Medical Examiner: HPV vaccine did not cause death of 12-year-old Waukesha girl

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WAUKESHA (WITI) -- The Wauksha County Medical Examiner's Office ruled Wednesday, October 22nd that a HPV vaccine was not the cause of death for a 12-year-old Waukesha girl.  Meredith Prohaska died on July 30th, hours after a trip to the doctor.

According the medical examiner, Meredith Prohaska's death was caused by a toxic level of an ingredient commonly found in benadryl.

"There is no evidence that any vaccination caused or contributed to her death," the Waukesha County Medical Examiner's Office said.

Meredith Prohaska was an active, fun-loving 12-year-old girl one minute. A few hours later — she was unresponsive on the floor. In between that time, there was a trip to the doctor.

Rebecca Prohaska took her daughter to the doctor for a sore throat on July 30th. While they were there…

“She got her first HPV vaccine at around 10:30, 11 o’clock that morning,” Rebecca Prohaska said.

At some point, Rebecca Prohaska says she remembers getting a handout about possible side effects.

“Thirty minutes later she was trying to sleep. I kept waking her up,” Rebecca Prohaska said.

By 3:30 that afternoon, Rebecca Prohaska went out for a half-hour to get food.

“I came back and I found her on the floor,” Rebecca Prohaska said.

Rebecca Prohaska — a 14-year veteran EMT for the National Guard, performed CPR after calling 911.

Meredith Prohaska was pronounced dead at the hospital. No one could say why.

Rebecca Prohaska did not want to go on camera Wednesday, but is not agreeing with the report. She wants further investigation into Meredith's allergies and potential reactions.

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  • Tonya

    That’s nice information, but I’m still not giving my daughter a vaccine that hassuch a small of testing completed and was pushed through the approval process by politicians with their own agendas.

  • sktrjksn

    If I was the parents I would be demanding a private forensic autopsy. This smells like a cover-up by the medical examiner. How much was he paid by Gardasil to ensure they were not at fault?

  • Gina Alwardt

    For those of you wondering: diphenhydramine is more commonly known as Benadryl. The mom said her daughter was trying to sleep. Benadryl is often used as a sleep aid. It was probably an accidental overdose because the girl didn’t know how much to take. I’ve had the HPV vaccinations and so have all of the young women I know. None of us have had side effects other than a little swelling. Which is normal with any vaccine.

    • R

      This message brought to you by government healthcare! “Get your vaccines, our profit won’t make itself. Seriously, otherwise we’ll mandate it.”

      • Lou Nunzio Loizides

        So… in your tin foil hat conspiracy theory the insurance companies paying for the vaccines are somehow profiting from it? You do realize that the reason most vaccines are free with insurance is because they actually do prevent more costly diseases (like in this case cancer).

    • skfaust

      On that note – individuals need to be aware that diphenhydramine is not only contained in Benadryl and other types of antihistamine products, but is also the main ingredient in many OTC sleep aids. It is very possible for people to use one of the sleep aids AND Benadryl at the same time, not realizing they are the same ingredient. Read labels and directions and instruct your children to always do the same,

      • zoedak

        Gmafb. Benedryl is often prescribed up to 150mg daily depending on its’ intended purpose. In OVERDOSE an altered level of consciousness accompanied by delirium lasting for many hours or days can ensue. Dropping dead in the middle of the day and suddenly with a brief onset is not part of the picture. Since 2005 there have been 51 near deaths or deaths related to the hpv vaccine program in the United States- maybe more but since I searched the VAERS database directly I may have missed some. And this “dangerous” cancer is nothing more than propaganda. The “vaccination” for cervical cancer is regular PAP smears. In either words this slow growing abnormal cell cluster is easily monitored and if necessary treated over a long period to time.. Period. End of story. This shot improves the health of the drug company and indirectly the US government in the form of $$$ . It is unnecessary for young boys and girls to be given it..

  • reissd

    It’s good to have this information, as a counter to the unsupported claims that it was the vaccine – claims that had no basis to start with.
    HPV infections cause tens of thousands of cancers and thousands of deaths each year. Falsely blaming deaths on the vaccine can directly lead parents to refuse to protect their children against this dangerous, cancer-causing virus.

