns!

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