Governor’s race: Timing of John Doe documents release questioned

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee County released a third round of John Doe documents on Tuesday, October 21st. This time, it's not necessarily what's inside the 16,000 pages of emails and attachments -- it's the timing that has people talking. Some say the release of the documents is politically motivated.

"The fact that these emails are coming out right now at a time when its two weeks before the election, I think is pretty clear that this is political," said Gov. Scott Walker. "And my hope would be that voters on the bubble would understand and see it for what it is -- which is raw politics on behalf of my opposition."

Republicans are also questioning who's behind the release of the documents -- zeroing in on Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin said in a statement:

"Since Chris Abele has given Mary Burke the maximum amount of money allowed under law, he had to find another way to contribute to Burke's campaign. Voters deserve answers from Abele after this slimy political stunt."

County Executive Abele says in no way was this a political move. He says he is just following the judge's order to release the documents.

"I had nothing to with it. I'm not a lawyer, I'm not qualified to determine what's privileged," said Chris Abele.

Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke says she's never discussed the release of documents with Abele -- and says the timing of her latest ad was not based around this release.

"The timing is about that people when they go to polls need to consider Gov. Walker`s entire record over the last four years, when looking at the next four years. And part of that not only is it a lagging economy and historic cuts to education, but certainly the scandal around his administration," said Burke.

In response to the release of the John Doe documents, the Republican Party has filed an open records request with Chris Abele's office. They're asking for all written and electronic communication to and from the county executive's office -- as well as phone records -- and the official calendar of the county executive from April 5, 2011 through October 20, 2014.


    • Maria

      Ok Alexis, I will try, but I doubt you will listen. I work for a company that works with more than 1000 other companies in Wisconsin providing various types of support. If Wisconsin companies don’t do well, we don’t do well. Four years ago we were in a layoff situation with mandatory unpaid time off for the people who were still here. It was very bleak. Things started to turn around once Walker was elected. Then, it stalled again during the recall. Businesses wanted to see what would happen. Since the recall, we have hired 30-40 new people and are so busy that we are still looking to hire more. Businesses are doing well, are investing in their people and are hiring like crazy. When I get the opportunity to ask the senior level managers what changed, they say that the climate for business in Wisconsin is so much better since Walker took office. I hear this from liberal and conservative companies alike. Also…many of my liberal friends have admitted that they think Mary Burke is a HORRIBLE candidate, but they are voting for her because they hate Scott Walker. Doesn’t sound like a good reason to me….Mary Burke is just another Obama….completely unqualified and doesn’t like to work hard.

  • Steve timple

    Is the Scott Walker recall petition signer Paul Bargren who lived on Church St in Wauwatosa the same person as Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel Paul Bargren who coordinated today’s document dump with Chris Abele and the Burke campaign?

  • Steve timple

    Either you’re one of the worst conservatives ever, or one of the dumbest liars. Either way, you perfectly exemplify the dishonesty and ignorance of a typical liberal.

    • Had enough

      Don’t forget being unemployed for 7 years, taking a snow board sabbatical to find herself, continuous promotion of herself as a “business executive” without actually reminding people she didn’t that for about 3 years and as commerce secretary, she put together a fraudulent land deal in Kenosha wiphich is now costing the state 12 MILLION dollars.

  • Typical Liberal

    Is this issue of nothing ever going to go away? Governor Walker should have have pulled a Lois Lerner (except she’s a guilty liberal and the Governor is a victim of yet another bias liberal media witch hunt).


    Democrats destroyed Detroit along with their unionista friends. Vote for Walker so we can save democrats from themselves.

  • get real

    When does the extremely over funded Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office open a Secret John Doe Investigation looking into the millions of dollars missing from the State Transportation Fund and the Physicians Malpractice Fund when Diamond Jim Doyle and Mary Burke were in office?

  • REAGAN 84

    Of course it’s political. Liberals are Satan’s disciples,they would throw Jesus down the river for political gain.

  • Maria

    Fascinating….I replied to Alexis who was crowing for Mary Burke, answered her question, and all of a sudden all of her comments disappeared. She must not be able to deal with a straight-forward, sensible answer to why I am voting for Scott Walker.
    I wonder if there will be a John Doe probe into how Mary Burke’s campaign knew when the e-mails would be released so she could have her ad ready. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Ubiquitous King

    Who would have known to crooked political figures would receive so much attention from the victims they scam. Debating politics in this country is for the cognitively challenged. I often wonder how people become so vehemently opposed to members of what they consider is the opposing party based off of vague rhetoric spewed by corporate backed manipulators. Don’t you sheep know that the only two parties in this country is the working poor and the wealthy. Giving trinkets to the sheep to keep them pacified while they rob you of your ability to apply logic to your thoughts. A Democrat making 250k or more makes no sense as does an union member who votes Republican. People complain about property taxes but get mad when they are reduced and it minimizes services. Let’s face it, Americans are very adamant about passing judgment while being completely ignorant of what their judging. You all can’t help it you were conditioned into dumb.

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