Just one day to go! Governor Walker, Mary Burke busy in final weekend before Election Day

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- During the last weekend before voters head to the polls this Tuesday, November 4th, both Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke made appearances across the state in the race for governor -- doing everything they can to sway undecided voters.

Governor Walker greeted supporters on Sunday afternoon, November 2nd at the GOP Field Office in Kenosha. There, he was greeted with a birthday cake, as Sunday marked his 47th birthday.

Governor Walker says Wisconsin is on the right path under his leadership -- saying more people are going back to work. He is also touting his tax cuts for working families.

"Last month alone, we had the best month for private sector job growth in more than a decade," Governor Walker said.

He was joined on the campaign trail Sunday by Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Congressman Paul Ryan.

There was plenty to talk about, including recent allegations Mary Burke got the pink slip from her family's company, Trek Bicycle.

"She was fired by her own family," Paul Ryan said.

"We`ve chosen not to be involved with that because we couldn`t validate that one way or the other.  Our focus is what we`re for, not what we`re against," Governor Walker said.

Meanwhile, Mary Burke was busy Sunday rallying supporters in Milwaukee.

"For Wisconsin to be thriving, we need a thriving Milwaukee and a thriving central city," Burke said.

Burke's team assembled to canvass parts of the city -- knocking on doors to encourage everyone to hit the polls on November 4th.

Burke says she gets up every morning with even more energy than she did at the start of this race.

In Milwaukee, Burke rallied supporters and also took some eleventh-hour shots at her opponent.

"Governor Walker has had four years, and he has not gotten the job done. Our economy is lagging," Burke said.

With the campaign in its final leg, both candidates say they have no regrets.

"I'm proud -- in fact I had a bunch of people here today and in Racine County and in Walworth County and Rock County earlier today tell us how proud they are that we're finishing off this campaign strong and with a positive message. I think people are sick and tired of all the attack ads," Governor Walker said.

"I'm the type of person who always looks forward -- certainly learn from mistakes, but I'm focused on how we grow Wisconsin's economy, how we improve education here, and how we make sure that everyone gets that fair shot," Burke said.

The polls open at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 4th.

The Government Accountability Board said Friday morning more than 240,000 have cast absentee ballots for this General Election.


  • Al P

    Mary Burke is going to reverse act 10 which is her idea of improving education in Wisconsin and giving in to the unions so they can shower her with the money from union dues, but I have faith that a large number of teachers are going to vote for Scott as they now enjoy their jobs and don’t have to pay dues to the Fat Cat Bosses who don’t even have a real job. Vote for Walker and keep the state moving forward!!!!!

    • greg

      Actually the entire states school system is going to end up pushing teachers out because the pay is not worth the expense. My significant other is a teacher, is 60K dollars in debt for a masters degree, and due to pay freezes makes the same money as she did with a bachelors with no increase in sight. Regardless of your like or dislike of walker you need to look at the facts of the matter. Teachers are required to have a high level of education (and continuing eduction) to be employed. Teachers have a higher education requirement to start and a more expansive education requirement to keep their jobs then firefighters, police officers, and any other civil service jobs. They have additional duties way beyond teaching that is required now as well. Their health benefits and retirement is constantly being tampered with. Why on earth are teachers going to stick to public school or even want to become teachers in the first place when there are unlimited requirements and no compensation?

      What job out there requires 50 to 60 hours a week, a high level of responsibility, a bachelors degree as a minimum (masters perferred), continual education, mandatory extra duties that are unpaid, constant performance reviews and shadowing, dealing with irate parents that don’t want to take responsibility for their lack of parenting, etc, that pays only 45 to 55K a year? Police officers make 50K a year plus overtime with a associates degree and no prior experiance. Teachers are underpaid for their duties and education required.

      I have a feeling most teachers will vote for someone who supports teachers and views them as worth something. Union dues are insignificant compared to losing 10s of thousands of dollars a year due to wage freezes and extra duties that are unpaid due to no representation from a union and a governer that doesn’t value education. We need a strong education system with good teachers, so that kids become functional members of society. To get that we need highly educated teachers that are rewarded for furthering their education, and putting in effort to make their school better. Not a enviorment thats rife with disrespect and taking away of benefits.

      If you disagree with me then let me ask you this, what is your education level and how many hours a week are you putting in at work for that money? I make 65% more then my significant other and I just have a associates degree. I wouldn’t go back to school for 70K for a massive paycut and all of the nighmare level of BS that teachers go through. They are underpaid and under appreciated.

      • Tonya

        Honestly, I think the push for teachers to have anything more than a Bachelors is unneeded. If someone wants to do that independently thats certainly their optiin, but I have never seen it actually substantially affect children’s education. In my community, I dont need teachers who have multiple or higher level degrees. I need teachers who understand the material, with the skills and passion to relay it successfully to youth, and with effective classroom management skills. Thats it.


    Rejoice o fellow Walker voters time is near for the 3rd win. Democrats, vote republican for once in your lives..join the winning team! Entitlement leachers, there is no more money left for your freebees..time to roll up your sleeves and start working yourselves to the bone like the rest of us that pay your way. Teachers are also happy that their paycheck doesn’t show union dues extorted from them…. anyone wish to sign up and send your money to the unions..don’t think so. Vote Walker and vote only once..join the winning team for once in your lives..

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