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John Doe probe: Thousands of Walker-related emails released

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Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON (AP) — Thousands of emails prosecutors collected during the first secret investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s former aides and associates when he was county executive have been released.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s office on Tuesday made public the nearly 16,000 emails and attachments that prosecutors seized from county and personal computers.

The investigation ended in 2013 with six of Walker’s aides and associates convicted on charges ranging from theft to misconduct in office.

Walker wasn’t charged, although prosecutors launched a second secret investigation in 2012 focusing on whether his campaign illegally coordinated with conservative groups.

Walker questioned the timing of the release, which comes two weeks before he faces Democrat Mary Burke. A judge in May ordered the documents released and county attorneys have been reviewing them ever since.


  • Typical Liberal

    Is this issue of nothing ever going to go away? Governor Walker should have have pulled a Lois Lerner (except she’s a guilty liberal and the Governor is a victim of yet another bias liberal media witch hunt).

  • get real

    After the extremely over funded Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars investigating Governor Walker, we can all be certain he must be the most honest politician in the history of this state.
    When does the Secret John Doe start for Diamond Jim Doyle and Mary Burke ? Under their “leadership” millions of taxpayer dollars came up missing from the Transportation Fund and the Physicians Malpractice Fund.

  • Tim

    Why is the Walker story being buried so to speak. After reading some of the emails it seems evident that Walker was knowledgeable about the illegal activities going on in his office. Is any legal action forthcoming? Wisconsin voters need to be informed…be impartial as news should be crack the story open its what we expect fr our local news agencies.

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