Who will be watching you vote? A request for election monitors

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Your polling place may look a bit different this election day, if Congresswoman Gwen Moore gets her wish. Moore wants the federal government to send election monitors to staff the badger state's voting locations on November 4th.

If Milwaukee County Election Commissioner, Rick Baas comes across as upset, perhaps it's because he's eager to set the record straight on some comments he recently made.

"I of course never called for vigilantism," said Baas.

Baas is a self-described Republican, and he now finds himself being cited as a 'case-in-point' example for Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore's request that the Department of Justice provide election monitors and other resources to ensure access to the polls on November 4th.

In a letter to the attorney general, Congresswoman Moore writes:

"We are deeply concerned about a news report that Milwaukee County Election Commissioner Rick Baas recently urged a crowd of volunteers to exercise vigilantism for voter fraud and challenge voters who are suspected of improperly voting. As you know, there is scant evidence that in-person voter fraud exists in Wisconsin or throughout the country. Such in-person challenges are likely to be used improperly and they would dissuade voters from exercising their right to vote."

FOX6 News was not in attendance at Baas' speech. Nor was anyone from the congresswoman's office. A spokesman for Congresswoman Moore says they got the information from a news website called 'Think Progress'.

Baas says he asked the crowd members to understand their legal responsibility and take it seriously this election.

"My simple request was if this type of attempt to get voter fraud happens it's something that's tangible. I'm not going to talk about pie in the sky things you can't prove," said Baas.

The spokesman for Congresswoman Moore points out that passions are hot across the political spectrum this election. He says they just want to make sure those emotions don't prevent anyone, from any party, from casting a ballot.

"Elections need to be open, transparent, and most of all we need to make sure that everyone feels safe, feels comfortable while exercising their democratic right," said Eric Harris, Press Secretary and Communications Director for Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

Again, the congresswoman is asking for the Department of Justice to supply election monitors and other resources. She asks that the department help dispel any misinformation that may be circulating in the wake of all the back and forth decisions on voter ID.

Three other members of the Wisconsin Delegation signed on to the letter as well.


  • diane

    I have been a trained poll observer and have witnessed and reported evidence of voter fraud in the past presidential election, ie: people who have helped others fill out their ballots and pointed to where they should vote, also buses of voters bought into polling places…”quote ” who were over heard saying wow this is a really nice building or what a nice area.. really if you live here would this be such a surprise. with picture voter ID alot of this would be preventable and wouldn’t be an issue, I need a voter ID to purchase liquor, I need a voter ID when I check into a healthcare facility for lab work or rest and procedures, I need voter ID to cash checks, open a bank account and the list goes on and on so yes there should be poll observers and I can hardly wait because eventually picture voter ID will become a reality!!!

  • Ubiquitous King

    Funny, the quantitative data does not support this esoteric immediate need for voter id. For whatever reason there is this major push to have voter id legislation. I could care less which criminal gets into office however I am really interested in folks who attempt to extinguish a non existent fire. The things that make you say hmmm. Id’s have been used for a lot of things but never was there this great need to have them be necessary for voting, but now all of a sudden? Oh and Gwen, this is a republic not a democracy.

  • diane

    so tell me the harm in ID for voting when you need it to prove who you are for many other important aspects of life…what is there to be afraid of…???no protests because you need to prove who you are when you buy liquor..or to open a bank account, sign a lease on an apartment..a passport, to fly on an airline..and on and on voting is just as sacred and important as all of the above.. makes commen sense..

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