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Former President Bill Clinton energizes voters for Mary Burke in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Former President Bill Clinton is back on the campaign trail, and back on in Milwaukee -- this time stumping for Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke.

Sharing a stage with Burke on Friday, October 24th, former President Bill Clinton told Wisconsin voters, Mary Burke could lead the state to a better economy.

"If you look at who is best qualified to do that, this is not a hard decision," said Clinton.

Clinton said the Wisconsin race is drawing national scrutiny.

"The whole country is watching this race because her opponent got a lot of headlines the last four years all related to conflict. She didn't make so many headlines the last four years all related to conflict. She didn't make so many headlines because in her business and her public service she's all about cooperation," Clinton said.

The former president never mentioned Scott Walker by name, but Burke did.

"Governor Walker says we don't have a jobs problem -- he's wrong. He's dead wrong," said Burke.

Walker says Clinton brings star power, but star power isn't on the ballot.

"In the end it's going to be my name and hers on the ballot. I don't think people are going to cast their ballot by who is here.  What I think it shows is they're really focusing on Madison and Milwaukee because that's where they need to turn the vote out," Walker said.

The governor spent the day campaigning in the Green Bay area, a region he feels is critical to his re-election.

"I think this area is going to help me make up for the votes that are going to come out of Madison. Madison voters are very much driven by anger over the things we've done over the last four years. We've got people here who love the reforms we've done. Traditionally, anger often outperforms love," said Walker.

But in Milwaukee, a crown of 900 people packed at Hyatt hotel ballroom.

"What you really have to do in this election is define what you think a governor is supposed to do. You're 50,000 jobs behind where the country now is. You had the slowest job growth rate in the Middle West, of ten states, and it doesn't make any sense," said Clinton.

The 42nd president of the United States, working the rope line and energizing voters, he is also trying to increase turnout in the city of Milwaukee.


  • Cayla

    I refuse to elect a governor who has never, for even one day, known what it is like work hard for the basics of life. This woman has had everything handed to her her entire life. Her familys wealth and reputation bought her every opportunity and experience she has had. What I am most concerned about is that she hasnt disclosed her net worth. Either it is so high that people will realize that she’s just another rich white lady completely disconnected from the massesx or so low it will reveal incompetence in wealth management.

  • Liberty

    She is going to be a puppet of all the outside big guns supporting her. They need to stop Walker so his changes supporting the taxpayer goes no further. She said herself at an interview that she will reverse everything that Walker has done in Wisconsin. If you don’t pay taxes you shouldn’t be allowed to vote as to where the tax money goes. That is like somebody coming into your home and telling you where your budget will be spent.


    Walker has done wonders for this state. Stopping the liberal cho cho that would waste taxpayer dollars. ACT 10 that decimated the unions that forced schools to deduct dues from paychecks to further the unionistas own job destroying agenda. Don’t listen to the liberal left agenda and the mainstream media. If you voted Democrat in the past, time vote Republican in the great state of Wisconsin where the same party was founded. Don’t confuse Democrats with Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic and lately someone has been doing some bypassing the “Constitional part”.

  • Richard

    If she gets elected, she will destroy WI! Wonder where the NRA is with all of this? Haven’t heard boo from them! She has already stated that one of her first changes will be increased gun contol and eliminating Concealed Carry in WI. She doesn’t believe anyone should carry a gun outside of the police and the military.

  • grunt

    Will Clinton bring his war on women to the Mary Burke campaign? Apparently sexual harassment is allowed if you are a lefty.

  • get real

    This is a joke right ? What happened to “the war on women ?” Parents beware, lock up your daughters for their own safety ! The predator is on the loose.
    How desperate is this woman that she would stoop to this ?
    Get out the blue dress Mary.

  • Semper Fidelis

    Fox news needs to let people comment freely, if you write something that Fox 6 doesn’t like they delete your post, STOP being so liberal……OK Please.

    • Liberty

      Don’t worry just drink the kool-aide it will be fine. In fact some people are calling Burke the drink the kool-aide leader.

  • Sheila Moyet

    “The whole country is watching this race because her opponent got a lot of headlines the last four years all related to conflict.” Clinton has a lot of nerve talking about Walkers bad publicity considering HIS headlines when he was in office (Monica). Now this is the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t like this type of politics.

    • maroon

      Don’t forget Whitewater, Travelgate, Hillary’s horrible health care plan, and people dying mysteriously, or refusing to testify. How about all Clinton’s pardons? Marc Rich for one.

  • kepguy

    With labor endorsed Burke appearing with former President Bill Clinton, doesn’t anyone remember labor endorsed Bill Clinton signing NAFTA into law on Dec 8, 1993 which subsequently led to the loss of between 700,000 and 880,000 good paying jobs (per union resources)? It sounds like LABOR really has their act together. Bill Clinton, the real job creator!

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