“The more you are prepared, the better:” What to do in an active shooter situation

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Following the Washington state high school shooting that happened on Friday, October 24th, law enforcement closer to home prepares for those types of shooting situations constantly.

Law enforcement says this training is as important as a tornado or fire drill. Teaching not just police officers what to do, but those working inside the schools.

"You don't want these situations to happen," said Brian Dorow, Waukesha County Technical College criminal justice dean.

They are nightmare scenarios that have become all to common.

"Certainly, not in an area we send our children to learn," said Dorow.

Each time one occurs...

"I monitor every one of these throughout the United States," said Dorow.

Brian Dorow is notified.

"Sadness is the first emotion and then in my line of work, I go into preparation," Dorow said.

The Criminal Justice Dean at Waukesha County Technical College says though they are tragic, every active assailant situation is motivation for more training.

In the past Dorow has taught first responders, and those working inside the schools.

"About 60% of these incidents throughout the last decade or so, end before law enforcement even gets there," said Dorow.

That means training those who never thought they'd be on the front lines, preparing them to stop a shooter.

"Run if you can, if that's not a possibility, hide under the table, hide in a closet remain silent and ultimately, we're training. If you're confronted with a situation and it is imminent, you need to fight," said Dorow.

Knowing what to do, when a nightmare becomes a reality.

"The more you are prepared, the better you will handle a situation," said Dorow.

Dorow points out there is a lesson in all of this, if anyone notices signs or something that's just not right, be sure to tell someone -- possibly preventing another tragedy.


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      I think that’s what liberals do not understand. You have two options, one being that every single location you ever want to go has to be manned by a team of armed officers manually checking every single person trying to enter for a firearm to ensure the integrity of the location, or personally protecting your safety by knowing how to properly use a firearm and defending yourself. Since they don’t and never will believe in personal protection, they’ll keep trying to force the world into an unrealistic, idealistic, nonsensical facade of gun-free safe zones.

      Oh, this doesn’t even begin to cover the fact that police have no duty to protect you, as defined by several supreme court cases including (but not limited to) DeShaney v. Winnebago County, and an especially gruesome case, Warren v. District of Columbia.

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