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Christopher Manney applied for duty disability retirement prior to being fired from MPD

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Christopher Manney, the Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot Dontre Hamilton, applied for duty disability retirement on Monday, October 13th -- just two days prior to being fired by the department.

"When he's terminated, he is immediately off the payroll," Michael Crivello, president of the Milwaukee Police Association said.

Christopher Manney is no longer employed by the Milwaukee Police Department, but he may qualify to receive checks from the city for years to come.

"I hope that the application is solidly in place. I want to say that it is," Crivello said.

Manney was fired from the Milwaukee Police Department on Wednesday, October 15th for his handling of Dontre Hamilton. 31-year-old Hamilton was shot and killed during a struggle that occurred with Manney at Red Arrow Park on April 30th.

Two days before his firing, FOX6 News has learned Manney applied for duty disability retirement.

In the application for duty disability, Manney said, "I was sent to an assignment as a police officer. I was violently attacked with fists & a weapon to my head & was forced to use deadly force & subject is deceased."

Manney also wrote on the application that this incident has left him with "debilitating mental health issues." He says he has not been "able to sleep for months." Manney says he has not been able to "think straight" and his mind goes blank.

In a letter to Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, Manney says he's been diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

Crivello says he and the Milwaukee Police Association support Manney's application.

"This officer cares. You can see what's happening to him now.  You can only imagine the trauma that an officer has to go through when the necessity of a situation forces him to use deadly force," Crivello said.

A city official tells FOX6 News a panel of doctors will review Manney's request for duty disability. If at least two doctors agree that Manney suffers from an emotional disability, he will receive 75% of his final average salary tax free as a disability pension benefit.

"That is an incredibly traumatic situation that an officer may be forced into. Obviously he was forced into that situation and let`s let time work this out," Crivello said.

FOX6 News is told the duty disability benefit, if approved for Manney, could last until he is eligible for full retirement. Manney would have to come in every year for an examination.

CLICK HERE to view Manney's application for duty disability

In firing Manney, Chief Flynn said his reason for doing so wasn’t Manney’s deadly use of force, but rather, the events leading up to it.

Chief Flynn said he has reviewed every aspect of this incident, and has found that Manney violated the values of the Milwaukee Police Department in his handling of Dontre Hamilton. Chief Flynn said Officer Manney showed no malice in his actions on that April day, but he says Manney made errors in judgement. Chief Flynn said when Manney arrived at the scene he should have immediately assessed Hamilton as an “emotionally disturbed person” and treated him as such — saying Manney’s unwarranted, out-of-policy pat down of Hamilton escalated the situation — leading to the necessary use of deadly force.

Manney has the right to appeal his termination. The head of Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission says he's not aware of an appeal that's been filed as of Thursday, October 16th.

Manney has 10 days to file his appeal if he chooses to do so.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office will make the decision regarding whether charges will be filed against Manney. FOX6 News spoke with Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm on Thursday about this pending decision.

"I understand people want as much information as they can possibly get as quickly as they can. My obligation is to allow independent experts to complete their review and then assess whatever they give me before I make my final decision one way or the other," Chisholm said.

Chisholm added his decision is completely independent from the Milwaukee Police Department's decision to fire Manney.

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  • Scott

    You guys are praising a man who was rightfully fired. Other officers were dispatched to the park on a call that a man was sleeping in the park. Why is that a reason to call the police? When did it become against the law to take a nap in the park in the afternoon? The other officers that responded ackowledged that no law was being broken and that he wasn’t in diress and let him go back to sleep. But the bully that you all cheer for , didn’t want to “cater” to the likes of his kind and instigated a situation that didn’t need to be. He did this with the confidence that he could use his service weapon, shooting him 14 times, and have the backing of all of you that think he did Milwaukee a service. You know who you are and you sicken me.

  • Lone ranger

    So white people can resist officers orders, take their Billy club and strike the officer in the neck and nothing will happen?

  • dianne

    read the legal response filed by the officer ..there are other5 cited encounters with dontre, also court records show restraingin order and harrassement filed by family in the past..why? perhaps they had concerns at one point in time also weith his violent behavior,,where was this family when he need a place to lay his head, medications or help to see a Dr? why didn’t they show concern and advocate for him then when he needed them just wonderibng

  • Jay Gunthre

    Having worn the uniform it is a sad day for all law enforcement officers. Chief Flinn should get out of the mayors office and spend some time on the street. A pat-down search is a STANDARD in law enforcement and taught at the academy as a safety related task. Both for the officer and the subject being temporarily detained. They are done daily. Does the public want officers now to run away and wait for additional officers, good luck. Mental illness or not a THREAT is a THREAT and the officer did in fact do exactly what he was trained to do. It is very unfortunate someone lost his life. But he made that decision not the officer. The officer responded to an imminent, his life, in accordance with his training and experience. It is clear the chief gave in to political pressure and foolish threats made by the family. I can’t see any officer having respect for a chief that puts his officers second.

  • UK Resident.

    FOURTEEN TIMES 14 TIMES 14 Times Fourteen Times fourteen times 14 x……..No it doesn’t matter how many different ways it is still twelve TOO MANY times. Do you realise how long it takes to fire this many bullets.

  • El gato

    Oh brother! Manney is really a scumbag! He was completely wrong in this case, and he should be tried for murder. He wants something for nothing…how about 20 years in Waupun? His action shows just what a loser he was, is, and ever shall be.

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