Safety setbacks: Toyota, Lexus recall another 1.75 million cars

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HONG KONG (CNNMoney) — Toyota has issued three new recalls covering more than 1.75 million vehicles, the latest in a string of safety setbacks for the automaker.

The largest of the three recalls, which mostly covers vehicles sold in Japan, is needed to fix a problem in the brake systems of select Crown Majesta, Noah and Voxy models, the company said in an email. In some cases, brake performance could begin to gradually degrade if the problem is not fixed.

A second recall of 759,000 vehicles includes 423,000 Lexus models in the United States made between 2005 and 2010. The automaker is seeking to fix an issue with fuel delivery pipes that could increase the risk of a vehicle fire.

The third recall is restricted to 190,000 cars sold in Japan that may develop fuel leaks.

In all three cases, Toyota said it was not aware of any crashes, injuries, or fatalities that have resulted from the issues. Nearly two-thirds of the recalled vehicles were sold in Japan.

The new announcements will add substantially to Toyota’s total recall number for the year. The company has already issued recalls over software problems and faulty airbags.

Earlier this year, Toyota agreed to pay a $1.2 billion fine — the largest of its kind — to settle a criminal probe into its conduct during its unintended acceleration recall of more than 10 million cars four years ago.

Auto recalls have captured the public’s attention this year, especially in the U.S., where General Motors has come under fire for its handling of an ignition switch flaw tied to at least 23 deaths. GM has recalled more than 30 million vehicles so far in 2014.


  • Maggie Lin

    All vehicles have issues, many never come to light due to the media reporting. Many issues are in part how the owner uses the vehicle, everyone isn’t the same size and do everything in the same manner. These are factors in vehicles performance. Lawyers and media hype do not address the owners use, vehicle size choice, and people following owners manual suggestions, most people never read a owners manual, but blame the vehicle that has no brain then.

    Most people know Toyota is a standup company… Toyota makes some of the best automobiles in the world. They last forever, are incredibly safe, cheap to repair and maintain, cheaper to fill up at the gas tank than anything ($20 thanks to GasBuddy), only cost around $25/month to insure (thanks to Insurance Panda), and are simply pleasures to drive.

    People, the news media, and lawyers act like you should be able to walk through the world, not paying attention or reading warnings, if you get hurt it is the fault of someone else. Accidents happen more often when products are altered, misused, or improperly maintained. There is no such thing as 100% safe, safety has to be shared by the thinking person, not just other people or objects that have no brain, that’s you come equipped with a brain, if you choose to use it, eyes, ears, and other means of decision making for your travels.

    • Lone ranger

      Rusted frames on Toyota trucks is also another major problem for Toyota. Not a whole lot is said but it’s all over the internet they even have buy back programs and now the latest generation of Tacoma trucks have frames rusting through in just a few years! No manufacture is perfect and Toyota is far from it. I can’t remember any year where there have been more auto recalls then 2014, all the manufactures have just been hammered.

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