  • Lynn

    Don’t vaccinate your children unless you are vaccine educated. I have 5 daughters and I would never allow them to get the HPV vaccine. I agree with the comment that SKTRJKSN.

      • ravensarahoneybadger

        Lynn & SKTRJKSN, stick to your convictions. The risks with this vaccine are too high for the limited benefit it offers. True believers and trolls can be injected to their hearts content – and leave the rest of us alone. I have a family member who began having seizures days after her last shot -she didn’t want the vaccine, but was forced by her mom. The seizures got
        so bad, she lost her college sports scholarship, driver’s license, and had to change her career path. Those who want to pay to be the guinea pigs for this are welcome. Those who choose to pay to be voluntary test subjects should not be so insecure in their convictions as to have to mock those who want to wait until there is a bigger body of evidence of how this vaccine will perform over a longer period of time.

  • Aquilus Domini

    If it was caused by an ingredient found in benadryl, the child probably was given benadryl at some point during the day either before the doctor visit or after. All you conspiracy theorists need to take off the tin foil hats. The real world is a lot more interesting and dangerous than the conspiracies you rant on about. My own boyfriend was given benadryl when he had chickenpox as a child and had to be rushed to the hospital for an allergic reaction to the benadryl. It is entirely possible that this child had taken the benadryl prior to going to the doctor (sore throat symptom can indicate a benadryl reaction). The HPV vaccine doesn’t contain the same ingredients as benadryl. My niece received the HPV vaccine and was just fine, thousands upon thousands of girls and boys have received the HPV vaccine and have been just fine. This news station doesn’t help matters by fear mongering the conspiracy cultists into believing there may be a conspiracy. This article reads like Mike Adams wrote it.

  • Amy

    My daughter went for her first HPV Vaccine at 16-going directly to work afterward. I received a call an hour after the vaccine to come get her, she was dizzy, passing out, could not see – her vision going from tunnel vision to blurry to a complete inability to see anything at all. She lost consciousness for several minutes completely. After a visit to the ER it was noticed her pulse was extremely slowed and her blood pressure way off. She had been healthy up until that single Gardasil vaccine. She has had some symptoms since but luckily, the effects wore off and most symptoms dissipated. Needless to say, she did not go for her other two HPV vaccines Does the HPV vaccine prevent certain cancers? NO; it is NOT proven to do so. Out of the hundreds of types of HPV that can infect someone, only 2 have been known to ‘possibly’ cause cancer. Chances one will become infected with these few types are very slim-and it is not even proven to cause cancer. The money that is made by the pharma industries is in the billions annually; most going into the pockets of the top of the pyramid in those industries. I could go on; but it is a fact that the pharma. industry makes vast amounts of money off of these vaccines at the cost of our children’s health and sometimes their lives. I am so sorry for this child and the parents and family, It’s about the money; NOT about any sense of responsibility for our health or wellbeing. The sooner people wake up and realize this The more lives can be saved.

  • couragemama

    Where did the Benadryl come into play? They only mention it once, I am confused that they didn’t give more info on that part. God rest her soul and prayers for her suffering parents.

  • TessaC

    And you just trust 1 medical examiner. Any background check on the official? Who funds the medical examiner’s projects? This girl dies suddenly…..toxic levels of benedryl, indeed. Let us ask the medical examiner if he would have his granddaughter take the vaccine…so many doctors have said they would never give their own children vaccines. Then there are those who have access to vaccines without toxic adjuvants.

    • reissd

      Please provide evidence that many doctors said thy would never give their own children vaccines. All the ones that I know do, in fact, protect their children against disease.

      The medical examiner states the evidence. And the evidence is that it was not the vaccine that killed the poor child.

    • reissd

      No. This one, for example, drowned. VAERS #379570: “…patient accidentally fell in open well (granite quarry filled with water), drowned and expired. This event occurred 49 days of receiving first dose of GARDASIL.”

      There’s no good evidence any deaths were actually caused by the vaccine. VAERS reports only show someone submitted a report.

  • saspin

    Trolls all over these comments. So funny how they still think they are not noticeable and the common person is so stupid that they won’t recognize they are a troll. Yes I’m looking at you LEFTRIGHTCONFUSED, ASTORIA REGO, ZAN and I’m sure there are many more of you on this post trying desperately to protect big pharma.

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