Was alcohol a factor? Milwaukee police investigating possible co-sleeping death of 11-week-old

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office is investigating the death of a child that occurred near N. 15th and Nash.

Milwaukee police say they were called out to the home around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 16th, after the 11-week-old baby’s mother found the child unresponsive in bed.

Police say their preliminary investigation has revealed the child’s mother and grandmother shared the bed with the baby at the time of his death.

Police say they believe alcohol may have been a contributing factor in the baby’s death.

Police are referring this case to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for possible charges.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office was set to perform an autopsy on the baby Thursday.


  • mr crowley

    Where is the outrage in the black community? Nobody cares since there will not be a payout to anyone. One less future welfare recepient in the future

    • taxpayer

      Tasabrown don’t even play stupid 99% of all co sleeping deaths are committed by blacks look it up it’s a fact!!! It’s obvious that these parents in the inner city are completely garbage. These kids don’t have a chance:(

  • stella

    Wow poor little guy was squished in between two grown woman that should have known better..so who gave the fatal roll over onto the NEWBORN? Mom or Grandma? Smh….

  • MHemp

    There is absolutely no reason for this. This is tantamount to murder. nothing more. I say that because every single hospital in our area asks the new mother whether or not they have an appropriate place for their newborn to sleep when they get home. If you answer no, I believe that you are offered some kind of voucher for a pack and play. At least that is how it used to be many years ago. I can’t see that changing, if anything they would enforce it more now that people are “killing” their children.

    • stella

      Yes Rocko, they can get free cribs and pack n plays for their babies if they don’t have one, but they don’t use them for the babies 1/2 the time..they use them as laundry hampers, toy boxes and a place to store unwanted stuff that should probably go into a dumpster rather than the crib/pack n plays..

  • Debbie Lou

    no I have never slept with my child or my grandchild or my great grand child..have more common sense than 2 intoxicated women sleeping together & smothering a poor, defenseless 2 mo. old baby..and as far as rude comments go…too bad…what does it take to understand you just shouldnt do this especially if youve been drinking

  • Marie

    How sad an innocent life lost, babies need to be placed in their own bed ( crib) when will the people that do this ever be charged? This has happened so much lately, no matter what the race, this needs to be stopped, you can cuddle with your baby sitting up, if the baby is crying make sure he has a clean diaper and is fed and let him fuss in his own bed, what a waste of an innocent life. : -(

  • What!

    Co-sleeping? Suuuurrrrreeeee it was. They figured out how to murder their kids and get away with it. There’s been a lot of this happening the last few years, something is not right.

  • JC

    You can’t fix stupid but our Mayor sure thinks he can. Charge the dumb female dog with murder and everyone after her and see how fast it stops.

  • butch

    Your TWO attempts at commenting show how stupid and uneducated blacl people are! Too lazy to learn how to speak and too lazy to get up and put a child in a crib!

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