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Dontre Hamilton’s family says officer’s firing is a step in the right direction, but they want more

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn announced on Wednesday, October 15th he has terminated the Milwaukee police officer who shot and killed 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park on April 30th. Family members and friends of Dontre Hamilton watched Chief Flynn's news conference through a live web stream at the Milwaukee Police Administration Building, and FOX6 News was there with them as the police officer's name was made public.

The Hamilton family says Wednesday's announcement that Officer Christopher Manney has been fired is bittersweet. They say they're happy the officer has been fired, but they say they want more to be done.

The Hamilton family is calling Wednesday's decision a step in the right direction, but they say they will not rest until criminal charges are brought against Manney.

"I signed an order terminating Christopher Manney from his employment with the Milwaukee Police Department," Chief Flynn said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

"Thank God. It's overwhelming at this point," Dontre Hamilton's mother, Maria Hamilton said.

Dontre Hamilton's family members listened as Chief Flynn announced the man who killed Hamilton has been fired. Not welcomed into the room, they were forced to watch the news conference from a phone.

"We're fighting for justice for Dontre and we're going to continue to fight," Maria Hamiltons aid.

For months, Dontre Hamilton's family and supporters have marched, demanding justice for Dontre. Finally on Wednesday -- a decision they're calling a step in the right direction.

"It's showing that Dontre shouldn't have been approached. He wasn't doing anything wrong. He didn't deserve to die," Hamilton's brother, Nathaniel Hamilton said.

The Hamilton family is calling Wednesday's decision one step toward their ultimate goal.

"Our grief is not eased at all because it's not done. We want justice for my brother. We want what's right to be done. We're still that desperate family looking for answers. We're still hurting," Nathaniel Hamilton said.

"It's a plus that he's fired, but he took a man's life and any other citizen would go to jail," Maria Hamilton said.

In addition to criminal charges, the Hamilton family wants evidence from that April day to be made public -- particularly, photos of the injuries Officer Manney sustained that day.

They say they will continue to march for justice. In fact, another demonstration is planned for Thursday, October 16th. The Hamilton family says they will now direct their demonstrations toward the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

City leaders were also quick to respond to the announcement that Officer Manney has been fired.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he supports Chief Flynn's decision.

"What I said to the Chief when I spoke to him is 'your obligation is to do what you think is right and do it in accordance to the law,' and I believe that's what Chief Flynn did," Mayor Barrett said.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan issued the following statement on this latest development:

“It’s been brought to my attention that the officer involved in the Red Arrow Park shooting has been or will soon be fired by the Milwaukee Police Department. If that is indeed the case, I am saddened and sickened by the way it seems some people are apparently playing politics. I find it hard to believe that, without looking over the report from the Wisconsin Department of Justice and without yet knowing the district attorney’s decision, Chief Flynn feels he has sufficient grounds at this point to fire this officer. Decisions like this need to be based on facts and should not be influenced by anything other than a thorough investigation. Although I too am frustrated with how long the process is taking, firing this officer now is unjust and unfair. Cooler heads need to prevail, and before decisions like this are made, we need to know what the investigation revealed. Even if the officer was guilty of these alleged rule violations, under normal circumstances they would never, be considered grounds for firing. To me, this entire matter reeks of politics.”

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    • REAGAN 84

      Amen Susan!!! I bet Flynn’s other buddy Hussein Obama called and told him what to do also. Flynn LIED,his decision HAD TO DO with Ferguson and it WAS political. Harold Breier must be turning in his grave. Breier was FAR superior as Chief. He didn’t care what the libertard media thought of him,he DID HIS JOB!!!!

      • R

        SOUL-How do you define the officer’s action as racist or murdering? Hamilton was passed out in the street. Possibly drunk, although I’m not certain of that. Starbucks called the police three times to check on him because of his behavior. The police were just responding to calls from the public, as is their job. There is no racism in this action.

        Now in the use of the word, “murdering”, Hamilton took the officer’s baton and was using it against the officer. This is as clear-cut self-defense as you can possibly get. I’m sorry you feel like proper police action against the black community is ALWAYS racist, but perhaps you should put less faith into your beliefs and more faith into clearing black culture of giving respect to criminal activity.

        If you know the consequences of your actions will result in negative police interaction, that is not racism.

