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Milwaukee Police Association will take ‘no confidence’ vote

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Members of the Milwaukee Police Association are saying they've lost faith in the police chief. This all comes after a Milwaukee Police Officer was fired for the events leading up to a deadly shooting in Red Arrow Park.

1,600 members of the Milwaukee Police Association will take a 'no confidence' vote next week. It is not binding, but the Milwaukee Police Association President says it sends a very strong message.

It's a big vote, with a strong statement.

"The membership has mandated it. It's not something that we take lightly. The membership's morale has been at a breaking point for a very long time," said MPA President, Mike Crivello.

Next Thursday, October 30th, 1,600 members of the MPA will decide whether they have confidence in Chief Ed Flynn.

"Their voices will be united and they will deliver a no confidence vote on this chief," said Crivello.

The vote comes after Chief Flynn fired Officer Christopher Manney for the events leading up to a shooting in Red Arrow Park. It left Dontre Hamilton dead.

"Going hands-on with a patdown that was not justified by reasonable suspicion resulted in the confrontation," said Milwaukee Police Chief, Ed Flynn.

"He didn't cause that situation, the individual that he encountered caused that situation," said Crivello.

"We've got training protocols that guide our approach to people who are apparently mentally ill," said Flynn.

"This last incident of this unjust termination of our officer has broke that morale," said Crivello.

In a statement, Chief Flynn said:

“The moment a chief decides to worry more about his popularity with his officers than doing the right thing he has become ineffective as a chief. The union has the same right to express their displeasure with my decisions as any other group.”

The decision will be handed over to city leaders next Friday, October 31st.

Mayor Tom Barrett released this statement in regards to the 'no confidence' vote:

"I am very disappointed with the leadership of the Milwaukee Police Association.  At a time when the citizens of Milwaukee are dealing with the aftermath of the Red Arrow Park shooting, the MPA leadership continues to stoke a political fire. The brave men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department and the citizens of the Milwaukee deserve better."


  • Lone ranger

    Time to let Sheriff Clark take over and command order in this city!!!! Since when does a Police dept make a decision in fear of the reaction of it’s citizens to the handling of a case? Nobody will grab a officers baton and attack an authority PERIOD!!!! You will be held accountable for those types of actions!! Whether your White, Mexican, Black or whatever. When an officer tells you to do something you will do it!!!!!! You will Respect the Police and you will say yes sir or yes mam to that officer.

    • Richard

      I agree that this individual caused his own death, but be careful, your thought process could allow for police abuse of authority and a police state of affairs. Respect is earned, not automatically given! However responsibility is automatic when you are given that shield, weapon and power. Anyone can TRY to be a cop or even a Marine, but not EVERYONE will be! Nor will everyone who puts on these uniforms be good at the job! This is my humble opinion, and I just happen to have been both and have seen the best of servicemen and the worst, in both fields. Some people have no business being on the job or in the service. The saying, “there is a fine line between good guy and bad guy”, is very true. And that line can be VERY thin! By the way, Sheriff Clarke is outstanding!

  • Jesse

    This decision by the Chief and the Mayor is ENTIRELY political and Officer Manney is a scape goat so that they do not have to face anger from family members and a potential Ferguson. Anyone can see right through their smoke screen and they should both be ashamed for their actions.

  • R

    The entire firing is to stop riots in Milwaukee from a group of people who cannot accept that they are responsible for their actions and the consequences of those actions. What chirping monkeys like Tom Barrett and Chris Abele don’t understand is the more you try to pacify people who cannot accept responsibility for their own behavior, the worse the situation will be.

    And now Dontre Hamilton’s family is upset? Yeah well, he was sleeping in the street because they had a restraining order against him, like his girlfriend/baby momma had a restraining order against him for domestic violence. Don’t double down on stupid.

  • 2econd

    when it goes as far as a vote like this, which is extremely serious to get to this point, if there is an overwhelming no confident votes, Flynn should be immediately fired. If Barrett doesn’t back that decision he should be removed from office immediately as well. Milwaukee has NO confidence in either anymore anyways.

  • Chris Multerer

    Barrett says “the brave men and women officers, and the citizens of Milwaukee deserve better”. They do. Thats why I hope Bob Donovan is elected mayor. He’s not a liberal a$$ kisser. I am so glad I don’t live in that God forsaken town anymore.

  • MadCityGuy

    Immediately follow that vote up with a no confidence vote for Mayor Barrett, followed by a no confidence vote for John Chisholm. MKE is as corrupt and inept as the entirety of Illinois. It’s too bad the election is looking to the governors race to continually talk about planning for the ineptitude of the Milwaukee city/county leadership.

  • Deshon10

    So what about the low morale of the citizens that the police are supposed to protect. Man please! Get a clue! A lot more of police officers should have been handled the same way….a long time ago.

    • diane

      You respect the law you can always file a complaint, you don’t sleep on a public do not assault an officer of the law regardless of how you feel about officers.. and families shouldn’t pretaend they care after the fact when they didn’t care when they should have..where were they when he needed a place to stay, medications and love..only when they can see $$$ and medic a attention and contre was and had a violent history read the CCAP it is public knowledge,,

    • diane

      so what about these people for the most part police aren’t respected.. and they put their lives o n the line everyday..

  • get real

    Milwaukee is more and more a place people are fleeing from . Why would anyone live there if you are not forced to.
    This decision by the Chief and the Mayor are pure politics and not helpful. They both should have backed the officer and stood for law and order.
    Milwaukee is in desperate need for competent, strong leadership.
    The cops are now being expected to be clairvoyant. Good luck on that !

    • Jagdpanther

      Right. What are Barrett and Flynn going to do when Milw County’s tax base – the people who actually pay taxes, work, and obey the law – all move out to surrounding counties?

      • grunt

        Flynn will be long gone by then.
        Mayor Tom just might do the same as John Nordquist, who claimed to have lived at 26th & Scott, had sexual relations with that woman Marilyn Figueroa, and flee the city after he tried to screw all of us.

  • Bob

    Poor babies are crying when justice is finally served. Poor Manney is now having “Debilitating Mental Health Issues”. Suck it up Manney. “He could get 75% of his final average salary tax-free as a disability pension benefit until he is eligible for full retirement.” The Chief stalled long enough to allow him to file for disability. Officer Manney is set for life if he doesn’t get his job back. It is too bad the police union wasn’t included in Walker’s union busting. What makes police more special than teachers? Too many boot lickers here. FTP

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