Two years later: Vigil to be held to honor victims of Azana Spa mass shooting

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BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- Tuesday, October 21st marks two years since a mass shooting at a Brookfield salon ended with 7 women shot, 3 killed. It's very fitting that the Sheraton in Brookfield is opening its doors to a vigil for a mass shooting. Nine years ago, there was a mass shooting at a church service inside a room at the hotel.

October 21st, 2012, marks the day a domestic violence situation between a wife and estranged husband went far beyond.

Radcliffe Haughton came into the Azana Salon and Spa where his wife Zina Daniel worked. He opened fire. She was one of the three women killed before he turned the gun on himself.

"I think the lesson of what happened at the spa, it really brought home what we know to be true is that this can impact anybody, anywhere at anytime," said Carmen Pitre, from the Sojourner Truth House.

Tuesday night, there will be a solemn vigil to remember the victims. Everyone touched by domestic violence is encouraged to come. Afterwards, counselors will be there to offer one-on-one private help to anyone who needs it.

"Anytime you have a conversation it's an opportunity to open a door for someone who might be trapped," said Pitre.

The brother of Zina Daniel spoke to FOX6 News from his home in Illinois. He recently testified before a congressional committee, urging universal criminal background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun -- even though he believes in the right to bear arms.

"I also believe that there are some people at some point in their lives they shouldn't own a gun," said Elvin Daniel.

The Daniel family says it's been a difficult two years, but they believe Zina has become a symbol of strength for domestic violence victims.

"She's a shining star up there. I'm sure she's looking down at what we're doing, and I'm sure she's proud of it," said Elvin.

Elvin Daniel believes if there were universal background checks, Zina might be alive today.

The Women's Center in Racine is helping to organize the event. Several of the victims are from that area.


  • 2econd

    “The brother of Zina Daniel spoke to FOX6 News from his home in Illinois. He recently testified before a congressional committee, urging universal criminal background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun” I’m not sure I understand where this is coming from considering that there are already laws requiring background checks. Lets look at the real problem. NICS checks that really aren’t followed thru on, and the fact that liberal judges aren’t locking up criminals for killing people. AGAIN, criminals do not care about the da mn gun laws! They will get their hands on a gun illegally, usually by stealing it from a LEGAL gun owner.

    • Tonya

      They are referring to background checks for private sales. Currently, those are not required. The Azana Spa shooter purchased his gun in a private sale the day before the shooting. That said, he could just as easily have stolen one. We know he knew at least one gun owner – Zinas brother Elvin. Its very likely that he knew more.

  • Tonya

    Before giving my opinion, I want to explain that I am a domestic violence survivor.I understand what I means to fear that someone will find and kill me. I understand how it feels to feel like these might be your last moments of air, of life. That said, umiversal background checks will NEVER keep an obsessed abuser from obtaining gun. It would probably make it more difficult, but not impossible to the point of prevention. An obsessed abuser is likely one or two connections away from obtaining a gun illegally – through either purchase or theft. While I understand her brothers desire to find purpise in loss, I disagree with the pursuit of additional laws, or thatthey would have prevented this situation. Delayed perhaps, but not prevented. In addition, it saddens me that these vigils always devolve into gun discussions. As a survivor, the most important and only focus should be the support of those who need help to be safe and become strong again.

  • cynic

    And yet they still probably have a sign on the door that says no guns even though it clearly failed the first time. Lesson: be able to protect yourself. Azana has chosen NOT to let their employees do so.

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