Man calls Hannah Graham tip line after sighting ’20-30 buzzards’ on abandoned property

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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CNN) — Landscaper Bobby Pugh was driving to a job site on September 30th when he spotted an unusual amount of buzzards on an abandoned piece of property.

“There was buzzards on the rooftop. As well as in a tree on the back left corner of the property. Not a normal amount. 20 or 30 at least,” Pugh said.

Pugh, shaken by he saw, decided he needed to do something.

“About an hour later, in the back of my head, I was like, you know, I need to make a call,” Pugh said.

It was 18 days later that volunteers followed up. While deputies were scouring the property on Old Lynchburg Road, the discovered human remains.

“I wish it would have happened faster, but it couldn’t. They were getting up to 200 to 300 tips a day. My tip couldn’t be the one on top,” Pugh said.

The body was so badly decomposed the state medical examiner is still trying to positively confirm that it’s 18-year-old Hannah Graham.

Police believe Graham was abducted from Charlottesville’s downtown mall by Jesse Matthew, while she wandered lost looking for friends.

Pugh has a young daughter, he’s a softball coach and he’s heartbroken by what happened to Hannah Graham.

“She didn’t belong there. That’s not the way that she needed to leave. That’s not the way anyone should be left,” Pugh said.

Pugh is hoping there is enough evidence left to convict whoever committed the crime, and he hopes the case keeps all of us more alert.

Police say Hannah Graham’s case is now a death investigation.

Jesse Matthew is in custody, charged with her kidnapping.


  • mar

    It is sad tha it took 20 more days to find the remains, making it difficult to find evidence. But my hope is, forensic technology was able to find out what happend and who didi it in Morgan’s case. I am so sorry and saddend for these girls. What makes this case so bad is that a caculating guy doing such a heineous crime and lives his life as if nothing has happened!!!!! This is scary! He has no conciene, no respect for humanbeins an no decency, to atleast respec Hanna and her parents to give her a decent burial. How cansomeone be this evil!! May justice prevail!

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