CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Two men appear to try to shove another man off a moving train

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(CNN) — A stunning attack caught on video as two men appear to try to shove another man off a moving train. Baltimore’s MTA says it happened in July, but the video just surfaced. Now, officials are trying to get to the bottom of it.

The troubling cell phone video shows a vicious fight break out on a moving subway train in northwest Baltimore. A 51-year-old man fights off two young men, and at one point, one of them opens the doors on the moving train and tries to push him out.

It hit home for one MTA commuter, who has used the system for 10 years. She says she sees about one fight a month on her train from Owings Mills to downtown Baltimore.

“We won’t open our mouths, because we’re afraid for our lives. They pry the door open all the time while the train is in motion. It’s just chaotic, everyday. Totally off the chain, chaos,” the MTA rider said.

After initially declining to speak, the MTA agreed to an interview with CNN affiliate WJZ, where they said the attack wasn’t reported when it happened, and stressed felony crimes are down system-wide this year by 33 percent.

“There’s not an uptick in crime. There’s just a lot of media attention,” MTA Captain Kelly Holman said.

Captain Holman says MTA police are looking into whether any of their cameras captured the attack. Holman says the agency is increasing the police presence.

“We are having officers riding in plain clothes and uniform between metro and light rail, as well as our buses,” Holman said.

Meanwhile, the regular MTA rider worries it won’t last, and she says she’s fed up with the violence.

“Out of control. Totally out of control, and the MTA police need to do something. Next time, somebody may lose their life,” the MTA rider said.

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