      • soulobigdaddy

        Get your facts straight…The cops were called twice…both times it was decided by those officers that he wasn’t doing anything illegal. This third cop came on his own to flex his “athoritay” and show him who’s boss…he was not in the street he was in the park and I don’t believe for one second that he got his baton. You weren’t there, so all you can go by is that cops word. Pumping 14 bullets into someone at close range is not “proper police action” you puKE…obviously a lot of other people think the same, hence he was FIRED..

      • Bill Watts

        Sounds like you were there SBD, or your A COP. At what point was a racial comment made by the officer? Just because the subject is black, and the cop is white does not make it raciest, But I think we all understand how you think, you’re the raciest

      • soulobigdaddy

        was I there?…no…am I a cop?…definitely not…too much corruption!! am I a racist? NO!! racism angers every bone in my body. Do I know for a fact the cop was a racist? no, but since he wasn’t even called and went out of his way to come to the scene, then pumps FOURTEEN BULLET HOLES IN THAT MAN, I’d say he was a fu**ing racist

  • jones

    Flynn was just covering his own a $$. Firing the officer takes the pressure off of him . Put this into perspective. You will get fired from Mc Donalds If you for get to put pickles on a cheese burger. You did your job but was fired for a technicality. Served a coffee without the cardboard wrapper thing at starbucks. Fired. Picked up mail without putting the mailbox flag down . Fired. The officer was only protecting himself and others around him. Fired over a technicality.? Come on flynn.

  • diane

    So the truth is dontre did have a violent history source ccap..restraining..order. .public information. Truth be told. ..and sleeping on sidewalk is not normal…where was his family for him then….?

  • 2econd

    Its about time that Flynn gets fired. Maybe we should all start protesting, holding up traffic etc. until we gets what we want. Flynn your a joke!


    Who do they think they is to demands charges. Let’s charge them for neglect for leaving their son out to rot.

  • Melissa

    The Hamilton family is a joke! They had a restraining order against their kid. Look it up on CCAP. Flynn is a weak leader and a coward to stand up for his officers.

  • just an old person

    Shame on MPD! Hope officer files lawsuits against MPD, family of “victim”, health care professionals & care system all of whom were responsible for this young man being on street – laying on sidewalk vs being properly cared for.

  • richard cranium

    golly…. i wish mpd would gun down one of my annoying relatives that i don’t care about so i could sue them and get rich.

  • just an old person

    The firing of the officer has me reconsidering my planned move to living in the city. I am an urban gal & was looking forward to being in the city. Am concerned @ morale of pd& how this stupid decesion will impact effectiveness of same.


      Typical NON-working Gov leech mentality comment. So,Soulddaddy,again I ask like I have in the past,where is the OUTRAGE from you and the rest of the black community over ALL the daily URBAN crime that is so rampant? DON’T you and yours care if one of your own beats or kills one of your own, is that why? What if the officer had been black and the psychotic guy had been white,would the black community of even cared??? I doubt it because no money to you guys then.

    • R

      Look into the suburbs. Milwaukee is, overall, an awful city. Even the neighborhoods that used to be safe are questionable now. Taxes are too high, police response times are too slow, now they know they can’t even arrest an African American without racism being thrown in their face, not to mention the fact that a conviction can’t even get a prison sentence for repeat offenders; oh, and the drivers feel like traffic signs and lights are optional (if they can even read them in English at all). And the city has this genius habit of closing several roads for construction all at once in the same general area, with a rotating schedule that has no rhyme or reason. Not to mention the public schools are awful. On the plus side, you have summerfest and state fair. I guess if you like being surrounded by drunk idiots and waiting a half hour to use the bathroom, then it’s a plus. I suppose.

  • Brisls

    Why is it when the actions of a white person against a black person happen it’s racism, but when it’s black against white (flash mobs or the “slam game”) it’s not racism or a hate crime? If Dontre wasn’t a violent/mentally ill person, why wasn’t he living with his family? These family members weren’t there, they didn’t observe the situation and even if they had, would they still say the officer was wrong. If it was a black officer, would they still be protesting/demonstrating/disrupting this city/city hall, calling for jail time? I feel sorry for all officers who have to make split decisions of life or death. This situation has changed not only the Hamilton family but the Manney family as well.

  • whatawaste

    So when are we going to see jackson and sharpton show up to support the Hamilton cause. I figure it’ll take at least a $100 mil for them to show up. Nothing like standing up for a cause you believe in. NO MONEY, NO CAUSE.

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