MISSING CHILD: Can you help police locate 13-year-old Kayla Butler?

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are looking for your help locating a missing 13-year-old girl.

Police say Kayla Butler was last seen by her father around 3:30 p.m. last Wednesday, October 22nd. She was last seen in the 5600 block of N. 41st Street.

Kayla Butler

Kayla Butler

Police say they are not considering Butler to be a "critical missing" due to her age, but they are asking for the public's help in locating her because she has been missing for nearly a week, and she needs medication.

Butler's father tells FOX6 News she has ADHD and some autistic traits. He says she is mentally and socially younger than 13, but she wants to be older, and that's what worries him most about her disappearance.

"You try to think positive but the negativity sneaks in," Lewis Butler said.

Butler says if his daughter was home, she'd be cradling one of her favorite stuffed animals.

"I`m sitting here with the what ifs and the guilt," Lewis Butler said.

Lewis Butler says last Wednesday, his daughter wanted to go to the Agape Community Center, but there was no one who would pick her up when the center closed, and it wouldn't have been safe for her to walk, so Kayla had to stay home.

"Stay home, do your homework, watch TV, lock the door. I`ll be back in a couple hours. She took her meds, she had ate something and she seemed relaxed and calm when I left," Lewis Butler said.

When Lewis Butler came home, his daughter Kayla wasn't there. Lewis Butler called police and started hanging posters with Kayla's picture on them.

"I`m fearful for her because her mental age to me is eight," Lewis Butler said.

Lewis Butler says he worries his daughter wandered away from home and got lost. It's something that happened back in April. Kayla Butler was missing for five hours.

"She left to walk around and she became confused where she was at and she dialed 911," Lewis Butler said.

After that, Lewis Butler says he looked into Kayla's online history and found she was talking with people he felt were predators.

"As we looked into why she had left and what was going on we discovered that she was doing inappropriate things on Facebook," Lewis Butler said.

Lewis Butler says he took his daughters tablet away from her and gave her a phone that can only dial 911. He says by now, missing for nearly one week, Kayla would have called.

"She wants to be grown and a lot of kids want to be grown but I`m telling her now, 'you are alright the way you are. You don`t need to be nothing else.' You are perfect the way you are, Kayla -- so just come home and be Kayla," Lewis Butler said.

Lewis Butler calls his daughter impulsive -- saying she will do things without thinking them through. He says she needs medication to lessen her agitation and calm her down.

Anyone with information as to Kayla Butler's whereabouts is asked to contact Milwaukee police at 414-935-7401.


    • Donna Irving

      I am so sick of hearing why werent her parents watching her.. She is 13 years old.. are parents not allowed to sleep, go to work..have a life. What are we supposed to do handcuff them to us? I pray nothing bad has happened and she comes home soon.

      • mee

        I have a 13 year old and I NEVER leave her. Sorry, too many crazy people out there. THIS 13 year old has the mental capacity of an 8 year old, according to the article. She has a mental issue, yet you leave her alone? Irresponsible!!

      • Tim Tha Cheeze Krygiel

        you two seem to forget that her dad said she had slight mental illness… thats a good reason to have some adult watch her… but Im shure you both are ok with autistic kids running around unsupervised… I mean they dont get into trouble or anything duh…

      • sam

        That wasn’t mentioned in the original article when this first hit the news if the child has mental issues by all means she shouldn’t of been let home alone. All I can say is I hope she is OK.

  • sam

    My prayers to her safe return. If she needs medication how could this not be considered critical? I just don’t understand how one case is critical and the next isn’t. Her age? She’s been missing a week and its just being known now she’s missing now? every second is critical, She’s a minor and should be home with her family and she’s not, to me that’s critical enough. God bless.

  • Felicia

    I hope this young girl is safe. A few additiinal pieces of information: (1) She disappeared for a few days back in April, too. (2) She is friends with quite a few people who claim neighborhood gang affiliation, including Cam, the young person shot during an attempted robbery a few months back. (3) Some family that live with her are pretty open about their desire for male companionship, with public invites to several men at once. The same person also openly requests fights with other females. Seems like a potentially unsafe situation.

  • lilann

    Please if anyone seen my family please don’t hesitate to call the police kayla your family needs you home please

  • wtf

    Seems like there should be more urgency…why is the mother now on t.v.? …also ? Gang affiliation? There needs to be a more active search..could the protestor’s..for dontre help this family out. .now this would be a positive…search. .by the masses who know these neighborhoods the best. ..

  • Dawn

    Something isn’t right about the story, if my thirteen year old was missing after school, I would be making phone calls to their friends. My son has the same ADHD and is autistic if he were missing for five seconds I’d be on the phone to police and make more out of it. This girl is missing for a week, and is at learning capabilities of a. Eight year old, I didn’t leave my kids for 10 minutes when they were eight that didn’t have delays. Something doesn’t smell right.

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