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Pres. Obama coming to Wisconsin to campaign for Mary Burke

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MADISON (AP) — President Barack Obama is making a rare appearance on the campaign trail to help the Democratic challenger to Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin’s hotly contested race.

President Obama is scheduled to campaign Tuesday evening, October 28th with Democrat Mary Burke, a former Trek Bicycle executive and state commerce secretary who is running against Walker.

The Republican Walker said Monday that he believes Burke is bringing President Obama to Milwaukee to help drive up turnout in the heavily Democratic city. Former President Bill Clinton campaigned there on Friday.

Walker says he is focused on winning over undecided voters statewide.

The most recent Marquette University Law School poll released on October 15th showed Walker and Burke tied at 47 percent, with only three percent of voters undecided.

After President Obama campaigns in Milwaukee Tuesday evening, he’ll host a private fundraiser at a downtown sushi bar. As many as 25 people can pay $16,000 to spend an hour with President Obama at Umami Moto.

All of the money raised will benefit the Democratic National Committee.


  • wtf

    Who cares. ..obama isnt an asset..he is a stone tied to her neck in a deep body of water.let him come and talk about his failed policies nationwide..

  • richard cranium

    The only place democrats welcome him to campaign in the US is Milwaukee because the inner city boneheads are the only idiots stupid enough in the entire country to get all excited about him coming here.

    • jbkburack

      Don’t be too pessimistic about MIlwaukee. Mary Burke would not be bringing in Obama and Clinton were she not fearful that inner city Milwaukee is not in love with her. The idea that this is a sign of her campaign on a roll could be totally wrong. To me it looks like Hale Mary. Literally, in this case.

  • get real

    Oh good, I can hardly contain my excitement. What kind of “free stuff” can I get if I attend ?
    Do I get a SEIU or Acorn tee shirt ?
    Please tell him I already own a cellphone.
    One last thing…please get me a guarantee of my free stuff ’cause we all know he lies.

  • Michael Groves

    LOL, when I read this story I thought a few things. One, the Demorats have black Americans number. While here campaigning for Mary Burke will Obama be in a school reading to young black kids? Will the first black President be meeting with black busimess leaders to encourage them to vote for Mary Burk? Nope. He knows he doesn’t have to do any of these things. He’s already got blacks hood winked, he doesn’t have to show them any respect. He’ll be rubbing elbows with rich white Demorat’s. LOL. Then he will be going to a Sushi Bar where many black Americans go. Gwen Moore is at them all the time. Then Obama will go to spend time with rich white people that will pay $15,000.00 a plate to spend a hour with Barack Obama. You know what? That money isn’t going to stay here in Wisconsin ether. It will be going to the National Demoratic Party. LOL. Burke isn’t even in office, and she’s running a con on Wisconsin. I know many of you black Milwaukee people will be rushing down to Umami Moto. LOL. I mean are the Demorat’s running the biggest con on black America? Aren’t they falling for it hook line, and sinker? Many of you will get mad at me. The reason? The truth hurts doesn’t it?

  • JC

    Just confirmed his Campaign trips are funded 100% by the taxpayers. If that doesn’t make you made and want all these leaches out of office I don’t know what will.

  • Alicia

    Got stuck in the horrid traffic grid lock downtown. Obama is such a negative impact on our society – he has it in a gridlock just like the traffic I got stuck in.


    Folks, stop letting the Democrats use you for your vote. What has the Potus done for you lately… what…feed you and clothe you. Once the entitlements run out you will not survive and you have nothing. If you voted democrat in the past, it’s time for you to vote republican. Vote for the winning team. Don’t let your guard down, the government will not be able to help you..look at Katrina..

  • gary buelow

    ANYBODY, that supports this black muslim piece of garbage traitor and the arrogant lying crook mary burke should be confined to a mental cell. we do not need people like this in our government or our state. V.O.T.E. SCOTT WALKER

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