Wisconsin Carry wants to change law & allow those with permits to carry firearms on school property

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MADISON (AP) — A gun rights group is renewing its effort to change Wisconsin law prohibiting firearms on school property.

Carrying a gun on school grounds is currently a felony. The organization Wisconsin Carry says parents and guardians who pick up their children at school should be allowed to carry a firearm if they have a permit.

Nik Clark is president of Wisconsin Carry. He tells Wisconsin Public Radio News (http://bit.ly/1yHkZum ) that nearly a-quarter million people have concealed carry permits in Wisconsin. And, if they forget to leave their gun at home they could be charged with a felony for driving onto school property.

Similar legislation failed last year. But, Clark says that’s because the bill included other items. He says the group will push for a more simplified version of the bill in the next session.


  • tim

    terrible idea. oh yeah lets people be able to legally walk around school grounds with little kids with an ak 47 smart idea NOT!!!

  • 2econd

    the second amendment CLEARLY states “SHALL NOT INFRINGE” why is this so hard for legislators to understand…

  • z

    I understand not allowing them in school but i would like to be able to carry mine when picking my kids up bad guys don’t care if there not allowed there hidden kids most likely will never know difference. everyone doesn’t want them around till there in danger then its to late…..

  • Felicia

    Scroll up a few stories and you’ll see a story about a man with a hatchet (and obvious mental illness) who entered a school before it opened for the day, and waited on the stage for the children to arrive. Just above that is the story about a student who made an anonymous shooting threat towards a high school in Delevan. Last week, there was a news report about two thieves who breached security (through the front doors) at Nicolet and Homestead High Schools. I have no problem with responsible, law abiding, properly trained citizens carrying on school property.

  • cynic

    Probably best to only allow criminals to bring guns to schools. That way the brainless unsubstantiated liberal fight against legal gun ownership can continue.

  • Felicia

    Im a mom. I live on the northside of Milwaukee, where armed robbery, car theft and murder have escalated beyond control. As a direct result of escalating crime, I will be obtaining a gun and concealed carry permit in order to protect myself and my children from very viable threats. I volunteer about once a week at my children’s school, which is located in the middle of two active neighborhood gangs. I know I will carry my gun while driving there. My quandry is what to do with it once I arrive. Under current law, I can’t take it in with me. However, leaving it in the car is risky, and almost irresponsible, since car thefts are so high in that area. One break in and the gangs would have yet another weapon. So thats the type of person who needs to take a gun into school with them. Now, maube you don’t live in the same high risk area I do, but thats how it is for me…a mom, just trying to keep her family safe.

  • Felicia

    You’re kidding, right? Guns are already in schools – at least in Milwaukee. Most schools do not have metal detectors and those that do still have side doors without alarms and nighttime/weekend recreation activities with people coming and going without significant monitoring. The neighborhood gangs have tons of guns, and you’re only fooling yoyrself if you think they arent carrying 100% of the time.

  • JC

    I believe it’s not about carrying IN a school as the intent is to be able to have it in your vehicle on school grounds. On your way home from work and you swing in to pick up your kids and you are a law biding citizen with a permit and a gun you have to go home first to drop the gun then go pick up your kids that’s it.

    • cynic

      This rational, free-thinking, mature adult seems to understand. The common mistake antis make is saying “Why do you need to take a gun to ______ ?” I don’t NEED to take a gun to the grocery store, or school, or church, or anywhere. It just so happens that I carry it all the time, and in the course of daily life I go many places. Some of them seem like unnecessary places to carry, others don’t. I don’t plan my day around the gun. I bring by debit card everywhere I go, not just when I know I’m going shopping. I wear a coat when it’s cold outside, even though I know I may go places where there’s heat and I won’t need it. It’s really simple, but then again so are the antis.

  • educated one

    Lets wait for ONE MORE MASS SHOOTING to happen before we need to consider this topic….
    MAYBE “then” the liberals will see the COMMON SENSE IN THIS BILL…OR NOT…
    Lets use the Constitution and the desire to eliminate Mass Shootings in GUN FREE ZONES and pass this BILL!

  • R

    “My kid has THE RIGHT to be on school grounds without guns.”

    I fail to see any kind of constitutional protection to be on a school ground without guns. Clearly you have no idea how rights work. Practically, tell one of these thugs in Milwaukee your kid has the RIGHT to be on a gun free school ground and they’ll laugh and probably shoot you. Welcome to liberal America. Clueless people take impractical decisions and force them upon the majority.

  • Z

    So you anti-gun dopes realize that conceal carry permit holders, like myself, are quite possibly the most law-abiding citizens out there right? Why are you so concerned about the legal law abiding citizens when its the gang bangers and other criminals who are doing the illegal activities? Maybe you should lobby to pass more laws. We all know how much criminals like to follow the law.

    Also, this has nothing to do with bringing the concealed firearm INTO a school building. Its about being able to carry on school grounds, like when a parent picks their child up at the end of the school day.

  • Ian Zhuckkahosee

    i used to carry a gun to school all the time after columbine and Virgina tech and and sandy hook elementary cause that don’t carry a concealed weapon on school property did nothing for them students that lost there life’s due to them gun men carry concealed weapons so why didn’t the law help them students so they could change the law as many times as they want there still going to be crazies that don’t care and go to schools and other places where people gather to shoot them up like in the past and if you was picking your kid up and a mad man with a gun is there just like sandy hook or columbine or Virgina tech maybe you’ll have a way to stop the mad man other wise just stand there and hope you or your child don’t get killed or even the sick Temple in cudahay where people went to worship is dangerous cause now a days you can’t go any here with out being afraid of mad man cause a person with a concealed weapon permit probably isn’t a bad man just some one that whats to protect them self’s in this violent city so I think if you have a permit you should be able to carry it where ever cause thats where the most mass shooting have been in the years past is at school thats the most dangerous place it seems now a days

  • Richard

    And my kid has the right to be at school, protected by a law abiding citizen with a gun! Your “right” doesn’t trump mine! And if I read the 2nd Amendment correctly, it is in favor of my right before yours. I work in LE and can tell you your kid is already around gang bangers that have guns with them. Guess you didn’t know that huh? I know plenty of citizens with CCW permits and I have no worries with them carrying on school property. If a person is going to bring a gun on school property with the intent to cause great bodiliy harm or death, they aren’t worried about having a permit to carry. Their a little more concerned about how much ammo they have and what is the best time of day to strike! By the way, you realize that I could organize a large group of CCW holders to stand directly across the street from a school, within the legal zone of carry by a school. When your kid crosses the street, they will walk right past them. What is your thought about that? And what is the difference if they walk past them across the street or on the school grounds!? Answer: Nothing! A law abiding CCW holder will not be a threat and your kid will not even know they are carrying. And guess what, neither will you! Stop wasting your time fighting the law abiding, and go attack the gang banging thugs who are doing all the shootings. One thing I have discovered about anti-gunners and anti-CCW indivinduals, is that a majority can’t legally obtain a permit or buy a gun. Mostly due to their criminal background or mental health history. So they don’t like the idea of others being able to do it. Either out of jealousy or the mentality of “if I can’t do it, neither should you”! I wonder where you stand with this!?

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