Bizarre series of events spurs police standoff in Racine

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RACINE (WITI) -- A series of events on Saturday spurred a standoff lasting several hours in Racine.

Police swarmed the area near Russett Street and Victory Avenue Saturday afternoon, while neighbors looked on, trying to piece together the narrative of what caused the chaos.

"His dog proceeded to soil my grass and I asked him you are going to pick that up because I don't want that sitting on my grass," said Kim Polk, neighbor.

Kim Polk lives diagonal from the man at the center of this story. Polk says the man kicked the dog's mess next to a pile of leaves she was clearing, and then he threatened her family's dog saying:

"I'm going to shoot him with a bow and arrow," said Polk.

Polk told her husband about the exchange. When he walked over to talk with the man...

"He closed the door and came back to the door with a machete in his hand, a very long machete so at that time my husband backed up off the property and I had my daughter call the police," said Polk.

Polk says police spent hours trying to communicate with the man. Her family had to leave their property because of safety concerns.

"When he finally decided to come out of the house he was irate upset and was telling the cops to get off his property that he was going to harm them, he was going to shoot at the cops," said Polk.

Polk and others on scene tell FOX6 News that the man was taken into police custody. Police have not yet confirmed all of the details of this incident, but we are told the man's dog was shot dead during the standoff. FOX6 News is told the suspect had threatened to have the dog attack police.


  • Wayne Turek

    There is a video on facebook from a neighbor that shows the dog waging its tail and going back towards the house when it was shot for no reason. The police were never in danger from the dog was not even near them.

    • Elaine Hardy

      The man who lets his dogs relieve themselves in other people’s yards and then threatens to shoot other people’s pets with a bow and arrow, then threatens a neighbor with a machete – is the only one to blame for this situation.

      The dog didn’t deserve to be shot, certainly.
      But the dog deserved a SANE owner, also.
      And didn’t have one.

      The owner of the shot dog, has NO ONE to blame but himself.

      When cops are called, someone/something is going to die – because that’s all cops know, “Shoot to kill”. They don’t know how to dialogue with people. They don’t know how to negotiate, and they DON’T KNOW how to problem-solve. They know how to shoot something – that’s about it.

      • Ryan

        Elaine. The cops are to blame for gunning down the little dog. The nut job in the house is responsible for being an idiot. The cops are responsible for the dead dog. You people that believe that people are not responsible for their actions scare the hell out of me.

  • Sheesh

    People and their dogs irritate me to no end. They are irresponsible cads thinking they can let their dogs take a $-h-i-T wherever they please without picking it up. If you don’t want to clean up after your dog, don’t have a dog. People that don’t have dogs don’t have them for a reason. They don’t want to pick up after them. And they certainly don’t want to pick up after yours. People should be fined for not cleaning up after their dogs. It’s disgusting.

  • lizwinz

    Yup I saw the video too. Why in the world was the dog shot? It wasn’t any danger to the police at all. Police seem to do this kind of thing a lot lately…shooting people or their pets for no good reason as well as all the bullying and beating of citizens. Really advances the theory that many officers have urges similar to criminals, they just choose to express them in positions of authority so they can get away with it. One of more of them must have felt like taking a life/abusing animals yesterday. Or maybe they were so terrified of that small dog that was not making any aggressive moves? Either way, I don’t feel very safe living in Racine these days. Our police scare easily/are not all on the job to protect and serve.

    • grunt

      If you are afraid to live in Racine, then move to the Peoples Republic of Madison and be around other like-minded folks.

      • Patriot

        Maybe these cowardly officers could be relocated instead…but where to?  I doubt there’s a neighborhood anywhere in this country that does not contain small tail-wagging doggies.

  • Ken

    Good job Polk. You escalated the issue and got the dog killed. Your a grade A puppet master and POS neighbor. At least your grass will be clean.

    • Elaine Hardy

      Typical of you – blame everyone except the REAL problem, which is no one but the crazy owner of this poor dog. The dog doesn’t know any better than to relieve itself wherever the need occurs – that’s the owner’s responsibility.
      THIS owner, however, can’t be bothered with such trivial nonsense such as respecting other people’s property. Nor can this owner be reasoned with – as Mr. Polk soon discovered when he tried to talk to the dog’s owner.
      Now the dog is dead, and the neighbor is charged with making terroristic threats, etc.
      Naturally in your world all that is someone else’s fault.

      • Bob Kellum

        No, the dog is the fault of the officer(s) that pulled the trigger. In no way was even their well being in danger, yet they actively used deadly force against the animal. In the back. This is at the least, cowardly behavior, and conduct completely unbecoming an officer of the law. The mayor should communicate his lack of confidence in the chief, and officers should be fired. He who is faithful in little will be faithful in much.

  • Katina Cooper

    The only thing I would want after the killing of the dog would be going to the funerals of each coward on that SWAT team.

  • Jason

    Funny how you never hear about mailmen or utility workers having to shoot dogs. It’s only ever these cowardly, effeminate cops dressed in body armor.

  • Bob Kellum

    Bs. Complete and total. When police are grasping deadly force no level of mistake is acceptable . In this case, adding insult to injury, the chief lies to protect his officers from their responsibility. The dog was no threat, and the scenario has no application to conditions from moment to moment. Let’s analyze what he said. Because of a threat, and because of situational fatigue, his officers used deadly force when it was completely inappropriate. Suppose that had been a child who was sent out as a distraction? Suppose a neighbor were to engage at that moment to call them to account on their gross mistake? I suppose that they could have been dispatched as well and it would have been blamed on situational fatigue. People, unless we reign in this militaristic stupidity, we will all become acclimated to our masters.

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